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Noah Maxwell (real life name Adam Rosner) is the main protagonist in the series Tribe Twelve (Created by Adam Rosner). Noah originaly created the TribeTwelve YouTube account as part of a project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel for his Religious Studies class before his teacher cancelled the project. Because of the cancellation, he converted his YouTube page, TribeTwelve, into a memorial for his cousin, Milo Asher. Noah uploaded the only video that he had of Milo as submissions from a tape when they had last seen each other one weekend in May of 2008. After viewing the videos on the tape, Noah realized that a strange man appears in the videos.

Noah also started being monitored and attacked by a strange entity known as the Observer, who is a member of a proxy organization known as the Collective. Upon the end of the first season, an alternate version of himself was revealed to be a Proxy addressed by the name "Firebrand".

For a complete account of the events of the series, see: TribeTwelve.

Trivia Edit

  • Noah Maxwell is Jewish.
  • Noah lives in Florida.
  • The amount of money in Noah's suitcase at this point is $3.50.
  • Noah Maxwell currently is in college.


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