Severance is the forty-sixth video in the TribeTwelve series.



I was sent a letter on December 24th. This is what happened after I opened it. Part 1 of 2


[Video starts with Noah in his room.]

Noah: So. I just went out to get my mail, and, uh, I found this blank envelope...

[Noah holds up a blank white envelope and shows it to the camera]

Noah: ...In my mailbox. You know, like, uh... There's no address or anything written on it? But...

[Noah turns the envelop over. It is held close with a purple piece of tape, on which there is the pokemon Haunter]

Noah: ...Yeah. I'm a bit troubled.

[Noah lets the envelop drop]

Noah: I'm... Pretty sure I know who sent it to me. Um... I mean, f*ckin' purple tape's a dead giveaway, but, uh... That Haunter... Pretty sure I've seen somebody wearing that on a shirt before.

[Cuts to video of Evan/HABIT from EverymanHYBRID wearing a Haunter shirt in the woods]

Noah: Yup. Evan. [sighs] I'm, uh... Not looking forward to opening this thing, at all, but... But if there's one thing that I've learned... From all this... It's that no progress is ever made from just staring pensively at unopened letters. So I'm gonna open it.

[Noah tears open the envelope. He pulls out a piece of Christmas-themed stationary.]

Noah: ...The hell is this? It's a letter... In an envelope, who would've thunk it? Can't tell nowadays, can ya? Let me- let me give you guys a better look.

[Noah adjusts the camera so that it points at the letter.]

Noah: Okay... Let's read along, shall we?

[The letter is written in what appears to be comic sans and reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Maxwell,

It has come to my attention that you are currently struggling to maintain your grasp on the situation involving "Stick-In-The-Mud". I understand and sympathize with your plights. It is not an easy ordeal to undergo, by any means, especially when you are as clueless and outgunned as you currently seem to be. So, I have decided to lend you, Noah, my assistance through the means of bestowing upon you knowledge that will, in fact, save your life. The time will come when we will speak to one another face to face, until then, do your best to stay alive. Lock your doors, brush your teeth, clean your ears and stay sharp my friend.


a purple piece of tape appears with a drawing of a Haunter's face

The Habit.

P.S. (See back)

Noah reads much of this letter aloud.]

Noah: [Chuckles] Okay! Um... So, uh, one: I don't accept help from, uh, evil possessed lunatic murderers [chuckles], and two: h-how am I supposed to trust this psycho? For... For all I know, I'm a loose end. I mean, they let me into their houses, [chuckles] when I visited, so... I-I mean I know things I probably shouldn't. And he's... He's planning to off me, or something, because I know too much. I-I really don't want to meet up with Evan, or... Or this... This HABIT or whatever the f*ck he wants to call himself. Maybe, in the future, uh, when I become a scary God-demon, yeah! But, uh, I'm not that yet. For all I know, he's just doing this to piss me off. I- look at this! What is this.

[Zooms the camera into the edge of the stationary, which is adorned with Christmas trees and other associated decorations]

Noah: This is f*ckin' Christmas borders he put on this paper? I mean - he's just doing this to piss me off. He knows I'm Jewish. He's mocking me. He's not just evil, he's like... He's like silly-evil. And that's disturbing as shit. What is this - p.s. see back...

[Noah flips the paper over. On the back it reads


distortion occurs. Instead of normal distortion, this causes purple flares in place of shadows.]

Noah: ...Huh?

[Knocking is heard - seemingly from inside the house. Noah whips around with the camera to the source of the noise.]

Noah: What?


Noah: [Chuckling] He's here? In my house? He came to me?

[Noah walks towards the door]

Noah: Well, okay! Let's do this shit!

[Noah opens the door, and sees the hallway is empty. The knocking is coming from a door further down the hallway. He turns on the light, and pauses as the knocking continues. A momentary camera glitch occurs, then the camera intensifies and the purple distortion happens again.]

Noah: You can do this. [He opens the door into someone's laundry room. Not his]

Noah: [pans around the room] What the f*ck?

