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List of Slenderman appearances in EverymanHYBRID

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  • ... (He appears in the earlier videos, but it's impossible to differentiate between Real Slendy and Fake Slendy)
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sleep Lab Part 1
  • Joke's Over
  • Jeff
  • .-
  • Reunion.
  • Congratulations Magus!.avi
  • Ashen Waste
  • "Damsel" [Very minor appearance in hospital window]
  • December & early January
  • The Hidden Videos [Shadow in the room]
  • May & June [Up in the trees]
  • The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's back)
  • Noah
  • Jessie [discussed]
  • Consensus
  • Not dead yet
  • The property

The EverymanHYBRID crew has caught the Slenderman on video on several occasions. During the video "...", it was revealed that they had been having somebody dress up as the Slenderman for some of their videos (see: Fake Slendy). Their first known encounter with the real Slenderman occurred during Episode 6 - Healthy Eating, when the Slenderman appears in Evan's house directly behind the crew. When the crew rush to investigate, the Slenderman is nowhere to be found, confusing them since there is no obvious escape route. After their initial contact, the crew begins exhibiting many of the symptoms associated with having contact with the Slenderman. He makes another overt appearance in the video Joke's Over, where he appears behind Vince and Evan. He later appears in December & early January when the crew is retreating from the grave of Vince's cat; he is silhouetted by an outdoor house light and the footage freezes and distorts when it settles on him.

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