Submission 2

Submission 2

Submission #2 is the third video and the second submission video in the TribeTwelve series.


"Milo was behaving more paranoid than usual."


Noah and Milo drive to Victor Park, where they walk down the nature trail. They stop at the observation tower and go to the top of it, where Noah notices carvings in the railings. Milo tells Noah that they should leave and he runs from the tower. Upon reaching the boardwalk at the end of the trail, Milo and Noah discuss fishing and boredom. As they head back to their car, they pass the observation tower. Milo, still paranoid from earlier, starts to run from something.


[0:02] Text: Submission #2
[0:05] Text: Here is more footage of Milo's visit from Saturday, Day 1.
[0:10] Text: After spending some time at home, we drove to the boardwalk at Victor Park, a local recreational area near my house.
[0:17] Cut to the inside of Noah's car. Noah is driving and Milo is sitting in the passenger seat, filming.
[0:17] Noah: So what have you been doing in Alabama lately?
[0:20] Milo: Me and my dad built a barn in the backyard.
[0:22] Noah: That's awesome. Not.
[0:25] Milo: Yeah, it was quite boring. But I did get to shoot him with a nail gun.
[0:29] Noah: Nice.
[0:31] Milo: Yeah he just started mouthing off. What have you been doing around here?
[0:34] Noah: Oh nothing, I just drive around sometimes.
[0:40] Milo: That's it?
[0:41] Noah: I walk on that boardwalk. Wanna go there?
[0:44] Milo: Yeah, sure.
[0:45] Noah: Awesome.
[0:46] Milo: How far is it?
[0:48] Noah: Uhh... about a quarter mile. I don't think you've seen it yet, they just built it last year.
[0:52] Milo: Really?
[0:53] Noah: Yeah.
[0:54] Milo: Sounds... pretty interesting.
[0:57] Noah: Alright, wanna go?
[0:58] Milo: Let's do it.
[0:59] Noah: Sweet.
[1:01] Cut to a view out the back window of the car. Milo is filming the car behind them.
[1:08] Cut to the boardwalk in Victor Park.
[1:15] Milo: Man, this place has gotten creepy.
[1:17] Noah: Yeah, sometimes when I'm out here, I hear noises out in the forest, but it's just drunken rednecks. There's a beer bottle right now. See it?
[1:25] Milo: Huh. There's another one over there.
[1:27] Noah: Oh, yeah. There it is.
[1:31] Cut to further up the trail, near the observation tower.
[1:32] Noah: This boardwalk is always so peaceful.
[1:34] Milo: Yeah.
[1:35] Noah: Remember when we came back here in '03? They didn't have like any of this built yet.
[1:41] Milo: That be true.
[1:42] Noah: I remember this. I haven't been up here in ages.
[1:47] Cut to the top of the observation tower.
[1:48] Noah: Man, I love the view from up here.
[1:51] Milo: Yeah, it's definitely something.
[1:53] Noah: You can see the whole mangrove forest. Goes on for miles.
[2:00-2:24] Noah pans the camera over the railings. Various words and names can be seen carved in it, as well as several circles with X's crossed through them. Notably, "LOOK BEHIND U" is next to one of these symbols.
[2:00] Noah: Man, look at all the stuff people have carved in-
[2:02] The audio cuts out.
[2:03] Noah: "MA BAD"? "LOOK BEHIND U"?
[2:13] The screen goes black for a second.
[2:16] Noah: Who has the patience to carve this stuff into this, like, fire-resistant wood?
[2:17] As Noah says "carve this stuff", the screen splits, similar to the distortion at the beginning of Submission 1.
[2:22] Milo: We need to go.
[2:23] Noah: What?
[2:24] Milo: We need to go now!
[2:25] Milo starts hurrying down the steps of the tower. Noah follows him.
[2:25] Noah: Uh, okay. Where you goin'? Why you goin'... Hey, wait up! Where the hell you going, man?
[2:33] The screen goes black for a moment.
[2:35-2:41] Visual and audio distortion. The screen goes black a few times.
[2:35] Milo: Hurry up!
[2:41] Cut to the boardwalk.
[2:41] Milo: -that story ended, that's how the story ended in our head.
[2:45] Noah: Yeah, we always made up stories.
