Not to be confused with Milo Asher/Mr. Scars from TribeTwelve.

Milo is the main protagonist turn secondary antagonist of Always Watching.

Incorporation into Plot Edit

Milo is a local news cameraman who has a crush on his coworker and reporter Sara. After watching several tapes left behind inside an abandoned house, he and his coworkers Sara and Charlie become the target of a faceless entity, known as The Operator. He becomes marked with a mysterious symbol, which starts to give him irrational behaviors. Further into the film, the trio begin to investigate an incident that left several family members dead and a house burnt down; albeit fleeing from The Operator. This causes The Operator to grow more attracted to them. Inevitably, the trio makes a last stand in a cabin in the middle of the woods. After Milo commits suicide via hanging, The Operator forces Milo's corpse to rise and murder Sara and Charlie. The Operator then vanishes, and Milo's corpse falls back to the floor, dead once again.