The Journal

Sebastian's Journal is a book that contains forbidden knowledge relating to Slender Man and the Collective, and relates to an unknown event that should not be known about according to The Observer. The Journal is currently in the possession of the Slender man. The contents of the book are currently unknown, though HABIT tells Noah it is his only hope for his survival.

The Journal itself has not yet appeared on camera in TribeTwelve outside of The Observer's distorted messages and very little is currently known about it.

The Journal is sought after by both The Observer and Noah Maxwell. According to Firebrand it is Noah's only chance at survival, while The Observer has asked Noah to retrieve it for him, as he claims it is 'untouchable'.

Contents Edit

At the moment, little is known as to exactly what The Journal contains. It was hinted by The Observer in the video Interruption that the book contains forbidden knowledge somehow linked to the Nazis and a historic event in history that was erased from history. This is because all accounts of it, except for this journal, were destroyed and all witnesses were killed.

Powers Edit

In Severance, HABIT claims that the Journal acts as a 'pope bubble' or 'bullet proof vest' in that The Observer, Slender Man and the rest of the Collective cannot harm the one who possesses it. The book does not protect against projectiles, however, unlike the Ark of the Covenant that is mentioned in the Bible and The Torah that made the army that possessed it virtually unstoppable.

Writing and WWIIEdit

The Journal was written by a man named Sebastian, a Nazi of the Third Reich who worked on a confidential project, possibly with HABIT and of yet we know nothing about it. Inside the Journal, it can be assumed that there is information about it, though this can not be officially confirmed yet.

It was written over the course of a big event that was not documented by historians, and likely contains information about that event.


  • The Observer has, multiple times, demanded that Noah retrieve the book and hand it over to the Collective.
  • The Journal seems to protect Noah's Grandfather from the Slender Man and/or the Collective.
  • Sebastian, the author of the journal, is hinted to be a Nazi soldier. According to Mary Asher, the journal belonged to a Nazi Soldier and was written in German.
  • Observer says that if Noah gives him the The Journal they will stop chasing after Noah, but according to Firebrand it is Noah's only chance at survival, means that if Noah give him the Journal Noah's life will be at risk.

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