[2:50] Milo: Oh, good times man. Good times.
[2:53] Noah: Yeah. You should come over more often, man.
[2:56] Milo: I try to, but this job really keeps messing up my schedule.
[2:59] Noah: It's really dull around here. So here's the end of the boardwalk.
[3:05] At the end of the boardwalk, a few people can be seen fishing under a small roofed area.
[3:05] Milo: Huh. Seemed a lot longer when you told me about it.
[3:09] Noah: Yeah, but since they built it, not much has happened. It's just been really boring around here. I've taken a few walks up and down this. And yeah. It's just been really boring.
[3:21] Milo: Not much changes in this town does it?
[3:24] Noah: Nope.
[3:29] Milo: Think we can take the boat out here?
[3:31] Noah: Probably. I mean...
[3:34] Noah zooms the camera on a boat far out on the lake.
[3:34] Noah: There's a boat right now. All people do around here is just come and fish and it's really just boring.
[3:40] Milo: I never saw the point in fishing. It's kinda boring.
[3:43] Noah: Yeah, catch and release.
[3:46] The audio becomes distorted and louder.
[3:43] Noah: What's there to do, you know? There's no point in wasting your time.
[3:50] Milo: Yeah.
[3:52] Noah: It's kinda weird if you're the fish, you know? Just being taken up out of your natural-
[3:56] The screen becomes darker, and the audio becomes quieter.
[3:56] Noah: -habitat.
[3:59] Milo: Here I am, minding my own business, and oh! Now I'm out of the water.
[4:03] Noah: Man I feel like that every day.
[4:05] The screen goes black and a loud buzzing noise is heard in the background.
[4:09] Cut to further back on the boardwalk.
[4:09] Noah: So, Milo, what do you want to do next?
[4:13] Milo: I think we should go home.
[4:14] Noah: Why? We have a few hours of light.
[4:15] The screen goes black for a second and when the picture returns, the screen is split again.
[4:15] Noah: I mean, it's only six.
[4:17] Milo: It's getting dark man.
[4:21] Noah: You okay, man?
[4:24] Milo: We gotta go now.
[4:25] Milo begins to run. Noah starts running after him.
[4:25] Noah: What the heck man? Dude, don't go running off on me like that!
[4:30] While running, Noah accidentally points the camera backwards. The video and audio becomes distorted.
[4:31] The Slender Man can be seen on the boardwalk behind Noah.
[4:31] Noah: Damn it!
[4:32] The screen goes black for a second.
[4:33] Noah: The hell you running from?!
[4:37] The audio becomes static for a second and then the screen goes black.
[4:39] Text: After viewing the tape up to this point, I realized I haven't watched any of this footage since filming it back in 2008.
[4:46] Text: Although I bought that camera just a few days earlier, there are heavy audio-visual defects and various distortion at several points in the tape.
[4:55] Text: I also forgot how odd Milo was acting that weekend.
[5:00] Text: He was definitely behaving more paranoid than usual.


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Slender Man's appearance at the end of the video

  • When panning across the carvings in the "fire resistant wood" in the tower, just before Milo runs from the tower on the boardwalk, there are many of the circles with the X through them as seen on the ground in the last video and in Marble Hornets videos as well.
  • The carvings also include names and subjects from other Slender Man stories, such as a few that say "Alex" (from "Marble Hornets") and "Logan" (from "Just Another Fool").
  • The audio cuts out for a very brief moment when Noah is filming the carvings in the wood of the tower. Major video and audio distortion occurs when they are at the Observation tower and again when they are walking back into the forest. At both major occurrences, Milo flees.
  • The Slender Man appears at 4:31 when Noah is running near the end of the video, revealing that Milo was fleeing from him.

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