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The operator's doll

The doll from Marble Hornets

The Operator's Doll is a small white doll that bears a resemblance to the Operator. It has reoccurred in the MarbleHornets series.

Its purpose is unknown.


The Operator's Doll appears in Entry #18 and Entry #60. It is possible that it is made by Hoody as a warning to Jay that The Operator is near, or made by Proxies as a side effect of being controlled by the Operator.

When Jay finds the doll in Entry #60, he takes it with him, but does not find anything significant on the doll.

In EverymanHYBRID, during "Episode #4: Cardio & Outdoor Activities" Evan receives a doll similar to the Operator's Doll.

Evan's Operator Doll

Evan holding an Operator Doll


  • The Doll resembles a "Rathet" which is usually used as a 'Likeness', or a 'Witch Doll' for ritual purposes and Voodoo.

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