The Administrator, as he appears in Crawlspace.

The Administrator is the nickname given to Slender Man in the TribeTwelve ARG. Unlike most ARGs, such as MarbleHornets, he only acts as a secondary antagonist in TribeTwelve, but he still remains the overarching antagonist, as he is both the creator and the leader of the Collective.

History Edit

According to My Grandfather Karl, The Administrator has been haunting the Maxwell family ever since World War II. Karl Maxwell states that a similar creature, known as "Der Großmann" or "The Tall Man", was subject of legend in Nazi Germany. The creature would kidnap children who went into the Black Forest. Karl encountered the creature when it attacked a Nazi soldier. Additionally, Karl states that the same entity is appearing in Noah's videos.

Abilities Edit

Similar to in other ARGs, The Administrator tends to have effects on electronic equipment, such as audio and/or video recording devices. It is unknown if this effect is intentional or natural. It could be due to the Sigma Radiation he emits. The Administrator also has the ability to teleport at will, causing much distortion before he does so. It can be noted by the video clipping at the bottom of the screen before he appears.

Unlike most ARGs, The Administrator also has tentacles producing from his back, which can also appear as extra arms or spider legs. They also only tend to appear in rare moments, possibly out of aggression.

Appearances Edit

  • Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher (Hidden in the picture of Milo Asher)
  • Submission #1 (In the dark hallway door and in the reflection of the television)
  • Submission #2 (After Milo starts running, it is seen walking out from the mangroves when Noah faces the camera back behind him)
  • Submission #3 (In the static at the end)
  • Submission #4 (At the top of the observation tower and at the top of the foliage before Milo starts running)
  • Submission #5 (On the side of the road as Noah drives and outside when Milo films.)
  • Submission #6 (In Noah's closet, in the doorways of the house during the odd footage, and outside of the hallway window at the end)
  • Tape Analysis (Noah points the Administrator out in each of the Submission videos)
  • Night Recording (To the far left of the shot of the pool during the lightning strike)
  • The Unboxing (Only as a hidden drawing)
  • Box Analysis (At the end of the tape after the person with glasses appears, Multiple times in the photos from the cell phone)
  • Unknown Caller (Only tentacles)
  • Nature Trail Visit (Appears at the end of a path and on top of the observation tower. It attacks Noah near the end of the video.)
  • Secret Parent Interview (Can be seen from a distance, but then vanishes when Noah's mother starts talking about Karl.)
  • INTERRUPTION (Seen slowly walking towards the camera before lashing out with tendrils visible at the end of the video.)
  • Northern Trip Footage (First seen on the plane Noah is taking to New Jersey terrifying everyone on the plane before suddenly vanishing and everyone, including Noah, forgetting about it. It is also seen briefly by Noah just before meeting the EverymanHYBRID crew.)
  • November 11th (Seen outside in the parking lot while Noah is in his car thinking he is going crazy and when the camera was glitching out, showing the image of Administrator and the words of the Boardwalk appearing. It also drags Noah to his realm after the appearance of Firebrand, however, we do not see him.)
  • Valentine's Day Livestream (Noah claims to see it and says that he's "wondering where he misplaced his face".)
  • Mary Asher Phone Call (Appears in Noah's bedroom, and then later at the end of a hall after Noah looks out his front door.)
  • The Order (Appears to the cult members and appears in front of the car to Chris, Alex, and Noah)
  • The Live Stream Incident (As Noah/Firebrand goes back to November 11th, 2011, he finds himself entering as Past Noah freaks out. The Administrator rises from the floor and drags Past Noah away to his own realm.)
  • DEUS EX MACHINA/Obituary (Appears looking at a sleeping Noah and Firebrand, in which Firebrand gives him the finger, to which it responds by tilting his head in apparent confusion, the only known moment where the Administrator is shown expressing something resembling human emotion. His appearance in Obituary is just a clip of his appearance from DEUS EX MACHINA.)
  • Milo's Tape (Seen multiple times stalking and attacking Milo.)
  • Fortunes (Appears at the boardwalk as Noah takes a drink, and glides up to the camera via his tentacles before disappearing. It also appears among the hidden frames.)
  • DEATHTRAPEXODUS (Seen with a panel of eight plugs in his chest, and at the end it attacks the camera with its tentacles being used as spider legs.)
  • Crawlspace (Appears on the boardwalk with, rather than tentacles, many pairs of extra arms sprouting out of its back.)