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List of Slender Man appearances in TribeTwelve

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Slenderman appears often throughout TribeTwelve, stalking Noah's cousin Milo and, later on, Noah himself. The motive for the stalking has not yet been determined, but it is speculated that Slenderman has had a long history with Noah and Milo's family.

Slenderman's presence is noted in Submission #1, when Noah's TV and camera distort without an explanation.

The first visual appearance of Slenderman, however, is during Submission #2, when Milo begins acting strangely and urges Noah to leave with him. He begins running, and Noah chases him, allowing for the camera to swing behind him as he runs. In the distance, Slenderman steps onto the platform and stands there.

He appears again, briefly, in Submission #3, when Milo is nervously looking around the house at night. He seems to drop the camera, and when he picks it up, Slenderman is shown as a quick still-frame before cutting.

In Submission #4, Milo is walking with Noah and casually points the camera out in the distance. Slenderman stands at the top of a hill, surrounded by grass and trees.

Slenderman is seen twice in Submission #5: First, he is on the side of the road while Noah is driving by. Later on in the video, when Milo goes outside at night, Slenderman appears right in front of him.

In Submission #6, he appears three times. When Noah leaves Milo alone for a while, Milo begins looking around the house, and finds Slenderman hiding in Noah's closet. He flees. Later on, during the footage that Noah explains he has "no idea when itwas recorded", Slenderman peeks his head out of a door briefly before the scene cuts to a shot of the fan. Even later on in the video, when Milo is leaving and Noah is saying goodbye, he sets the camera down, and Slenderman stands outside of Noah's window, watching the event.

Slenderman's history with Noah's family is briefly mentioned in "My Grandfather Karl", bringing up the possibility that the family shares a connection with Slenderman since (or maybe even before) Noah's grandfather.

"His" presence is shown a few times in "Night Recording". Noah also starts showing signs of slight "psychosis" in this recording.

Slenderman in shown in "Box Analysis", both in the form of photos that Noah recovered, and on video in the tape. All that is shown is a quick shot of his face, extremely close.

He appears again at the end of "Unknown Caller", but is not seen in full-body. Instead, his long tendril-like appendages peek out from the door to Noah's room, and the video cuts. This is the first appearance of the tendrils yet.

Slenderman becomes more dangerous in "Nature Trail Visit", once again showing his tendrils as he walked, and his ability to Slender Walk, as he moved from the trail to the wooden structure extremely quickly.

Apparently growing more bold to the point of almost being brazen, he appears in "Sercret Parent Interview" where while looking at a reflection in the window he rises from the floor to then disappear when Noah's mom waves her hand. Noah also seems to get easily agitated thus showing signs of the "sickness".

In "Northern Trip Footage", when Noah travels to meet up with the everymanHYBRID crew, he encounters Slenderman on the plane. It's speculated that everyone on the plane saw him as well; When Noah held the camera down, screams can be heard in the distance. Slenderman once again uses his tendrils, but does not appear to attack anyone. Noah does not recall this encounter.

As a sidenote, Slenderman does appear in a majority of the Observer's cryptic messages to Noah on his channel, including but not limited to "HELLOTHERE", "HAPPYBIRTHDAY", "INTERRUPTION", and "COMECLOSER".

So far in TribeTwelve, he is doing the following:

  • He is stalking Noah through the Observer's messages and shares its power with him.
  • He uses his tendrils as a way to intimidate Noah.
  • Slenderman is "Slender Walking".
  • It is now believed that Noah and the everymanHYBRID crew have a similar connection to Slenderman.
  • Why both Slenderman and the Observer are stalking Noah still remains to be explained.

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