[There's a bang as the door shuts and Noah jumps as the purple distortion happens again. The door has a computer-printed page on it. It says 'WHO'S THERE']

[The distortion ends and HABIT can be heard laughing. The room's light brightens, buzzes, and pops, blackening the room. Some glass can be heard breaking, possibly other light bulbs in the room, the knocking becomes a constant pound, and HABIT goes 'HOOOOO!']

[Noah opens a door and comes into someone's dining room. HABIT is sitting at the table, doodling on a whiteboard. He has a knife by his right hand. HABIT is using Evan's body, but when he speaks, his voice is multi-toned. He also has some blood streaks on his face and arms].

Noah: What--

HABIT: Noah! How are ya!...Shut the door, man, the cats will get out.

Noah: What the f*ck?

HABIT: [rising to his feet] Yeah, shut the door, come on.

Noah: [turns around, showing the door he just came out of now leads to a street outside, rather than the laundry room he was just in]. Where the f*ck am I?

HABIT: Shut the door -- [he leans past Noah and shuts it. Purple distortion happens]. Cats will get out. [He grins at Noah and locks the door]

Noah: E-evan?

HABIT: [shrugs and waves a hand] Close. [He walks back to the table] How are ya? [he pulls a chair out at the table] Take a seat.

Noah: No.

[HABIT stops smiling]

HABIT: Take a seat.

Noah: I don't think so! You can f*ck right off.

[HABIT steps a little closer and starts grinning again]

HABIT: You're in my house. Take a seat. [purple distortion happens as Noah takes a seat]

[HABIT sits across from him]

Noah: What the f*ck am I doing here? Where am I? What is this?

HABIT: My house! Oh! Don't worry. You're safe here. Nothing's...gonna come...slitherin' in. He can't really [HABIT searches for the word for a second] touch it. So you're fine. Think of this as a nice little vacation spot.

Noah: God, you look terrible.

[HABIT loses his grin again when that sinks in]

HABIT: Well, f*ck you, too! I invite you into my house so graciously and you insult me! [camera loses a second of time] Well! That is hurtful. [HABIT starts smiling again as he takes a marker] How are ya?

Noah: Not very good!

HABIT: Mmm, yeah, well, the economy... [camera loses another second] Well! There's a reason that you're here. So don't worry. And it's not a bad one. Okay?

Noah: Okay.

HABIT: Can you trust me that I'm not going to hurt you?

Noah: No.

HABIT: Okay, that's probably a good idea. [HABIT leans over the side of the table and reaches down] Well hello!

[Another moment when the camera jumps]

HABIT: I'm very interested in you and your life. That's why I brought you here. You see I knew you really wouldn't come under your own initiative. You're not [HABIT takes a second to decide the word] as stupid as the other ones, really. Um, so...what I did, I brought you here. That's why you walked through my house. Pretty sweet trick, right? Pretty cool?

Noah: Ah...I suppose?

HABIT: Okay, cool. Noah. I'm gonna ask you a few questions. First of which, how is school?

Noah: has nothing to do with anything

HABIT: [points at Noah] Bam! Correct! Now! Second question: Do you have the journal yet?

Noah: Wh-which one? There's more than one.

[HABIT seems momentarily taken aback]

Noah: You've gotta be more specific.

HABIT: Ah, okay. [He incidentally looks down, and bends down] Oooh, girl [he says in babytalk.] Don't scratch me. [Noah bends over the side to show a fat black-and-white cat laying on its back on the floor.]

HABIT: Don't look at my cat

[Another camera jump]

HABIT: A while ago, a few years ago, like a bunch of years ago, um...I was working with a group of people, they--you might know of them--what were they called again--NAZIS! [purple distortion] Yeah, the Nazis! So! The Nazis had themselves a little bit of aaaa...project, there was one particular man on the project, I believe his name was Sebastian, and Sebastian had himself a little bit of a journal, so it's Sebastian's Journal, written by a Nazi.

Noah: Ohhhhh. 'Kay, I know that, I know that

HABIT: Good. Do you have it?

Noah: No.

HABIT: [quietly] Not good.

Noah: I've been trying to get it.

HABIT: [still quiet] Try harder. Trust me. Because that journal is the only thing that's gonna keep you alive.

Noah: What is it?

