The Antique
The Antique Shop is a location in Entry #53 of the Marble Hornets ARG. It also appears in Entry #52, but it is not stated as to what building it is. In Entry #52, when Jay manages to spot Tim coming out of the building, he never states what it is. It isn't until Entry #53 that it is said to be an antique shop that appears to be going out of business. Jay manages to speak with the woman who works there, who reveals that Tim tends to stop by when he is on his way to his doctor's appointment.

The building's exterior is the only place shown. What it looks like on the inside is uncertain, as only the desk is shown in Entry #53. The building is currently assumed to have no importance.

The Antique2

The sign outside stating the business is closing.

This building also appeared in the Totheark video, "Reminder", where Totheark himself was shown to be watching Jay while he investigated the building.