Runner is a term for a person being stalked and observed by the Slender Man and/or one of his Proxies

The life of a RunnerEdit

Runners often go out and purchase cameras to document their experiences after their first sighting of Slender Man, or start out making a YouTube series about fitness, a tribute to a fallen loved one, or the like, only to find themselves inevitably in danger from forces that are beyond their control. 

Proxies often leave clues for runners to put together, either about their past, the location of a missing loved one, or the truth about a past event that was meant to be resolved. Some Proxies, such as the Observer, derive more sadistic pleasure from holding information above a desperate Runner's head, while some simply follow their Master's orders and carry out specific tasks. A runner sometimes encounters listening devices, such as the device from TribeTwelve, or information scattered in different places, such as the tapes from MarbleHornets

Active RunnersEdit

The Runners that are most popular, and are thought to be still active in their individual YouTube ARGs are listed below

Runners thought to be Dead/MIAEdit

The following is a list of runners from the top ARGs that are missing in action, and are dead until proven otherwise

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