[HABIT frowns. Noah repeats the question]

HABIT: Think about it like the uh...Pope Bubble. Nothing can hurt ya. Well. He can't hurt ya, specifically.

Noah: What?

[another camera jump]

HABIT: Think about it like a bulletproof vest, but for a very particular kind of bullets. His bullets.

Noah: Okay, okay.

HABIT: Except not a real bulletproof vest, and real bullets will still hurt you. [he laughs, and his voice distorts] And f*ck will they hurt! [another camera jump] Get the bulletproof vest. You're gonna want it. Ahh kay, Noah. [camera begins video lagging for a few seconds] Second order of business: There is a particular symbol in your life, that you've seen a lot since all this dirty business got started. Do you know the symbol I'm talking about?

Noah: Yeah.

HABIT: Yeah. Looks kinda like an eye or whatever. [video lag as HABIT picks up the dry-erase marker] That's more so the reason that you're here. I want you to draw that symbol. Do you think you could do that?

Noah: Yeah.

HABIT: Excellent. [he turns the whiteboard around]

Noah: But why do you want me to draw it?

HABIT: Um...because you're in my house, and you're my guest, and I'm asking you to do it. So if you could just get down to doing it. Left you a space.

[Noah looks down at the whiteboard. It has a game of hangman, a recipe, a word square, and a couple of notes, like "Dinner: Presume drunk (will be alone)" and "Vin drive". Noah takes the marker with his left hand and starts drawing]

HABIT: Knock yourself out.

[Noah does a rough Observer symbol]

Noah: That's it.

[HABIT pulls the board back to him, caps the marker, and looks at it]

Noah: Right?

HABIT: You know, Noah, I appreciate you doing this for me. You are kind of in a bit of a pickle, staring in the face of someone whoooo-- [HABIT looks himself over] still has blood on him. Of course you're going to be a little bit cooperative, so I see that you're intelligent. [camera jump] You know when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no', when to go with the flow and when to stop. This would be a time to go with the flow and not be a time to [purple distortion happens as HABIT gets angry] f*ck around. So I want you to do again. Better.

Noah: Why?

HABIT: [stops smiling and says very quietly] Because I f*cking asked you to, that's why. [camera jump, HABIT's pushing the board across]. Do it again. This time with your correct hand.

Noah: Okay. [he sets the camera to the side of the board] I'll play your little f*cking game. [The camera only records Noah's hand and a nearly horizontal view of the table and board.]

HABIT: [leans over] That's nice. What is that...? HD...

Noah: Don't touch my camera. [He keeps drawing]

HABIT: Don't tell me not to touch your camera.

Noah: [picks up camera to show the lopsided symbol he drew] Is that better?

HABIT: Yeah, oh yeah, it's better if you were trying to draw a sack of shit. [he erases it] Let's do it again. This time, if you don't do it right, I am going to -- [he rolls a large polyhedral die with a diagram of a man on each face] -- cut off your...left shoulder. That means you lose the entire left arm. Do it again.

[Noah sets the camera back down and picks up the marker. As soon as he does, HABIT puts his hand over Noah's and begins speaking seriously.]

HABIT: Wait. Maybe violence isn't the best motivator. I want you to think about something. I want you to think about every time that you've ever seen this thing, every time that it's ever popped up into your life. Think about where, think about why it could have been there, what it was involved in, and then...Noah...most of all, I want you to think about its relation to him, and I want you to think about your freedom. Do you understand?

Noah: Y-yes.

HABIT: All right. You've got to put meaning into this. Feel it. Think about all the different shit it was used for, the places in which you saw it. Should practically draw itself...All...encompassing...the master in the middle...split amongst...and dispersed.

[Noah picks up the camera to look at the symbol. HABIT starts laughing. The purple distortion happens and HABIT pulls the board to him and nods approvingly]

HABIT: Yeah. That's better. [he picks up the marker and begins talking in a high-pitched Southern accent] An' then we can draw happy little mountains an' little trees [he quickly draws a few hills and trees, and laughs again]. Well done, f*ckin' fantastic.

Noah: Okay, what does it mean? [HABIT looks up at him.] Does it have a name?

