The Matheson Farmstead is a location in Slender: The Arrival. It serves as the main setting of the game's seventh chapter, Homestead.

Layout Edit

The main house is located at the front of the property. It is a two story house with accommodations for a family. Towards the left of the main house is a barn for tools and storage. Behind said barn is a Silo and a path way to two separate area's, a cellar, a graveyard and chapel. The silo holds a large amount of grain while the cellar was used for cold storage. Behind the Silo is a recreational area where a shed, tree house and what may have been a secondary house. The chapell is located right next to this area however it must be accessed through the cornfield via a locked gate. The graveyard takes up a large amount of the land while thechpel is located in the middle. The chapel seems to be used as a play area for the proxy Charlie Matheson Jr.. This area also leads to the house for a complete circle.


The house was built at one point to house the Matheson family during the early years of Oakside. During this time the family in particular the kids were stalked by Slender Man. The Matriarch of the family was aware of these events and documented them in her journal and wrote to her sister who lived across the pond. At that point several children went missing and she eventually passed on. Generations later young Charlie began the cycle again only to succumb to the being. After this, his father Charles began neglecting his duties and the farm became disheveled along with his wife Diane leaving him. It's sole resident in the Chapter Homestead is a proxified Charlie who uses it to stalk CR.

Known InhabitantsEdit

Frieda MathesonEdit

Frieda Matheson moved from across the pond with her family to set a new life on the farm. During this time she began to notice the strange entity who stalked her children and began a crusade to drive it away. Ereclting a chapel behind her house and praying to the lord to drive it from her home. Despite this Slender Man took several children sending her heart into darkness and she died at the age of 85.

Charles MathesonEdit

Charles Matheson was the father of Charlie and husband to Diane. He cared for his son like any father would however when his son was kidnapped he fell into a state of dismay. Devoting his time to finding his son, his wife eventually left him and he began to slip into depression. Charles eventually met his fate when the Matheson household was burnt down, caused by arson. Aged 47, he died of smoke inhalation.