November 11th is the thirty-second video in the TribeTwelve series.

November 11th

November 11th


This footage was taken on the nights of November 10th, 11th, and 19th of 2011. It took me a long while to recover this footage, which was very distorted on my camera and had to be captured multiple times before it come out clearly. There is previous footage of before I left my house to go to the hotel on the 10th, but it was nearly completely static. I'm still trying to recover that footage, so until I can recover it, I'm uploading all of the latter footage that I have captured clearly for the time being in this video. Note: In the beginning of the video, when I said she I was referring to Mary Asher referring to the phone call I received from her before I left. Kevin is my friend who helped me translate Karl's German and is the person who is pictured at 5:00. I'm also inclined to believe that the guy with the pinhole eyes is called "Firebrand" due to the hidden last frame.


[0:01] Text: 11/10/11 10:00 PM
[0:05-0:18] Static.
[0:12] Noah appears, in his car. The audio occasionally cuts out while Noah talks.
[0:14] Noah: -again. I'm going back to the hotel. Fucking shit hit the fan again. I don't understand any of this. Why now? Of all fucking times, why now? She told me that I- Stop... What the fuck does that mean? What should I... This is the only thing I can do. There's nothing else I can do. If she tried to help me in the past, why wait until now to tell me? "Don't make the same mistakes I did," she said. That... thing. The tall thing has been stalking me since I was young. How does she know? Huh? The fuck does she know? She knew about the journal. She knew about my dreams. She knew... She knew about this Observer fuck! What's her goddamn secret? I don't fucking get any of this. I am just going back to the hotel. Because my house is definitely not safe. And I thought it was not safe during Halloween. No, it's not safe now. It's definitely not safe now. I'm just... I can't take this shit anymore. I need to get away. This is still the only hotel I can afford. I actually... Knowing this would happen, I pre-booked the room. The same room, actually. And I'm gonna stay there for... I don't know how long. I'm not gonna leave the room. I'm just gonna stay and I'm gonna ride this out. I gotta ride this one out. I'll stay there for a week or two, if I have to.
[1:57-1:59] The screen becomes distorted. White text appears, reading "IF YOU SAY SO". A laugh can be heard in the background.
[2:08] Noah parks the car.
[2:13] Noah: I don't know if I can solve any of this, but... The fact that she called me today, and the fact that she's been telling me that this has been happening all my life, and she knows this somehow... It's really fucking with my mind something awful. So... either this is all a fucking cosmic joke...
[2:46] Distortion.
[2:46] Noah: Or maybe I am insane! Hehehe... Oh my god!
[2:50] Noah covers his face with his hands, laughing. As his left arm passes in front of the window, Slender Man appears, standing in the parking lot in the background.
[2:55] Noah lowers his arms again, and as his arm passes in front of the window, Slender Man disappears.
[3:02] Noah grabs the camera and adjusts it, looking into it. The distortion intensifies and the screen darkens.
[3:06] Cut to black.
[3:07] Cut to the inside of Noah's hotel room. It is night, and the camera has a night-vision filter turned on. The camera is pointed towards Noah's bed, which is the one closest to the room's window.
[3:07] Noah: And let me set the clock so it's correct.
[3:11] Noah takes out his cell phone.
[3:24] Noah gets into bed.
[3:36-3:49] The footage is sped up. Noah tosses and turns in bed.
[3:49] The footage returns to normal speed.
[3:54-4:38] Distortion.
[3:59] A person wearing a white jacket stands up from behind the counter next to Noah's bed. He walks over to Noah and caresses Noah's face. The person slowly walks backwards toward the counter, continuously facing Noah.
