COMECLOSER is the twentieth video in the TribeTwelve series.




[0:00] Scribbles appear in the center of the screen. They form into a cross shape, which becomes the Rune of Severance. In place of the circle in the center of the symbol, an eyeball appears, looking around. The text "HELLO AGAIN" fades into view.
[0:10] Fade to a shot of a sign (most likely in Victor Park) appears. The sign reads "Start! Walking Path". Fade to white.
[0:15] Shot of the boardwalk in Victor Park. Fade to black.
[0:18] Fade to a video of the observation tower. The camera points to the top of the tower and the text "YOU ARE CLOSE" appears. Tentacles appear at the top of the tower, flailing. The camera pans down, and the screen turns black, with the text "BUT YOU MUST COME CLOSER" fading into view.
[0:28] A sped-up video of someone walking along the boardwalk. Whoever is filming reaches the end of the boardwalk and appears to plunge into the lake.
[0:43] Fade to black. The text "WE ARE STILL IN CONTROL" appears.
[0:45] A video of what appears to be a marionette's control bar. Fade to white.
[0:48] A video of a hand, with The Rune of Severance on its palm. The hand's fingers are moving. The text "ALWAYS" appears. Fade to black.
[0:56] A video of the tops of some trees. Fade to white.
[0:59] The text "YOU ARE CORRUPTED" appears. Behind the text, a video of what appears to be bacteria in a petri dish fades in. Fade to black.
[1:08] A video of some sort of mechanism. The text "SLOWLY" is visible. Fade to white.
[1:11] The text "SURELY" fades in. A video of what appears to be a dead rabbit decomposing appears. Fade to black.
[1:19] A video of the Observer standing outside Noah's house. His face is covered by scratches. The text "LIKE ME" is on-screen. The man walks inside Noah's house. Fade to white.
[1:33] A video of what appears to be a printer. The text "YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE US" is on-screen. The printer prints out several sheets of paper; The first few are pieces of the Rune of Severance, adding shapes with each sheet, until the printer starts repeatedly printing the Rune. Fade to black.
[1:39] For an instant, a shot of the observation tower's staircase is shown.
[1:40] The text "YOU CAN NOT STOP US" appears. In the background, two windows of code are shown.
[1:45] For an instant, a communications tower is shown. Fade to white.
[1:46] The text "WE WILL NEVER TIRE" appears. The word "TIRE" changes to "SLEEP", "REST", and then "STOP", with each consecutive word growing larger.
[1:50] For an instant, a spider's web is shown. Fade to black.
[1:51] The Observer appears. He bows his head and removes his glasses. When he sits up, his eyes are replaced with one large eyeball. Fade to black.
[2:05] A video of someone walking along a wooden pathway in Victor Park. The camera is pointed at the ground. Fade to white.
[2:09] Youtube's video upload interface is shown. The title of the video being uploaded is "THETRUTHISALIE". Every frame of the video appears to be the Rune of Severance. A video of what appears to be Milo wandering around Noah's house in Submission 3. Fade to white.
[2:18] The text "THE BOARDWALK AWAITS" appears.
[2:21] The shot of the boardwalk in Victor Park is shown again. The man who was standing in front of Noah's house walks out onto the path, his face still scratched out. Fade to white.
[2:27] Shot of a sign in Victor Park that reads "TRAIL OPEN".
[2:30] For an instant, several images are shown. One is of a trail in Victor Park. One is of the staircase at the observation tower.
[2:32] Another video of what appears to be Milo wandering around Noah's house in Submission 3. Milo opens a drawer. Fade to white.
[2:37] The text "YOU MUST" fades into view. The word "COMPLY" fades in multiple times underneath "YOU MUST".
[2:41] Fade to black. The text "OR ELSE" appears in the bottom left corner of the screen.
[2:43] A video of someone's legs, presumably Noah's. Someone pulls the person off-screen, revealing the text "WE WILL TAKE YOU AGAIN" behind them.
[2:50] A video of Noah's face while he sleeps. Noah wakes up and looks around. His eyes roll back into his head. His mouth opens and shadows begin to cover him. Tentacles appear in the background. Fade to black.
[3:02] The text "FORCEFULLY" appears, shaking.
[3:05] The text "HOLD YOUR BREATH" appears, shaking. The O's have dots inside them.
[3:06] The Observer appears. He sits up, revealing his nightmarish face. He is smiling, and his reflective glasses have pupils. Cut to black.


  • It was found on the Unfiction Forums that if the video's audio was reversed and sped up by a radio factor of 20%, it is a clip with some very relevant lyrics from Frank Zappa's song "I'm The Slime":

With the stuff that I say
I'm the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I'm the slime oozin' out
From your TV set
You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don't need you
Don't go for help
no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold The audio clip can be found here:

    • When asked on Noah's Formspring if he was a Frank Zappa fan, the Observer replied "iamtheslime".
  • The scrambled text in the Youtube video's title is a reference to "ZALGO", an internet meme about an otherworldly entity that represents corruption and chaos in the world. This goes along with the Observer's claim that Noah is "corrupted".
  • "WE WILL TAKE YOU AGAIN" refers to Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2, where Noah is pulled out of bed. In that video, Noah appeared to have been under the control of the Observer, suggesting that "take" means that the Observer wants to control Noah.
  • The hand with the Observer's symbol is Noah's. Noah posted a Twitpic after uploading Nature Trail Visit, showing that the Observer symbol was drawn on his palm.


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