Milo's Tape

Milo's Tape

Milo's Tape is the forty-fifth video in the TribeTwelve series.


This is what I was able to recover from Milo's tape that I found in the briefcase. It's really fucked up, viewer discretion is advised: cutting trigger warning. It hurts to watch. I don't even know what to say.


[A blue screen is shown. Sounds of a tape being placed into a playback device are heard. A right facing arrow indicating that the tape is beginning to play appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen.] 

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Tape Starting

[The first clip begins, and Milo comes into view. Visual and audio distortion is prevalent briefly, fading as Milo comes to a rest after turning on the camera. There is an eerie low pitched noise that persists through this particular segment of Milo speaking.]

Milo: I'm making this prove that I'm not insane. I don't know what to say, but whoever ends up watching this needs to believe me, and bear with me. I'm not crazy, I...

[Milo's voice suddenly cuts off and glitches, and there is brief visual tearing before the video cuts to another clip of Milo, appearing to be located in a closet. He turns the camera around, revealing a black safe with a keypad, most likely belonging to Mary Asher.]

[Heavy audio and visual distortion follows, and there is nothing but static for several seconds before cutting back to the original clip of Milo talking to the camera.]

Milo: This will be my final recording. You will most likely be watching this... If I don't make it. So if I'm not alive as you hear me speak this, I'm sorry, but it was necessary. I need to beat this before it gets me...

[Milo's voice is cut off suddenly, and visual distortion is prevalent while another clip comes into view. Milo's hand is in the frame, and he begins to grunt and cough before sitting up on his knees.]

[Milo seems to be afflicted by a strange, sometimes throaty, wheezing. His voice is also very crackly and deeper than it should be when he speaks.]

[He looks at his hand and moves his fingers before completely standing up and moving the camera around to face his surroundings. He slaps his pants at the knee, which has been smeared with dirt.]

[Milo begins to explore the house, starting with a closet near him. He opens it and finds nothing inside. Continuing his efforts, he runs into a bathroom and then into another empty room, becoming more and more frantic. He stops and looks into what seems to be a main room, and runs through the house to a hallway connecting to it.]

[He pauses and taps the wall repeatedly, evidently to stop and think for a moment, and walks forward a few steps into the main room. He begins to speak.]

Milo: Hello? Hello? Anybody here?

[He walks to the front door, devoid of locks, and opens it. He looks at the adjoining door from the outside, noticing a taped sheet of paper on it stating that the property had been slated for demolition. He walks back inside to the middle of the room, drops the demolition paper, and begins checking his pockets, revealing another sheet of paper.]

[Unfolding it, he shows it to the camera, bringing forth slight visual distortion. The style matches the Observer's, and is signed with his symbol. Milo can very quietly be heard reading it to himself. It reads:




[Milo drops the paper to the ground and begins to stumble on his feet. He turns the camera around himself slowly and begins to laugh before fainting. Visual and audio distortion begin again, and after the camera focuses, Firebrand can be seen placing the briefcase on the ground.]

[Static. The clip of Milo talking comes into the frame again.]

Milo: You won't believe me. They never did. Things have just finally gone out of my control. I've tried to run away from this for as long as possible, but now it's just really gotten out of hand.

[Milo begins coughing, and the audio glitches out as the video seems to skip forward slightly. Milo is shown to bring his head back up, eyes closed, appearing to be in some sort of trance.]

[Cut to Milo in the abandoned house once more, with the camera facing the briefcase. Milo walks up to it, kneels down, and slaps his hand on the top of it, examining the combination locks, which both read "000".]

[Cut to a clip a short time later. Milo has the camera closely facing the left combination lock, and he appears to be trying combinations by changing one number, pressing the button, and repeating, working his way up, one number at a time.]

[Cut to the same scene later still, but with visual/audio distortion, indicating that Milo is close to opening the lock. He turns the numbers a few more times before he unlocks it.]

Milo: Yes!

[Milo slaps the top of the briefcase three times before we cut to a similar scene, but now Milo is attempting to figure out the right side combination. Again, he is close, indicated by the distortion. He unlocks it, and the top opens up.]

Milo: Yeah!

[Milo shifts the briefcase so the top opens completely. The money is still in the main compartment, but nothing else that Noah received (or will receive) appears to be in it. Milo examines the cash in awe, taking one stack and flipping through it, and picking up another briefly before placing it down.]

[Noticing the pouch on the roof of the briefcase has something in it, Milo takes the object out: a pistol. He is again in awe.]

Milo: What? What? Are you fucking kidding me?

[Milo begins laughing/sobbing nasally, continuing for a few seconds. Cut to Milo talking again.]

Milo: The paranoia has crippled me...far more than ever before. It's not like-

[Cut to the abandoned house again. There is heavy audio distortion accompanied with visual tears at times, and it appears to be nighttime, as Milo is using a light to navigate. He appears to be nervous, breathing heavily and looking around swiftly. He hears a strange, echo-like growling noise, and turns around to reveal The Slender Man for a half-second before the clip stops.]

[Cut to a short time later. Audio distortion has increased greatly along with Milo's frantic behavior.]

[Cut to Milo talking.]

Milo: ...About my health. My memory is getting worse. And this cough, the doctor's can't explain...

[Cut to a clip of Milo holding a box cutter in his right hand, and his left wrist facing up. He is in front of a sink. There is heavy visual distortion, but no audio. He begins to bring the blade to his wrist, and the video briefly goes back to Milo walking around the house at night again.]

[The clip of Milo with the box cutter comes back into the video. Milo has made a cut across his wrist and is making another. The video glitches back into Milo talking.]

Milo: You just need to know that... You're the only person I can trust right now.