[4:33] A clicking noise, similar to a light switch, can be heard several times. The distortion changes intensity several times. The person disappears, with the text "YOU ARE RIPE" appearing on-screen for an instant.
[4:45-4:50] Light distortion. The distortion intensifies, until the screen becomes completely black.
[4:50-5:00] Static.
[4:56] Through the static, a simple image of Slender Man, with his arms outstretched, appears, along with the text "BOARDWALK".
[5:00] Kevin appears. He is talking, but the audio is replaced by a reversed and distorted version of the song "You May Be Right" by Billy Joel. For a brief moment, Kevin can be seen holding notecards, including one that says "COMPENSATE". Kevin moves these cards off-camera.
[5:03] Kevin holds up the pile of notecards. The card on top reads "INEVITABLE". He sets them somewhere off-camera.
[5:16] Kevin holds up a notecard that reads "KEVIN". The screen becomes heavily distorted. The card suddenly changes to read "ONE OF US", with the Observer symbol on it.
[5:22] Cut to Noah's hotel room.
[5:29-5:40] The footage is sped up again. Noah continues to change positions while he sleeps.
[5:46-5:59] Distortion.
[5:46] A person grabs Noah and begins to pull him out of bed. Noah wakes up and is startled, falling onto the floor.
[5:55] Noah: What the...
[6:02] Noah gets up from the floor and grabs the camera.
[6:03] Noah: Who's there? I fucking saw you! I fucking saw you!
[6:11] Noah looks around his bed.
[6:15] Noah: I saw those damn glasses!
[6:18] Noah walks over to the bathroom. He turns off the night-vision filter and turns on the light.
[6:19] Noah: Why are you pulling me off the bed? Huh? Asshole! Quit hiding and show yourself, for once, you fucking coward!
[6:26] Distortion.
[6:27] Noah turns away from his bed and faces toward the door. The door opens, revealing Firebrand. He is almost completely black, except for white dots for his eyes and a red smile.
[6:28] Noah yells in fear and then falls backward onto the floor. The video lags, and the camera falls onto the ground facing Noah's bed. Noah is on the floor trying to move away from the door.
[6:34] Noah: No, no! It can't be! No! No! It can't be! That's impossible!
[6:44] Noah is pulled backwards, screaming.
[6:46] The Observer's face appears under the bed, smiling. The distortion intensifies. The text "GOT YOU" can be seen for an instant.
[6:47] Cut to black.
[6:50] A black-and-white video of Noah fades into view. His eyes open. The text "WELCOME BACK" appears. A hand appears and rubs Noah's face. The text "RECRUIT" appears. Fade to black.
[7:13-7:16] The text "LET US TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOU" appears. [7:16] A black-and-white video of a large eye staring at Noah fades into view. Fade to black.
[7:25] Video of someone dissecting a brain. The brain's hemispheres are pulled apart, with the Observer symbol appearing inside them. Fade to black.
[7:31] Video of someone chopping up meat. The text "HOW DELICIOUS" appears. Fade to black.
[7:38] Video taken from an airplane window. The text "ISN'T THIS" appears. The camera appears to turn away from the window, toward the Observer's face. The text "FUN?" fades into view, with the dot of the question mark replaced with the Observer symbol. Fade to black.
[7:54] Video of a clock being smashed by a hammer. The text "YOUR TIME APPROACHES" appears. Fade to black.
[8:00] Video of someone's hand writing. The text "YOU ARE HIGH ON OUR LIST" appears. Fade to black.
[8:10] Video of a table. The camera pans across it. A piece of paper that reads "NOAH MAXWELL" is on the table, along with a pair of glasses, a briefcase, a pen, and several other pieces of paper. The person filming grabs the "NOAH MAXWELL" paper and starts crushing it. The text "AND YOU ALWAYS WERE" appears. Fade to black.
[8:23] Video of Milo. The text "THE ASHERS KNEW" appears. Milo shakes his head and begins to smile, covering his face with his hands. Fade to black.
[8:31] Video of the aisle on the plane. Firebrand is standing at the opposite end. The text "YOU MUST ASSUME YOUR INHERITANCE" appears. Fade to black.
