Red Tower 2
The Red Tower is a location in the Marble Hornets ARG that is seen in Entry #5, in Entry #21 and seen again in Entry #69. It is a large red climbing tower with no significant importance at first glance, but appears to be important to the Operator as the Operator Symbol is etched into the side.

The Red Tower is first seen in Entry #5 where Alex and Jay are location scouting and they see the tower in the background. Jay of the present doesn't note it as important at the time he uploads the video.

It appears once again in the end of Entry #20 where Jay deduces the message "AT THE TOWER" from a scribbled sheet from Brian's House references The Red Tower.

In Entry #21, Jay visits The Red Tower deep in the field where Entry #5 takes place. Jay reaches the tower and wanders about it, noticing it is made of spray painted wood, and the Operator symbol is carved in the side. Jay climbs inside to find a tin containing a tape. Jay later uploads the footage as Entry #22. It is implied by the audio distortions that the Operator is following Jay.

The tower appears again in Entry #69, when Jay and Tim return there to search for possible clues.  Although nothing is found inside the tower, Jay freaks out when he thinks he sees someone following him.  Though they decided it was nothing, distortion could be heard throughout the video, hinting that the Operator is nearby. Near the tower, they find a hole full of melted tapes that Tim suspects to be Alex's. Jay recognizes that two of them appear to be able to still play. Both Tim and Jay turn out to be correct, and Jay uploads the first as Entry #70, and the second as Entry #71.

The tower also makes minor appearances in Totheark videos Version and Attention.


It is stated to be a derelict play tower, but why the Operator would find this place important is uncertain. Just as well, how such an important video tape got there is a mystery.

  • Alex left it on purpose as a record outside of The Operator's knowledge and Jay decoded its location.
  • The Operator had a proxy do it for him on purpose in order to lead Jay around or left it himself.
  • Masky left it for Jay for an unknown reason. Hoody could have also done so.
  • Alex left it there for safekeeping, but had memory loss and forgot about it.
  • Alex left it there, since it contained evidence that he was trying to harm Seth.
  • Alex put it there to be close to the melted tapes, but did not burn that particular one.