The Order

The Order

The Order is the thirty-seventh video in the TribeTwelve series.


"This is my footage of what happened when I met up with 'The Order' to ask about Mary Asher. Shit went down and we were lucky to get out alive. The guys and I have made amends since this incident, but we've decided to go our separate ways. I wish them well. And no, I don't know who "Henka Visæ" is."


Noah: I'm just gonna go in, I'm gonna talk to this guy, and I'm gonna get the fuck out.

Alex: We're gonna be sitting at the side entrance. It's what were using.

Alex: Here it is.

[Noah zooms in on sign: NO VEHICLES BEYOND THIS POINT]

Noah: So...

Alex: You're on your own. Listen. At the first sign of trouble, anything, we're out of here. And your shit out of luck.

Noah: Alright.

Alex: I hate to be a jerk to you, but --

Noah: I know, I understand, I've - I know your terms.

Noah: I'll just fucking do this. I'll be back.

Noah: Thanks, guys.

Alex: No problem.

Noah: This was a bad idea. This was a bad idea.

Noah: Oh fuck! A deer!

Noah: It scared the fuck outta me.

Noah: Okay, I'm at the gate... it's a little bit beyond this, I'm pretty sure.

Noah: How in the ff-?

[There is some static, and a jump to later in the video. Noah sees a figure standing in the distance and points his flashlight at him before zooming the camera on the man. The man wears a Guy Fawkes mask painted white, and a hood. Noah approaches him]

[There is static when Noah reaches the person]

Noah: Are you the overseer?

[The man remains silent.]

Noah: Uhh.... hello? M- my name is Bill, a- and uhh... I- I've come here tonight to ask you about a member of your organization; uhhh, Mary Asher. She's been on the run for quite some time now and I was hoping you could give me some information on her..... Oh, shit. Hang on.

[Noah reaches into his pocket, pulls out the note that was given to him in Our Meet-up and hands it to the man]

Overseer: Thank you for your respect. What is your request, outsider?

[A little distortion]

Noah: I came a long way out here to ask why Mary Asher was the way she was and if you can tell me where she is right now. Her son, uhh, my brother Milo, was murdered back in 2010. Mary's now on the run somewhere and in order for me to figure all this all out I just need to know what happened to her.

Overseer: I am allowed to tell you only three pieces of information.

Noah: Alrighty then, uhhh... Your master had been following her and Milo too, so-

Overseer: How do you know Sister Mary?

Noah: Mary is my mother, I'm her illegitimate child from her husband John, John Fletcher.

Overseer: My brothers from the Southern chapter of our Order tell me that they lost contact with Sister Asher shortly after her kin had passed.

Noah: Okay, is there any other information that you have about her? Uh, how long has she been in the Order?

Overseer: She was recruited by an elder who is no longer with us. Brother Henka Visǣ. That is all I can say.

Noah: Okay, um... What about Milo? Was- wa- was he in this organization? Can you give me any info on anyone else in the Asher family? Do you know anything about a group called the Collective?

Overseer: That is all I can say, ask no more questions.

Noah: You fucking serious!? What is this Order, huh? Is this some shitty ass fuckin' cult? Worshiping some tall fucker in a business suit?

Overseer: How did you know that Sister Mary is in our order?

Noah: What, so you can ask me questions and I can't? [Sigh] Okay, I found this manifest, in the Southern order, uh, members and-

Overseer: How did you get that?!

Noah: I'm not tellin' you!

Overseer: Have you made contact with our master?

Noah: Ye- Yeah, I shot him!

Overseer: Is he what they say in the ancient texts? Is he truly a God?

Noah: What "Texts"? What the fuck?

Overseer: Have you ever seen someone pass through to the Fourth World? Have you ever seen someone pass on in glorious Exaltation?

Noah: [pause] . . .Are you fucking kidding me?

Overseer: [pause] Who sent you?

Noah: D-- do you know how fucking far I had to travel? How much goddamn money I had to fucking dish out to get my ass out here!? Do you even fucking care about what's happening to me!?

Overseer: Hand over the camera!

Noah: Okay, you know what!? Fuck You! Fuck your cult, and fuck this whole fucking meeting! I'm outta here! You can, uhh, oversee my ass walking away. Thanks for fucking nothing, asshole!

