Extraordinary Circumstances

Extraordinary Circumstances

Extraordinary Circumstances is the forty-third video in the TribeTwelve series.


I opened it. This is what was inside. I'm bewildered. I was tempted not to upload this, but there's no use in hiding anything at this point. It needs to be documented.


Noah is kneeling in front of his bed with the briefcase resting on top]

Noah: Alright everybody, Mary might be dead and all, but I've got the briefcase right here. I'm unsure how it got here or who brought it, maybe Mr. Scars... Whatever, it is fucking here and that's all that matters. Hah, phew... So in the DEUS EX MACHINA video...

[Clip of DEUS EX MACHINA video plays depicting the briefcase]

Noah: Firebrand says that the combo is just the beginning. Now that could mean a whole bunch of things. So... Um... I got my viewer base to uh... Come up with a bunch of numerically significant combinations so I wouldn't have to go through the tedious bullshit of going through every single possible combination, who knows how long I would be here if I had to do that, but I got a whole bunch of hunches and I got this list of possible combinations.

[shows list of combinations]

Noah: Got a whole lot here, hopefully one of these is my golden ticket into this baby... Phew... But uh, yeah if none of these work we might be here for awhile. Well let's get to it.

[Jump cut to Noah testing out combinations]

Noah: Okay uh, a lot of these are dates cause dates are numerically significant so how about my birthday.

[Noah attempts the combination]

Noah: 11-11-91

[Slight distortion occurs]

Noah: Nothing, okay uh... what about uh... You know for shits and giggles let's go for, let's try 1-1-1-1-1-1 because it's a recurring thing.

[Slight distortion occurs and another jump cut]

Noah: 0-5 28 10 That's May 28, 2010, which is the date of Milo's death.

[Greater distortion occurs while Noah is testing the combination]

Noah: No... (exhale)

[Jump cuts]

Noah: Okay let's try the date my first video was uploaded, which was June 4th, 2010, which translates to 6-4-2-0-1-0

[Greater distortion occurs and the briefcase clicks open]

Noah: (laughing while tapping the briefcase) Whew! That was easy! Oh man, save me a lot of trouble. Fuck this.

[crumples up list and tosses it behind him]

Noah: Oh man... Okay... Hopefully it's not a big scary fucking mouth.

[distortion gradually begins to increase until Noah opens the briefcase]

Noah: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I know this stuff. Wait a minute, I know this stuff. Hold on a second.

[Noah reaches in and pulls out a rubik's cube]

Noah: This is stuff I gave to Milo. This is the rubik's cube I gave to Milo when he left in 2008. It's so old, but this is it.

[Noah tosses the rubik's cube to the side and retrieves a note from inside the briefcase. It reads:]

Dear Noah,

May this case of my old belongings aid you in fighting whatever is plaguing us. Unfortunately, by the time you see this I'll surely be dead. I'm sorry I cannot explain more because I think it might jeopardize my life under the recent extraordinary circumstances of my current existence, but I think you'll be able to figure it out in the end. I trust you old friend.

Love, Milo Asher

Noah: This is... This is crazy.

[Noah tosses the letter aside and pulls out Milo's journal]

Noah: Oh my god! This is it! This is his journal

[Noah hugs the journal]

Noah: YES! Fucking jackpot! Oh my god. I know it has a lock on it, but it's here. It's here man. Yes! Fucking score one for Noah man. It's still here. Finally! Finally I might be able to get some fucking answers.

[Noah sets the journal aside]

Noah: What else is in here? Shoes... Oh! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Oh shit! These are the shoes I gave Milo. Oh my god these are my shoes. Oh shit I totally forgot. When Milo left he said that he needed shoes for some reason so I had an old pair of my old shoes and I gave it to him.

[Noah tilts the right shoe and a video cassette tape with the Observer's symbol slides out into view]

Noah: Excuse me? Uh more tapes? Uh huh. Guess you wanted me to see something. Okay then. Is that it?

[Noah feels inside the briefcase]

Noah: What is this black paper? There's something else under this. What are you hiding?

[Noah has a shocked expression as he removes the paper. Distortion begins to set in as Noah stares at the interior of the briefcase. He double takes the camera before reaching in and producing a large stack of one hundred dollar bills. He then produces three more stacks of hundred dollar bills before picking up his camera. He shows the interior of the briefcase where six more stacks of bills remain

Noah: ... I... I'm... Rich...


Firebrand: It wasn't easy.

[Noah spins around towards his doorway and another Noah is standing in the doorway]

Firebrand: But you can thank me later.

[The video distorts revealing this Noah to be Firebrand]

Firebrand: Bye for now.

[Firebrand disappears behind the wall. Noah gives chase and heavy distortion occurs, but as he looks into the hallway, Firebrand is nowhere to be seen. Noah returns to his room, closes the door, and turns back to the briefcase and its contents]

Noah: Extraordinary circumstances...

[Video cuts to black]

[At 8:23 a hidden frame occurs with a message from Firebrand]


  • There is a hidden frame at the end, which depicts Firebrand and a message that says, "Try not to spend it all"
  • Noah stated on his twitter account that he counted the money after the video was filmed, and that it added up to almost $100,000.

Notes & Speculation

  • The video distortions may have been caused by Firebrand who was watching the entire time
  • The tape which had the Observer's symbol on it, may have been one that was originally given to Firebrand in an alternate timeline
  • It is unknown where the money came from. Noah suspects that it might be counterfeit, stolen, or have once belonged to Mary Asher.


  • Hidden Frame in Extraordinary Circumstances
  • Firebrand.
  • An alternate Noah Maxwell seconds before the frame shows him to be Firebrand.
  • The list of combinations to the briefcase.
  • Noah holding Milo's journal.
  • Distortion each time when Noah tries to open the briefcase.
  • A tape in Milo's shoes
  • The money shown in the briefcase.
  • All of the items inside of the briefcase.

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