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How is Slender Man Internet Folklore? Idea Channel PBS Digital Studios11:55

How is Slender Man Internet Folklore? Idea Channel PBS Digital Studios

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The symbol of DarkHarvest00

DarkHarvest00 is a very influential Slendervlog, now considered one of the "top five". Deriving inspiration from MarbleHornets, it has become its own story as it progressed, bringing its own concepts and flavor to the mythos and sending the overall mythology in a unique direction. Read More.
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The Slender Man Wiki - Interview with Adam47:07

The Slender Man Wiki - Interview with Adam

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  • Doctor Unknown

    Okay... My brain is on crack... So far, I made a very interesting Creepypasta/Slenderverse headcanon. Mind you, I came up with this on the fly as I was taking a walk, so it may seem a bit odd.

    What if Slenderman creates proxies and Zalgo creates Creepypastas so they can take over the world and shape…

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  • Fobarimperius

    Black Star

    May 12, 2015 by Fobarimperius

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    Name: Black Star

    Class: Dragon

    Ability: Enemy units -15% Wind element

    Music: Not selected

    Image: Default Image

    Team member: Not selected

    Lv: 100

    HP: 7252

    SP: 800

    ATK: 3602

    DEF: 1056

    INT: 712

    RES: 975

    HIT: 1189

    SPD: 823

    COUNTER: 2

    MV: 6

    JM: 20

    TW: 4

    CRIT: 19%

    FIRE: 0%

    WIND: 50%

    ICE: -75%

    HP: 115%


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