Slender Man Is A Crappy Roommate is YouTube a video created by the user TheCP2F. It is a short comedy sketch (akin to much of their works) and was posted on October 24th, 2011.

The video shows three roommates. One boy named "Garrison" (although that may just be his character) walks in saying he's had quite a rough day at work, to which Todd becomes annoyed due to him ruining his concentration to write a poem about Godzilla eating a panda. Garrison then begins to tell a story about how a bird flies in from the bathroom, then he pauses mid sentence and both note that the video has become distorted. It is then revealed to be a video shoot, and they look at Slender Man (their roommate) whom has entered the living room.

Due to his existence, he is causing the camera to distort. This frustrates them, with Garrison trying to ask him nicely to leave, and Todd angrily proclaiming for him to get back in the closet. The director walks in and tries to console Todd back to good spirits, also stating that Slender Man is an equal roommate (a factor that bewilders Todd). Slender Man then teleports in behind the group, which frustrates the entire team, the director laying into him as he had just stuck up for him, and Todd getting angry and yelling at him, demanding to know what's so interesting he "just stands there". The director cuts the video at this point.


Slender Man Is A Crappy Roommate

Slender Man Is A Crappy Roommate


  • On the YouTube channel for TheCP2F, this video is their highest viewed video, in approx of 35,000 views when this page was written (April 4th 2012). Their next highest rated video is only %7 of the approx of 35,000.
  • Slender Man never moves on camera (aside from hanging his head down in sadness or shame), although it is clear that there is a person in the suit.
  • Slender Man is only a little taller than the guys in the room.
  • Slender Man is actually played by the same actor playing the director, using a crop/matte technique to edit him into the picture.