Black Large Collective Symbol

The rune/symbol of "Severance" that members of the Collective use.

The Rune of Severance is a symbol used by The Observer to control circumstances and accounts in the life of Noah Maxwell. The symbol is of two eyes intersecting with the eyeball in the middle, whose true purpose remained a mystery until season 2 of TribeTwelve. On December 25th, 2013, Noah uploaded the video Severance, where HABIT gives him important information about the symbol and how it could be used against the Slender Man.

"These symbols run on feeling, they run on emotion. They run on your want... and your meaning. Your desire for it has to be grander."


History and Origin

Though it is not clear as to exactly when or where the symbol originated, HABIT tells Noah in severance that the symbol dates back to 'magic runes' meaning that the symbol may very well date back over half a millennia.

HABIT also claims that there are more like it, and that this is one of 'the ones' that work.


In the video HABIT tells Noah that The Rune is, in and of itself, it's own name and meaning. It in and of itself is severance, meaning 'to cut ties' with something or someone.


Much like its use in Noah's Twitter and YouTube accounts, it can hack into a human being or 'something much bigger'. When Noah asks HABIT if it's what has been hacking his accounts, HABIT seems appalled that the Rune was used for something that humble.

"Thinking that it's just a hack tool is... an insult to what it is, quite frankly."


  • HABIT claims that, if put on a tool that enters a body, it can sever that person's control over the wielder of the tool. This means that if Noah stabs a knife with the Rune into the body of the Observer, it can free Noah from his control completely and end his nightmare and free him.
  • It's possible that the other symbols that worked could be the "Operator Symbol" and the four arrows that EMH used for their logo.