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The Operator Symbol, originally from MarbleHornets, is frequently used in the TribeTwelve ARG, mostly by The Observer in his threats and taunting of his runner, Noah Maxwell.


Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher" - At the very end of the video, the Operator Symbol is shown at a very low opacity for a few frames.

Submission 1 - The Operator Symbol is drawn in chalk on the concrete ledge Noah is standing on.

Submission 2-The Operator Symbol is etched onto the railing at the tower.

Submission 4 - Scatched onto the table very faintly.

Submission 5 - Milo draws the Operator Symbol in his journal.

The Unboxing - On the back of a note, the word NOAH is written in large letters, the O being made of the Operator Symbol.

The Token Letter - During a video found by Noah, displayed in the words "WATCH YOUR BACK", the O has been turned into an Operator Symbol.

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