Submission 1

Submission 1

Submission #1 is the second video and first submission video in the TribeTwelve series.


"Milo was acting kind of weird."


Milo arrives at Noah's house. The two go out to a canal and talk about the past. Noah notices that Milo has an unusual cough. They return to Noah's house, where they discuss going to Victor Park.


[0:02-0:05] Text: Submission #1
[0:07-0:10] Text: Saturday Day 1
[0:11-0:17] Text: This was the first footage of Milo that I filmed. Here, Milo arrives at my house from the airport.
[0:19-0:25] Cut to Noah's room. Noah aims the camera around, pointing it at a bathroom mirror and then at his face.
[0:26] Minor visual distortion.
[0:28-0:36] Noah continues moving the camera around until he points it at the open door of his room.
[0:37] The doorbell rings.
[0:37] Noah: Hmm.
[0:38] Noah: Must be Milo.
[0:38-0:51] Noah walks toward the foyer and places the camera on something, facing it toward the door. Noah goes to the door and opens it.
[0:52] Noah: Hey Milo!
[0:53] Milo: What's up? How's it going?
[0:55] Noah: Good. How was the plane ride down?
[0:57] Milo: It was pretty good, man. A little turbulence, but not too bad.
[0:59] Noah picks up the camera and points it at Milo.
[0:59] Noah: That's cool. So how's Alabama?
[1:01] Milo: Wait, wait, wait... What's with the camera?
[1:04] Noah: Oh, I just bought this camera a few days ago and I felt like testing it out.
[1:08] Milo: Okay...
[1:09] Noah: Uh... Everything alright man, or..?
[1:12] Milo: Yeah... it's just... Never mind, sorry. How's Florida doing for you?
[1:19] Noah: Florida's fine. It's been pretty hot, had nothing to do lately.
[1:22] The audio becomes noticeably louder after Noah says "had nothing".
[1:23]Noah: Just people been--
[1:24-1:32] The audio becomes shrouded by high-pitched static, and the video becomes distorted, as if static was laid over it. Talking can be heard, but the static makes it unintelligible.
[1:33] The screen goes black.
[1:34-1:52] Cut to a canal. Noah and Milo walk over to the edge of it.
[1:34] Noah: Oh man, I remember that. See that? That's where we used to have the bonfire like two summers ago.
[1:41] Milo: That's was fun. Tyler was there too.
[1:44] Noah: Yeah. Tyler was a dick, remember him? He used to like chase you around the sea wall and you almost fell in the canal one time?
[1:47] Noah points the camera down. The operator symbol is drawn in chalk on the concrete ledge Noah is standing on.
[1:52] Milo: Yeah, I hated that guy.
[1:53] Milo begins to cough.
[1:54] Noah: Man, what's with that cough?
[1:56] Milo: Eh, it's nothing.
[1:57] Noah: You need a cough drop or something?
[1:58] Milo: Nah, I'm good.
[1:59] Noah: You've always had that cough.
[2:00] Milo: I'm used to it. Where's Tyler been anyway?
[2:03] Noah: Oh man, he's... I heard he moved to Arizona, 'cause his parents were out on leave or something.
[2:12] As the two walk, Noah has the camera pointed toward the ground. The audio cuts out.
[2:14] Cut to black, with static audio distortion.
[2:16] Cut to Noah's bedroom.
[2:16]Noah: My parents got me this tripod after I bought the camera. It's really nifty I can just stick my camera in here like this... and it clicks in place. And I can swivel it around if I want, zoom in, zoom out, or just move it around like this and there you are!
[2:31] Milo: Your Rubik's Cube is broken. Anyway, are you sure you, uh, want to go to Victor Park today?
[2:41] Noah: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I mean, it's not gonna rain or anything. I'll check the weather channel real quick. Sure there's nothing to be worried about or anything.
[2:49] Noah changes the TV channel, but only static appears.
[2:51] Noah: Uh, my TV's not working. Static.
[2:55] The video distorts in a similar way as at 0:26.
[2:55] Noah: Uh, that's weird. Usually works fine.
[2:59] Noah turns the TV off. A figure can be faintly seen in the reflection.
[3:00] Noah: Gotta ask my dad about that.
[3:04] Milo: Oh well.
[3:05] Noah: Yeah, but I think going out's fine. I don't think it's gonna rain. It's really sunny out today. Let me see my Rubik's Cube. I don't think it's broken.
[3:14] Milo: It's broken, dude.
[3:20] Noah: See? You broke it.
[3:21] Milo: Yeah, pretty-
[3:22] Cut to black.


  • When they are on the side of the canal, the Operator symbol (a circle with an x crossed through it) can be seen on the concrete. This symbol is meant to represent the Slender Man.
  • When the TV turns off, in its reflection, you can see a figure moving through curtains or something else.
  • There is minor distortion at 0:27 (screen split, no audio problems) and audio distortion at 1:24. There is minor video distortion again at 2:57, right before the figure can be seen.
  • When the scene cuts to Milo's bedroom, there is a poster with the words "Sandeman". Sandeman is a brand of wine.
  • At 0:40 if you look close enough in the room that is dark, you can see a figure that appears to be Slender Man.

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