Alex Kralie's Marble Hornets trailer (Season 2 DVD extra)

Alex Kralie's Marble Hornets trailer (Season 2 DVD extra)

Alex's trailer for the film

Marble Hornets
 was a film that was written and directed by Alex Kralie in 2006. Due to unusual circumstances, Alex had a change of heart and cancelled the project. Details of the movie itself are highly limited, though the number of tapes involved are numerous. When Alex canceled the project, he insisted that the tapes all be burned, though his friend Jay insisted that he take possession of the unwanted tapes. After that, the tapes disappeared into Jay's closet, forgotten until he found them again 3 years later. Jay then began uploading footage from the shooting to his YouTube channel, before embarking on his own investigation.


Tim, Sarah, and Brian were tight friends in a small town high school. When Brian moves to the city to attend college, this circle is broken and he breaks up with his girlfriend Sarah. Though Brian should be enjoying his new life, memories of what he's left behind haunt him. Eventually, Brian returns home; realizing his friends felt abandoned by him, Brian feels alone. Brian must mend the relationships he has broken and regain the trust of those closest to him. Jay has not spoken highly of the quality of the plot.

Jay was asked why the movie was called Marble Hornets, and his only response was that he couldn't remember perfectly, but it probably had to do with a small sculpture of a marble hornet which came into play at some important part of the film. He went on to explain that Alex's family had many small sculptures decorating their house when Alex was growing up, and the marble hornet was likely drawn from that experience.

Cast and CrewEdit

Writer: Alex Kralie
Director: Alex Kralie
Producer: Alex Kralie
Camera: Seth, Jay, Alex
Assistant: Jay
Script Supervisor: Jay
Brian: Brian
Tim: Tim
Sarah: Sarah

Memorable QuotesEdit

Brian: I don't know. This town just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. I missed it so much when I was in college. But now that I'm back… I just feel like a depressed teenager all over again, stuck in a loop of unhappiness.
Tim: Maybe you've grown up.
Brian: I don't know. Maybe this town has grown up.
Tim: Maybe it has.

Tim: Whenever I'm around other people, I feel like I'm wearing a mask to hide who I really am.

Fate of the ProjectEdit

During the course of Marble Hornets production, Alex became increasingly paranoid and his behavior began to change dramatically. He began leaving the tape on all the time, especially trained on himself, and he seemed to believe he was being followed or tracked by someone or something. Indeed, many of the Entries include brief glimpses of a white-faced, suited figure with no facial features who matches the description of The Slender Man.

Alex became more and more irritable and frightened until he finally cancelled the project entirely, nearly burning the tapes and erasing all his work. Luckily, his close friend Jay convinced him not to, and Jay took over custody of the multitudinous tapes. Three years later, the forgotten tapes were found by Jay and he has begun watching through them to find out just why Alex cancelled his project. Those pieces of abnormality or unexplained strangeness are uploaded by Jay to his YouTube account as The Entries.

It was eventually revealed that Jay forgot due to the fact that the night he got the tapes he was attacked by Alex and The Operator, and subsequently suffered amnesia. Additionally, Tim and Jay would later find that Alex actually did burn some of the tapes in holes near Rosswood Park. Luckily, Tim and Jay found that some tapes continued working despite being exposed to the elements for years and having been in a fire.

It was never made clear why Alex was targeted, however Tim may have inadvertently brought The Operator to the shooting, as he was being stalked.

Additional NotesEdit

  • The 1:36 mark in the trailer is the footage from Entry #7.
  • Tim is saying he feels like he's "wearing a mask to hide who I really am."  This could be a reference to him becoming Masky.