[HABIT is at a loss for words for a moment, and begins gesturing at the symbol]

HABIT: That is it, that is the name. That is, that is what it means. What it means is this. [HABIT waves his hands for a few seconds] Names come from...trying to apply meaning to something but this doesn't need a name. This, in and of itself, is the meaning. It represents what it is, and what it is, is separation. This little symbol right here basically represents....severance. Cutting the puppet strings. Do you catch my drift?

Noah: Yeah.

HABIT: So you could use it to... [HABIT looks expectantly at Noah]

Noah: Uh...sever ties with something?

HABIT: [nods and smiles] Exactly. [camera jump, and HABIT is pulling the board back across]. It's not really important, getting it exactly right. It needs to be...ballpark, but with the correct intentions. You understand? [camera jump] An example: You found this on your computer, right? [Noah confirms] Involved with your accounts, correct?

Noah: Yeah, YouTube, Twitter--

HABIT: Exactly, exactly, your accounts were no longer entirely yours.

Noah: No...So are you telling me that, this can hack my accounts?

HABIT: [slows down mid-nod] Ye-eesss...that's not what it's meant for, but it can. Thinking that it's just a hack tool is an insult to what it is, quite frankly. I'll put it in a way you can understand, though. I can't take it as an insult, you just don't understand.

Yes, Noah, it can hack into your accounts, it was used that way but...broader scale, it can hack into a human being. Broader scale, it can hack into something...grander, something much bigger. Something much more... [HABIT sits up straight and the purple distortion happens] ...powerful. [camera jump]

It traces all the way back to magic and runes and shit like that, but y'all never did it right. There's plenty that actually work. [he taps the board around the symbol] This happens to be one of them.

[He gets up from the table] The symbols run on feeling, on emotion, on your want, and your meaning. Desire for it has to be grander. [camera jump, he sits down] If you were to say...put this on something, and that something were to enter someone, then that someone now loses control over the person that did the thing in the--the---[HABIT picks up his knife and his voice distorts as he gets angry] Put it on a knife, you f*cking retard, and shiv 'em in the neck!

[Camera jump, HABIT has calmed down]

If the will is there. [he picks up the knife again and bounces it in his hand]. Put in on...something that can be used. [HABIT looks over his shoulder at the cat, which is on its back in front of a door in the hallway]. Isabelle. Get away from that door. [he turns back to Noah] Put it on something that can be used. Allow the tool to [he mimics a stab] enter the controller and the controller [he stands up and begins to move around the table] and the controller loses control--

[Noah jumps up and backs away]

Noah: Stay the f*ck away from me!

[HABIT freezes for a second, then smiles]

HABIT: --of the wielder. You're a jumpy one. [He sits back down and puts his hands behind his head]. Now. Let's say--cuz I'm sure it's on your mind--worst-case scenario, what if I'm lying, what if I'm a sonofabitch and I'm lying to you, well, then you're dead. [camera jump].

So! [HABIT claps his hands and rubs them together] That's pretty much all I wanted to talk about. So...Any questions? [camera jump to HABIT scratching the back of his head]

Noah: Okay, I got a question.

HABIT: Shoot.

Noah: Why are you telling me this?

[HABIT starts to answer but gets interrupted by someone coughing behind a door]

HABIT: Noah. I'm Evan, I'm your friend.

Noah: Don't bullshit me! I know you're not Evan. You're HABIT!

[HABIT stands up moving side to side saying "oh no" then laughing]

Noah: I saw you kill Jeff, I saw you kill your friends!

[HABIT keeps laughing, and starts mocking Noah]

HABIT: Hahahaha!!' I killed my friends,'! No, I didn't. I killed his friends.

[Camera jumps, HABIT moves to open the door]

HABIT: You know Noah? [pauses] It's a crazy world out there, you never really know what's gonna happen next...So I would take your friends where you can find them.

[Noah is very scared]

Noah: Who is that?!

[HABIT goes to knock on the door while grabbing his machete, after that the coughing starts again]

HABIT: Hellooo??! Are you okay? Hehhahahaha!

Noah: Who's in there?!?

HABIT: Haaa I love my life. What's behind door number two?! [opens the door] Oh. Howdy pilgrim!

