The Arrival is the eighth and final chapter of Slender: The Arrival's storyline.

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After watching both VHS tapes, Lauren continues on the path to the Radio Tower. She enters a cave with several enigmatic writings on its walls. Suddenly, Lauren begins to smell smoke and everything turns red. Upon exiting the cave, she finds herself in the middle of a forest fire. Reluctantly, the radio tower is within range. She races to the tower, simultaneously avoiding being burned by the flames and a very aggressive Slender Man.

At long last, Lauren finally reaches the radio tower. Once inside, she searches for a key to unlock the door to the rest of the building. Once found, she uses it to unlock the door. Upon unlocking the door, Lauren's flashlight dies - leaving her in nearly pitch darkness. Guided by the light of several burn barrels, she reaches the room at the end of the hallway. There, she finds the burnt corpse of Carl Ross as well as a camera. She turns on the camera, and listens to CR and Kate's horrific last moments. When the tape ends, the other side of the room turns completely dark. Charlie Matheson Jr. comes running out of the dark and straight towards Lauren, causing her to pass out.

Lauren wakes up in the basement of the burnt down Matheson Family home, with proxified Charlie watching her every move. He forces her to pick up two notes, one being Kate and CR's first e-mail to eachother and the other being Charles Matheson's journal. Charlie then vanishes, allowing Lauren to go upstairs. Out of the basement, Lauren starts to hear what sounds like crying. She investigates to find her best friend, Kate, sitting in a corner. Upon further investigation, Kate turns back into her Chaser form and attacks Lauren. Lauren's camera drops to the floor. The final moments of the game show someone's legs (supposedly Lauren or Kate's) being pulled off-screen. The camera then dies.

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The original ending to Slender: The Arrival, as shown on developer Alex Tintor's Twitter.

  • This is the only level that the player will still die (except when through glitches such as falling out of the map and from the elevator as shown in Into The Abyss) even without any NPC attacking them (only happens when they reach the radio tower and gets the key which unlocks the door to the hallway). As the player goes down to the hallway, blue images will appear like the ones when they disturb Charlie in the Prologue and when he kills them in Homestead.
  • According to Blue Isle Studios' Alex Tintor, the original forest fire scene was supposed to be a snow-capped mountain.