DEUS EX MACHINA is the forty-first video in the TribeTwelve series.





(This video was submitted by Firebrand but is similar to other "Observer" videos, in that there are no spoken words to transcribe; the below is the text that appears in the video in chronological order)

Hello Noah.
You already know who I am.
I am no longer bound to the Administrator.
I am now something that shouldn't be.
A rogue god.
A loathsome entity with mutual interests has saved me from servitude.
I belong, and yet I don't.
An abomination of existence.
Trapped in this awful form.
I am here to guide you along the right path.
Fighting fire with fire.
This arrangement, while favorable for our situation
is not favorable for the Administrator's.
It can't correct this.
But that won't stop it from trying everything it can to do so.
It is disrupted.
It requires the missing piece.
The very piece that grants me invulnerability.
I have dedicated my very existence to aid you as much as I can as an unbound member.
I sacrifice myself for you, Noah.
For us.
For all of us.
You still have much to do
and it is all inevitable.
I know this
because I have lived it already.
A gift is headed your way
courtesy of my tampering
and his sending.
The combo is just the beginning.
A past soul sends his regards from the present.
May his gift serve you as it served me.
The gift of knowledge.
Look deep into your soul/the soles


  • The description is a text encoded in Base64, decoded it reads:
Trust me.
Trust yourself.
Trust us.
  • The video has confirmed that Firebrand is now working independently from the rest of the Collective, due to somehow being in possession of the Journal.

Notes & Speculation

  • Slenderman seems to be not understanding what does the "flip off" means.
  • The song that is reversed with a lowered pitch and played in the video is The Walkmen - We've Been Had
  • The "loathsome entity" is speculated to be an inHABITED Evan. This is due to the following: The baseball cap the individual wears is similar to one that Evan has worn in the past. The axe is a reference to the various bladed weapons that Evan is often seen wielding, and the overall appearance is much like that of Evan in general.
    • Noah tweeted on the TribeTwelve twitter account with similar thoughts leading many to believe that it will tie into another crossover.
  • The last frame features a briefcase with a pair of shoes on top and a message that reads "Look deep into the soles." Soles is spelled in reference to the sole of a shoe and not the term denoting a spirit. Thus it is implied that the gift may be hidden within the shoes.


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