[Other cultists approach from the surrounding woods, holding candles]

Noah: Oh fuck!

[Cultists begin to chant]

Overseer: Who sent you? [pause] . . .Who sent you?!

Noah: I don't know, this- this- some Jessie guy?

Overseer: No! Not Brother Jessie! Who lead you to contact him?

Noah: [Stutters incoherently]

Overseer: Tell us or we will make you tell us!

Noah: These two guys, uh, Alex and Chris, uhh, I found out after doing some research, and-

Cult Member: LOOK!

[Everyone turns to see the tall man

Cult Members: (gasp, screams, and laughing in excitement)

[Video distortion, Mr. Slim disappears. Cultists express confusion]

Cultist: Wait a minute!

[Noah turns the camera to the right, revealing the Tall Man standing before them]

Cultists and Noah: (Screaming)

[Cult members bow before the Tall Man and chant as a form of praising]

[Cultist pushes Noah aside in a rush, and bows before the Tall Man. The Tall Man looks down at the cultist.]

Cultist: Take me! Take me to the Fourth World!

[Video distortion. The screen becomes incredibly bright white and Noah is knocked to the ground. He coughs, and gets back up. We hear feminine laughter as Noah points the camera to where the cultist was. Only the cultist's clothes and mask remain.The cultists begin to yell in excitement and praise the Tall Man with chanting. One cultist gets up and runs behind Noah, presumably in fright. Noah turns and begins to run as well.]

[The second Noah beings to take off, the cultists begin to scream. He turns to find the Tall Man's tentacles lashing out, dangling a cultist in a violent manner.]

Cultist: Help me! No!

[Noah, frightened even more so, runs behind the cultist who fled earlier. They both run together for a few moments before the cultist takes a sharp turn and disappears into some bushes to the right. Noah continues left, and hears distant bloody screaming before shutting off the camera.]

[The camera resumes with Noah coming out of the woodwork onto a trail. He looks to his left and sees flashlights, presumably belonging to cultists.]

Noah: Oh god!

[Distortion begins, and we hear the same feminine laughter as before as well as Observer-style text reading "YOU ARE HILARIOUS!"]

[Noah sprints toward the exit, breathing heavily]

[He sees Alex standing about 15 feet from the car]

Noah: Dude, run! Fucking run! They're after us! Fucking run right now! Shit, they're almost here! Run! Get in the fucking car!

[They hurry into the car]

Chris: What the fuck is going on?

Alex: How did they follow you?

Noah: Shit! I dont know! There were so many of them!

[Cultists run out of the woods, one runs to the hood of the car with his mask up, visibly exhausted and scared. He looks around before and running off. Alex starts the car]

Noah: Holy shit!

Chris: Fucking drive! What are you doing!?

Noah: Fucking drive! Get the fuck out of here! Oh my god, holy shit.

[Alex begins to drive]

Chris: What the fuck happened?

Noah: I got fucking ambushed, guys!

Alex: What do you mean you got ambushed?

Noah: It means I got fucking ambushed my a ton of those fuckers!

[The car stops]

Chris: What are you doing!? Drive the fucking car!

Alex: It's not turning on!

Noah: Are you serious? Oh, no.

Alex: Calm down.

Chris: Where'd those people go?

Alex: No clue.

Noah: Oh, no.

Alex: This has happened to us before.

Noah: Then why the fuck did we take this car!? Goddamn it, this is ff-!

Chris (whimpering): I don't know what is going on...

Noah: Are you okay?

Alex: Calm down. How the fuck-? What the fuck happened back there!?

Noah: Okay, I found the guy, started talking, I- I guess I asked too many questions and he fl- they came out of the fucking woodwork and surrounded me and- and then... the fuckin' thing popped up.

Alex: What thing?

Noah: He was there! You know who! He was there and shit went down and I just ran! And I guess they ch- or ran or followed me, I don't know! There were just tons of them everywhere!

Chris: Fucking, we need to fucking get the fuck out of here!

Noah: Start the car!

Alex: It's not-- turning-- on!

Noah: I'll turn my light off, I don't wanna- I am so afraid right now.

