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The Operator symbol, and MarbleHornets' unofficial symbol


June 20, 2009


MarbleHornets Youtube, totheark Youtube, MarbleHornets Twitter


62 Entries with 2 half entries, 30 accompanying videos



MarbleHornets (abbreviated MH) is a Slenderman-based Youtube series/ARG. It was the first Slenderman ARG to be created, and set the trend for those that followed, as well as bringing Slenderman to a wider audience and influencing canon. It is the leader of the Big Three and chiefly responsible for shaping the modern Mythos. MH is based around the filmings of Jay, known as Entries. To date, there are 62 entries, along with two ".5" entries, one anonymous ##### entry and 30 accompanying IG videos from the series' unknown antagonist, totheark.

Origin and History

MH gains its name from Alex's film project, Marble Hornets. The early entries in the series are clips from the filming tapes used in creating the Marble Hornets film. Alex ended the project due to seeing slenderman(known in MH as The Operator) frequently, and handed the tapes over to his friend and MH narrator Jay. Alex told Jay to burn the tapes, but, being a good friend, Jay did not and instead posted them on Youtube. Alex disappeared afterwards.

Early entries consisted of tapes from the Marble Hornets film and of those taken by Alex who obsessively recorded himself in order to capture Slenderman stalking him. Eventually, the entries turn to videos taken by Jay, cataloging his efforts to discover Alex's whereabouts and unravel the mystery surrounding The Operator.

Over time, Jay follows leads to old buildings, former homes, etc, but generally finds little to nothing. He begins to encounter two figures- Masky, the video series' Proxy, and The Operator itself, who seemingly work together to antagonize Jay and separate him from Alex. Jay continues into the mystery willingly placing himself in danger to find the problem.

Some videos recieve cryptic responses from a separate Youtube channel called totheark, which makes threats, predictions, and statements concerning the goings-on of the entries as they progress.


  • Alex Kralie - Director of the Marble Hornets film, and victim to Slenderman's stalking. Alex starts in season 1 lost after having wanted to burn the tapes from his college film called "Marble Hornets", however in Season 2 it is shown that Alex may be one of the biggest enemies Jay has.
  • Jay - Uploader of the series' entries. Jay is running constantly to try and locate what has happened to all the members of the film. Jay wants to uncover the truth and gets dragged into something sinister...
  • Jessica - A young woman who appears in season 2. She is the roommate of Amy and is currently in the hands of an unknown fate.
  • totheark - Mysterious entity or person who uploads replies to the entries. The identity of the person is unknown.
  • Tim - Marble Hornets film actor. Is actually Masky: a Proxy who stalks Alex and probably Jay. Apparently does the work for Slenderman, but it is unknown what his motives are.
  • