Sebastian Kraus is the deceased author of the Journal, which contains forbidden knowledge about the Collective and the Slender Man himself. He is mentioned briefly in TribeTwelve.

Very little is known about this man other than that he wrote the Journal over the course of a huge event that has not been documented by historians, and that he is the vessel for Swain. It is unknown exactly who he was, or how he died. Thus far he has only been mentioned a few times.

Nazis, The World War and 'The Project' Edit


Hitler as seen in a distorted Observer message


According to HABIT, Sebastian was a Nazi that was worked on a confidential Nazi project. He wrote in a Journal frequently, and that Journal is now in the Hands of Karl Maxwell, Noah's Grandfather. HABIT claims to have aided the Nazis in this unknown project in TribeTwelve's Severance

Though it cannot be confirmed or denied, he is most likely the Nazi that Karl saw being 'snatched away' by the Slender Man, as that would explain how Karl obtained the Journal.

Relation to HABIT, Slender Man and Tribe TwelveEdit

This Journal, according to HABIT, has special powers and acts as a 'Bullet Proof Vest' against the Observer and/or Slender Man. It is likely to be highly sought after by Noah.

Trivia Edit

  • The Observer mentioned that Karl and Sebastian met briefly.

Speculation Edit

  • As HABIT admitted he worked with the Nazis, it is very likely that Sebastian and HABIT met at some point in time

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