[Someone is seen in the room, holding his left hip, which is bloody and soaking a sizeable part of his shirt. He seems to be coughing into a sink.]

Noah: Who the f*ck is that? God, who is that?! Is that Vinnie? [Noah sees that this person's hair style is different] [HABIT chuckles as the man's coughing intensifies] That's not Vinnie.

HABIT: Well, goodnight. [The man can be seen collapsing as HABIT closes the door. He can still be heard coughing.] Hahahahaha!!

Noah: Who the f*ck was that?!

HABIT: I don't know, a drifter... People walking in and out of people's houses all the time this day and age, you of all people should know that "Mr. Intruder man" ... Hahah! So, it's probably about the right time to say that you should be skedaddling, getting on out of here, so I'm gonna go ahead and unlock this door for ya. Aw, I'm sure you're in a big hurry. Um... Remember what we talked about; it will be literally be the only thing that saves your life...kay?

[Camera jumps to HABIT opening the door]

HABIT: I'm expecting pizza, but I don't want you having any.

Noah: But I...I..I don't even know where I am!

HABIT: That's cool, I...I..I don't care. Get out of my house.

[Noah tries to speak but gets interrupted]

HABIT: You can leave my house like this or you can leave with a broken arm.

[Noah starts to leave]

HABIT: I thought you'd choose this one, that's what I was thinking.

Noah: Well...

HABIT: Remember, Noah...The only person that can save you, is you. Good luck. F*CK OFF! [He shuts the door]

Noah: He can't just leave me here, f*cking asshole! [opens the door]  Tell me where I am you sick f*ck!

HABIT: [in mock surprise] You're not the pizza guy!

Noah: Wha--

[HABIT kicks Noah in the chest, Noah runs away]

Noah: F*cking asshole!

[HABIT then laughs and closes the door]

[Noah coughing, looking around the dark street, and walking]

Noah: Where the f*ck am I?! The f*ck is this place, Jesus Christ, not again!


  • It is revealed that the symbol commonly associated with the Observer and the Collective is actually a rune of great importance and power, symbolizing severance. It acts as a separator between people or things and a specific object - placing it on an object severs ties between that object and its owner or controller.
    • It is further revealed that the Observer used this symbol to hack into Noah's computer and his various online accounts, by separating them from Noah's control.
      • HABIT also states that applying the symbol to a weapon would turn it into something that would harm the Slender Man, or at the least free Noah (and possibly the Collective) from the Administrator's control. Whether or not this is the truth however, has yet to be seen.
  • It is further reiterated that Sebastian's Journal acts as a form of protection against the Slender Man.
  • HABIT was telling Noah to try and draw the symbol perfectly. In one of the Observer's Formspring answers, he revealed he could see through some of the symbols. Perhaps Evan/HABIT could have been assisting the Observer and the Collective and allow them to listen in to the meeting easier?
    • On the other hand, HABIT erased part of the symbol during his explanation shortly after the symbol was drawn, which could potentially cut out the connection with the Observer. Were he assisting the Observer, it's unlikely that he would have made this mistake.
  • HABIT's old-fashioned approach to manners, shown when he insists on Noah doing his bidding because he's a guest in HABIT's house, supports his claim that he is centuries old (or possibly older).
  • The distortion in this entry is different from most of the distortion in previous videos. It has a purple static-like overlay floating on the screen and making the imagery darker and is generally associated with HABIT.
  • While Evan/HABIT speaks, it's noticeable that at times two voices can be heard speaking at once: Evan's, and a darker, more monstrous one. The latter is considered to be HABIT's "true" voice. This voice can also be heard in the EMH video "A summoning".
  • The individual in the bathroom's identity is unknown at this point and time, but is speculated to be one of the following:
    • Jeff from EverymanHYBRID
    • Chris from DarkHarvest
    • Lee from WhisperedFaith
    • Michael from MLAndersen0


  • Most of the dialogue in this entry was unscripted. While talking point were used to get a general sense of direction, the entry was simply filmed multiple times until both parties were content with the outcome.
  • A 35mm 12 sided Chessex Hit Location Dice is the dice that HABIT uses to determine how it would injure Noah.


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