The abandoned hospital from the inside. It has a lot of hallways like this.

The Abandoned Hospital is a major focal point of the MarbleHornets ARE. It clearly has some connection to The Operator and his activities, and is repeatedly visited by Alex and the rest of the cast. Throughout most of the ARE, it is only assumed it is some form of hospital, however Tim reveals in Entry #66 that it is actually a mental hospital.

One of the earliest times it is visited is in Entry #51, where Brian is being brought there by Alex.

In Entry #66, Tim explains that he was a patient there and that he had had horrid hallucinations which he now believes were most likely visits from The Operator. He also mentions at one point it did indeed burn down, so the structural damage of the building was fire damage. During the entry, Tim and Jay both see Hoody here.

Jay and Tim have not made any visits to this building since. Based on what Jay and Tim have said to each other, they are both reluctant to do so.


It is possible that the fire damage to the building was caused by The Operator, since he appears to be able to maipulate fire, as seen at Jay's Apartment.