Milo's Funeral

Milo's Funeral

Milo's Funeral is the ninth video in the TribeTwelve series.


"I hope he's at peace now..."


[Black screen]

Title: Milo's Funeral

Text: I was called upon to attend Milo's funeral.

Text: He was to be laid to rest in New York. The Asher family has a burial plot in a cemetery there.

Text: I took a plane to New York and, from there, a train to the cemetery.

[Noah is in an airport terminal, people talking all around him.]

[Cut to Noah boarding the plane, then inside the plane.]

Noah: Almost time to go.

[A flight attendant demonstrates how to put on a life vest as another flight attendant explains the procedure on the PA.]

Flight attendant on PA: Your life vest is up in the pouch underneath your seat. If necessary, remove it from the pouch and pull it over your head.

Older flight attendant: Change the channel.

[Flight attendant turns and looks at Noah.]

Older flight attendant: No, that's gotta be off.

Noah: It's gotta be off, really?

Older flight attendant: Yes, really…

[Noah turns the camera back on, mid-flight, filming the clouds going by outside his window. The camera cuts to a different view of the window showing the turbine, as the ground is now in view. Text accompanies this shot.]

Text: I learned that Milo had already been cremated and buried for a while now. His family decided to hold the official funeral on July 5th.

[The PA chimes in.]

Text: Although it seemed like an obvious suicide, his mother had private investigators come and search his room. They found caches of various pills hidden in his closet.

Text: They also held off the funeral to perform a toxicology report. The investigators ruled Milo's death a suicide.

Flight attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this will begin our final descent. Please check to make sure that your seat belts are securely fastened…

Text: He appeared to have overdosed on a heavy mix of his sleeping pills and depression-anxiety medication.

Flight attendant: …tables and seat backs are up and locked. All electronic devices, please turn off at this time.

[Cut to black.]

[Noah is now at a train platform, his train comes to a stop and he boards it. The camera cuts to the middle of the train ride, followed by another cut of him shooting the passing scenery outside of his window.]

[Cut to black.]

[Noah is now in the burial plot, the camera pans over to Milo's burial plot, noted by the temporary tent-style gazebo. Text appears onscreen.]

Text: This is Milo's grave site, where his funeral was held. I wasn't allowed to film the ceremony, and I didn't anyway, out of respect for Milo and his family.

Text: Milo's mother didn't seem to want to talk to me at all. She was avoiding me as much as she could.

Text: When I asked her about the videos on this account, she said that she hadn't seen them and didn't want to.

Text: She didn't want to be filmed.

[Screen fades to black, the ambient noise of the burial plot can still be heard at first, but then quickly fades as well.]

[The camera quickly cuts back in to the burial plot, accompanied by a YouTube annotation.]

Annotation: Sorry about this bit, it wasn't there when I viewed the complete file. My camera wouldn't turn off and I'm sure I edited this out when I rendered the video.

[Some slight video tearing appears to occur and Noah seems to be breathing heavily. As the video ends, some video tearing can be seen.]


  • At the end of the the video in the section he swears he cut out Noah seems to be coughing a bit.
  • There is also a man in black suit beside the tree (at 2:49)

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