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Swain, "The lover"

Swain is a confirmed Proxy of TribeTwelve. Like the other proxies of the series, he is a member of the Collective and acts as an agent of Slender Man. Not much is known about Swain.


  • He is noted for wearing a 19th century European soldier's uniform, and a theatrical comedy mask.
  • He appears in the Collective group shot in HAPPYBIRTHDAY, to the Observer's left.
  • He is described by the Observer as "thelover" during the February 14, 2012 Livestream.
  • The chess piece he represents on the Chess Board is the White Knight ♘


  • Little to nothing is known about Swain, aside from some people speculating that Swain is Edward O'Conner (However it should be noted that O'Conner's stature does not come close to matching that of Swain), and his outfit resembling an old European soldier uniform. This could indicate that he was around during the World War II era along with other members of the Collective. However, it still does not help to determine his identity.


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