Slender Mode/'Mod is a remake of Mark Hadley's Slender: The Eight Pages created by FlyingPie.

It is set in a greyscale (black and white) map with ambient music beginning before the 1st note is collected. The design of the game is more in 2D than 3D.

The Game is still in its trial mode, but has been praised by critics and gamers to be a lot creepier then The Eight Pages. However it seems to be easier than The Eight Pages


The aim of the game is to collect all 8 pages before Slenderman gets you. Pages are scattered around a number of landmarks. these include...

  • The Ruined House
  • The Trio of Tunnels
  • The Bathroom
  • The Ruined Station
  • The Rock Circle
  • The Cemetery
  • The Playground
  • The Willow Tree

The pages are brightly lit, so they are easy to spot from a distance.

The map is supposed to be double the size than the map in Slender: The Eight Pages. (It is surrounded by a huge brick wall).


  • You play as a female character in this game.
  • There is a glitch where you'll sometimes see the Slender Man, but you won't die. This will be fixed in later versions to avoid cheating.
  • The girl you play as seems to get tired easily when sprinting and will breathe heavy whenever tired rather than the Eight pages version. This could be caused by Slender sickness or by Slender Man himself.
  • One of the pages you collect shows a drawing of Slender Man holding hands with a little girl.
    • It could be possible that the girl holding hands with Slender Man in this page is the girl from Elementary or the girl you play as. The picture also shows the Slender Man with his tentacles out.
    • This drawing is also one of the major inspirations for the creation of ChaosWizard13's "Vermilion".
  • There is a grave that marks "Here lies Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg" the famous YouTube lets player; PewDiePie and a known player of Slender, who was killed by Barrels. (Pewdie's nemesis)
  • In the bathroom area there is a broken light that flickers on and off rapidly which makes the bathroom easily noticible from far away.
  • The pages are easier to see (they glow in the dark).
  • It is not possible to escape, once all eight pages are collected you just run around until the Slender Man catches you which he will.
  • The jumpscare music when you see the Slender Man is different.
  • The Slender Man has a new model, he has claws, he is shorter, has a longer tie, his tie is black instead of red (in some games Slender Man had a red tie).
  • One of the pages reads, "BEHIND YOU". When collected, if you look behind you, Slender Man will be right there, but will instantly disappear the next second. This is just for scares and will not kill you.
  • The Slender Man can't actually turn the player around, like in the original. This is one of the reasons why this game is easier to complete.
  • The Pages are not randomised like in the original. This is another reason why this game is easier to complete.