[8:38] Video of a child. The child walks up to the camera. The text "REMEMBER OUR VISITS?" appears. Fade to white.
[8:50] Video of two children, running from the person filming. The text "WE DO" appears.
[8:56] Video of a knife. Fade to white.
[8:57] The text "IF YOU INTEND TO KILL ME" appears.
[9:00] Video of an arrow drawn onto a road. The text "IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU HEED OUR DEMANDS" appears. Fade to black.
[9:07] The text "WHEN YOU AWAKE" appears.
[9:08] Video of an eye. The camera zooms into the eye in an infinite loop.
[9:12] Video of the plane, seen from one of the seats. On a TV screen, the Observer can be seen. The text "YOU WILL DO" appears. A man sits down in the seat and, as he passes in front of the screen, all the TV screens begin to show the Observer symbol. The text "AS WE SAY" appears. Fade to black.
[9:28] Video of a large amount of writhing tentacles. The text "LEST YOU WISH TO ANGER US FURTHER" appears. Fade to black.
[9:35] The text "ROSES ARE" appears. A video of a rose blooming plays, and the word "RED" appears. Fade to white.
[9:41] The text "VIOLETS ARE BLUE" appears.
[9:44] Video of a hand holding a gun. The text "I HAVE A GUN AND I DON'T THINK YOU DO" appears. Fade to black.
[9:53] The text "WE EAGERLY AWAIT YOUR SUBMISSION" appears.
[9:57] Video of a rectangular box sitting on a rug. The camera moves in a circle around it. Fade to white.
[10:08] The Observer appears in front of the camera. The text "ALSO" appears. Fade to black.
[10:11] Video of the inside of Noah's hotel room. Noah is on the floor, Firebrand is standing near the entrance to the room, and the cameraman is standing behind Noah. The text "WE HOPE THAT YOU LIKE YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT" appears. Fade to black.
[10:19] Video of the Observer, writing on Noah's stomach. The text "IT WAS FUN TO MAKE" appears. Fade to black.
[10:26] The Observer appears in front of the camera. The text "NOW WE WANT YOU TO WAKE UP" appears. The Observer removes his glasses, revealing his eyes to be pure white with black pupils. The camera suddenly zooms in on his eyes and "WAKE UP" appears.
[10:32] Static and distortion.
[10:36] Noah is lying on the floor of his hotel room. The camera appears to be in the same place as before. Noah coughs several times as he gets up. He grabs the camera and enters the bathroom, where he coughs up blood into the sink.
[11:12] Noah: Oh fuck...
[11:16] Noah points the camera at the mirror, showing that his shirt has been removed. The words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH" are written on his stomach in black charcoal. Noah moves his hair out of the way to reveal an Observer symbol drawn on his forehead.
[11:30] Noah: Fuck!
[11:30] Noah continues coughing. Noah wets his hands and attempts to remove the writing.
[12:15] Noah: Get off me! Fuck!
[12:30] Cut to black.
[12:33] A black-and-white image of Firebrand appears, with the text "FIREBRAND REMEMBERS", accompanied by a loud screeching noise.


  • The audio in the background of Kevin's segment of the video is the song "You May Be Right" by Billy Joel, slowed down and reversed. The verse is "But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for."
  • The audio in the background of the Observer's video is a slowed-down, reversed version of the chorus of the song "Eye in the Sky" by The Alan Parsons Project:

I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind
And I don't need to see any more
To know that
I can read your mind, I can read your mind

  • November 11th = 11/11 1+1+1+1 = 4; an Asian superstition regarding Death.


  • Based on this video, Kevin is likely the vessel the Observer uses.
  • Based on Noah's reaction, it was postulated that Firebrand could be Milo. However, Firebrand's identity has been revealed as of The Live Stream Incident to be Noah Maxwell, from an alternate/future timeline.
  • Based on Noah's rant in the very beginning, Mary Asher could very well be Cursor since according to the observer "cursorsvesselisnotahe." This was confirmed in "Obituary" .