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Stormy is a character from MLAndersen0 and the girlfriend of Shaun Andersen.

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Stormy was a mental patient who was in the same institution as Michael Andersen. Shaun eventually visited her apartment and questioned her about Michael when he was in the hospital. She told him that Michael would call himself "Patrick" and attack other patients. Patrick then appears and tells the two that Michael is trying to kill himself, and that he can't allow that because they share the same body. Patrick then leaves with Stormy's knife.

Eventually, Shaun visits Stormy again for more answers, and she tells him that Patrick would attack and threaten her into hiding a certain flash drive from Shaun. The Slender Man then shows up and attacks the two. Some time later, Shaun and Stormy begin dating since Michael's absence, and the two live together. However, Michael/Patrick keeps showing up warning him that Stormy is going to die, and that he's had visions of both Shaun and Stormy dying in numerous ways. Michael eventually returns for good saying he's all better, and begins living with Shaun and Stormy.

The three have a normal time living together, however, Stormy is eventually killed by the Slender Man, and her body is found by Michael in the crawl space. Shaun is deeply wounded by this. Stormy's body is found a year later in Shaun's car. Shaun then gets the idea to bury her.

HABIT later reveals to Shaun that he had placed Stormy in his car. He also explains to Shaun that Patrick caused the death of Stormy by "feeding her" to the Slender Man.

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