The Suited Cultist is a minor character in DarkHarvest00 and was a member of The Order who made several appearances during late 2010 and early 2011. He wore a white mask, which was entirely featureless save for its two distinct eyeholes, as well as a suit and black tie, in order to resemble the Slender Man. His identity, as well as the reason for his attire differing from other members of The Order, are unknown.

Actions Edit

The masked man made his first appearance in Log 10, where he can be seen watching Chris and Alex from a distance. In Log Entry 11, Alex discovers the masked man in Chris's house and chases him outside, with Chris in pursuit. The masked man is eventually able to outrun Alex and escape, although not before having his mask removed during the chase. In Log 19, the masked man chases Chris and Alex out of the woods near Alex's house, where three members of The Order had seemingly been killed by the Slender Man the previous night. As the two run from their pursuer, he is tackled by KindVonDerRitter. Upon returning to the woods, Chris and Alex discover a pool of blood where the masked man had been tackled, implying that he died in the struggle with his attacker.