[Noah turns off his flashlight, we hear static. He turns on night vision, it's useless]

Noah: I can't see shit. My night vision isn't working very well.

[Screen tearing at 10:22. He turns off the NV. The car's headlights turn on. The Tall Man is there.]

Noah: Oh my God, there he is! There he is! Fucking run him over!

Alex: I can't move the car!

Noah: Are you fucking serious?

[Chris begins to sob]

Chris: I don't wanna die here, I don't wanna die!

Alex: No, you're not! Stop, calm down, calm down! He's not doing anything!

[The headlights go out.]

Noah: Oh shit! Did you do that!?

Alex: No! I don't have any control over the lights!

[Noah pulls out his flashlight]

Noah: Fuck, I can't see shit with this light either! Okay, we're not getting out of this car-- He's gonna be right there closer, it's all part of his plan! It's all part of his fucking game!

Alex: What the fuck are we gonna do? What're we gonna do!?

Noah: Try turning the lights on, man.

[We hear some noise as the headlights flicker. They turn on]

Alex: They're working now.

[We hear the sound of something flying through the air, followed by a cultist landing on the roof with a loud bang. He rolls off and onto the windshield, revealing a horribly mutilated face.]

Chris, Alex, and Noah: (Screaming in terror)

[The cultist's body rolls off of the car. Everyone is panting, shaking, and whimpering]

Noah: I can't take this shit! We never should've done this! Stupid idea!

[The headlights come on, though very dim. We can vaguely see the Tall Man standing right in front of the car.]

Noah: Oh shit. Oh, what the fuck? Is that him? Is that the guy? Is that the guy?

[The high beams turn on, revealing the Tall Man standing directly in front of the car. Everyone begins to scream, as white light emanates from the windshield from the Tall Man. A buzzing tone increases in pitch before they are warped to a beach. Noah gets out of the car]

Alex: Where are you going?

Noah: The fuck are we?

[Alex gets out of the car]

Noah: What the fuck?

Alex: Where is he?

Noah: Where are we!?

[Chris gets out of the car and looks around.

Alex: Just shut the cameras off. Shut 'em off!


Alex: Is everyone okay?

Noah: I'm shaken but I'm fine.

Alex: What happened in those woods, man?

Noah: I told you in the fuckin' car, they ambushed me. The guys in the masks, the fu- fu- fu- fu- f- fuckin' cult, the Order, whatever you call them, they ambushed me. And then, uhh, the tall guy shows up. Everyone books it, and I come back to you guys... And then more shit goes down and here we are. I- uh, this makes no goddamn sense. Oh, my-

Alex: What did you tell them?

Noah: Huh?

Alex: What'd you find out?

Noah: I found out a little bit of information. They asked more questions than I asked them! About him. And... it seemed like they were the ones questioning me.

Alex: What'd they ask you?

Noah: Like, who he was and shit, like, I didn't know. It was bullshit! Absolute bullshit, it was a dumb fuckin' idea.

Alex: Did you tell them anything about us?

Noah: [Sigh] No.

Alex: Anything? At all that can trace. Them. To. Us?

Noah: Well, I mean... I did mention Jesse and... but then they... I did say your names.

Alex: Are you kidding me?

Noah: I'm sorry, like, it was too, li-

Alex: Are you fucking kidding me!?

[Alex approaches Noah, punches him, and pushes him to the ground]

Noah: Don't, dude!

Chris: Calm down. Calm the fuck down, alright?

[Noah gets up]

Noah: You wanna fight!?

Alex: Are you kidding me!? You just-

Noah: Get the fuck away, bro!

Alex: The one thing. The one thing that we told you not to do, and you fucked that up!

Noah: It was right af- like, right near it happened. They didn't hear shit, alright?

Alex: You're fuckin' retarded! Let's go, Chris.

[Chris gets back in the car. Noah is about to get in, but Alex shuts the door]

Alex: No. You're not comin' with us, dude!

Noah: Are you fuckin' serious?

Alex: You already fucked everything up!

Noah: You're not gonna just leave me here!?

Alex: Yes. We are. Before, we were perfectly fine before you showed up. Now, we're getting out of the godd- this fucking cult breathing down our necks and you almost got us killed! Okay?