[Milo begins coughing again, and the video glitches into a black screen.]

[Brief audio and visual tearing bring back Milo in the abandoned house. There is audio distortion, specifically in the form of of a volume increase. Milo is still walking through the house, breathing very heavily.]

[Audio and visual distortion suddenly increase as Milo is walking through a hallway. He enters a room and approaches a door that is cracked open slightly, opening it and looking into an empty closet.]

[Milo begins to walk back to the hallway, but is stopped by a loud noise. He turns toward the noise to reveal The Slender Man staring at him at the end of another connecting hallway, it's tentacles visible. Heavy audio and visual tearing begins again as Milo inhales sharply and runs in the opposite direction into another room. Deeply shaken, he stands and stares at the doorway before going back and shining his light at the area he had previously seen The Slender Man.]

[Milo slowly approaches the area, and audio distortion begins increasing in intensity. A sudden noise startles Milo and he turns around to face the room he had just been in. The Slender Man is standing in it, his tentacles lashing out in all directions. They also appear to be coming out of a doorway separate from the room it is standing in.]

[Milo again takes flight, finding a corner of a room in which he sits and cowers in. He faces the camera towards the doorway for a few seconds before noises of movement can be heard in another room. A disturbing croaking-like noise can be heard as The Slender Man sticks its head into the doorway. It repeats a similar noise as Milo faces the camera down, cowering further.]

[Milo slowly brings the camera back up the doorway. A cracking noise is heard as static flashes on the screen for a moment. Milo begins coughing, and points the camera downwards again. The croaking noise is heard again, and Milo faces the camera up slowly to reveal The Slender Man standing before him, completely still. A strange tune can be heard playing. It reveals its tentacles again and attacks Milo with full force, it's face coming very close to the camera. Milo screams, and the video breaks away in the following distortion.]

[Cut to a shot of Milo placing the Observer symbol with a marker on his journal. Audio distortion is heavy. Once he completes the symbol, there is slight visual distortion. The journal is moved out of the shot as the video glitches back to Milo talking yet again.]

Milo: I can't live like this, not anymore...

[The video cuts to Milo walking in a parking lot at night. There is heavy audio distortion in regards to volume again. He is breathing very heavily.]

[The videos cuts to some time later. Milo approaches a payphone. He inserts a quarter and dials a phone number. Picking up the phone, the audio distortion increases greatly, as he begins to speak in a cold and flat tone.]

Milo: Hey, Mom. It's me. I'm back. I figured it all out. You can drop whatever you're doing and come to the house this Friday at 9 PM sharp. I'll be waiting there for you. If you don't come, you'll never see me again.

[He places the phone back and walks away. The clip of Milo talking comes into the video again.]

Milo: ...Need to end this before anything gets worse. I haven't decided yet if...

[The video glitches to the house again at night. Milo appears to be sitting down. He pans the camera to face the front doors of the house. His breathing is steady, but somewhat heavy. The volume is still heightened.]

[A figure is seen to approach and open the door, revealed to be Mary as she comes into the house, standing close to the doorway.]

Mary: Milo! My baby...

Milo: Stop right there. Is this really what it comes down to? How... How could you live with yourself after what you've done to me?!

Mary: I... I had no choice! You know what I had to do!

Milo: No! You made that choice willingly! You're the one to blame, I was innocent!

Mary: One life had to be sacrificed to save our family from this plague.

Milo: But it was my life! I'm your fucking son!

Mary: I had to! Milo... I...

Milo: There was no love! It was all a lie! To use me!

[Milo raises the pistol, pointing it towards Mary.]

Milo: I read it all. I know what you did to Noah. What my entire life was really meant for! I know you killed Dad!

Mary: Well... Well I know, Milo, honey, we... We can talk this out, I... I still don't know things that could help kill Mr. Slim, or who Mr. Scars is.

Milo: Well, I've got news for you, Mom. I'm Mr. Scars!

Mary: No... No... No!

[Milo pulls the trigger and shoots Mary. A scream is heard from her, and the video flickers back into the clip of Milo talking, but does not seem to play, and the video fades back in to the previous clip. Milo is now standing and breathing/wheezing heavily. He raises the gun briefly.]

[Milo's voice breaks from it's previous coldness.]

Milo: Mom!

[Milo walks quickly towards Mary's limp body. The gunshot wound is shown to be bleeding through her shirt in the back. Milo breaks down and begins sobbing over her.]

Milo: I'm so sorry! They made me do this!

[Milo turns around, runs towards the chair he had been sitting in, and kicks it down. The video glitches back into the clip of Milo talking one final time.]

Milo: That's all I have to say. Please forgive me. This is Milo Asher, April 30th, 2010.

[The video glitches to the blue screen and cuts to black. The final frame is then shown. It's an image of Milo lying down on his back, with his neck and part of his face visible. A giant gash going across his neck reveals that his throat had been sliced open, explaining his strange voice. The words "IT STILL HURTS" are displayed on the image.]


  • Based on the time frame of this video it is possible that Milo was moved forwards through time after his attempted suicide via overdose.
    • It is possible that upon the realization of his predicament he attempted to commit suicide a second time via cutting.
  • The gun that Milo uses to kill his mother appears to be the same one used by Noah against the Slender Man during the Mary Asher phone call.
  • There is a hidden image of Mr. Scars/Milo at the end of the video, depicting Milo having his own throat slit, with the message "It still hurts" written next to it.


  • Actions and spoken lines done by Milo inside the house were performed by series creator Adam Rosner instead of the original actor of Milo due to conflicts that arose
    • The sections of tape depicting the original actor were filmed far in advance to the creation of this video


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