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How is Slender Man Internet Folklore? Idea Channel PBS Digital Studios11:55

How is Slender Man Internet Folklore? Idea Channel PBS Digital Studios

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Darkharvest00 iTunes Art ssn1

The symbol of DarkHarvest00

DarkHarvest00 is a very influential Slendervlog, now considered one of the "top five". Deriving inspiration from MarbleHornets, it has become its own story as it progressed, bringing its own concepts and flavor to the mythos and sending the overall mythology in a unique direction. Read More.
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The Slender Man Wiki - Interview with Adam47:07

The Slender Man Wiki - Interview with Adam

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  • Fobarimperius

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    Opponent Alexey Berglund Black Star Blaze Bloodless Carnage Cipher CJ Composer Cr0w Daemon Dawn DSM Era Falcon Freek Frozen Heathen Hell Ike Iris Jack Jared Jiko Jj Kuru LD Leo Lumina Mad Marceline Max Nikolai Org Peepers Photo Poly Proxy Reborn Rogue Ro…

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  • Fobarimperius


    February 3, 2016 by Fobarimperius

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    Group: SMW

    Gender: Female

    Design: Humanoid

    Archetype: Magic Knight

    Name: Violet

    Class: Force Knight

    Ability: Element values now add/subtract damage from elemental attacks. Magic and Attack Special range increased by 2.


    Image: Warrior Miku

    Lv: 129

    HP: 11621

    SP: 4…

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