Noah: This is what he wants! This is what he fuckin' wants, he wa- he's fuckin' somewhere around here laughin' at us right now! This is exactly what he fuckin' wants, he pulls us apart! Do you want this to happen, are you just gonna run away like this!?

Alex: Yes.

Noah: Just leave me here!?

Alex: If it's better for the safety of everyone that we know, yes.

[Alex gets in the car]

Noah: Alright, go away. Get the fuck out!

Alex: Good luck to you.

Noah: Thanks for all the fuckin' help! I can't believe this is happening.

[Alex and Chris drive away. Noah notices people staring.]

Noah: Shit. People are fuckin' lookin' at it. God-fuckin'-damn it!

[He pulls out his phone and dials Daniel's number]

Noah: Fuck this fuckin' shit. Hello, Daniel? Yeah, uh, could y- no, dude, I've been- the shit fuckin' went down and they left me here at this- this beach. What do you mean, three days!? Oh my fuckin' God. Dude, uhh, right now I'm at this- is there a beach here in this place, nearby? Is there a beach nearby, 'cause I'm at a beach right now. [Chuckles] Huh, we were fuckin'- we're at a beach and they left me, so... Yeah, that's probably, that's probably the beach, so if you could just come get me, yeah, that'd be great and we can fuckin' leave already, I'm- I, I gotta get out of this place... What do you mean, three days? Yeah, I'm under the "One Way" sign in this- this sand parking lot.

[The camera points toward an oncoming truck.]

Noah: Is that you? Great.

[Daniel stops in front of Noah]

Daniel: Where the fuck have you been?

Noah: Huh?

Daniel: I've been looking for you for three days! I had to book my hotel longer.

Noah: I'm so sorry, dude, that-

Daniel: What happened?

Noah: We went to the forest and shit went down. So... haha I don't... I am- I am just freaking out right now, they left me because I was with the cult members and they surrounded me and I had to fucking say something and, yeah, you know let's just get the fuck outta here. Hahaha this is so funny to me right now.

Daniel: It's not funny to me, I've been worry- I don't- I've been worrying like crazy. I though you were dead.

Noah: I thought I was too. I thought I was too. Can I get some ice cream?


In the last frame-or-so of the video, we see the Observer holding a piece of paper with the words "WHO IS HENKA VISǢ," or "WHO HENKA IS VISǢ," as it is written with "is" beneath "who," and "visǣ" beneath "henka."

It has been confirmed that the paper says "WHO IS HENKA VISǢ" because Henka Visæ is mentioned when talking about who recruited Mary Asher. The exact quote is: "She was recruited by an elder who is no longer with us. Brother Henka Visǣ. That is all I can say." Henka Visǣ is not on The Manifest, so it is thought that he is either under an alias, or is not listed.

Also, toward the end, many things happened that were sometimes unclear. As Noah said on his Formspring account, the Slender Man dangled a person in the air with his octopus-like arms, and everybody then started screaming and running. The demonic laughter heard as Noah was evading the forest was suspected by Noah to be the Observer.

Notes & Speculation

  • The Overseer also mentioned passing to "The Fourth World". In DarkHarvest00 (The channel belonging to Chris and Alex) the Fourth World is described as a world in which the Tall Man serves as a god-like being. It is said to include strange geometry unlike our world and full of pain and suffering. The cultists believe this place to be a paradise, and believe they will achieve godhood for humankind there.
  • This could possibly be referring to the 4th dimension, which ties into the Quantum Theory, or the theory that Slender Man is a 4th-dimensional being, who can bend space and time.
  • If the DarkHarvest and TribeTwelve videos of this encounter are played side by side, they are perfectly synchronized from the point of Noah approaching the car, however, when they are teleported to the beach, it seems to take Noah two seconds longer, but his camera is still in sync for the remainder of the video. It is unclear what this may mean.
  • The laughter could be Cursor, not the Observer. Most other members of the Collective have messed with Noah at some point, and he had previously voiced speculation that Cursor could be Mary Asher. As he was asking the cultists about Mary, this does make some sense.
  • Interestingly enough, Alex (who was filming for DarkHarvest) had no difficulties with his night vision, but it appears to turn itself off during the process of teleportation. Again, the meaning of this is unclear.


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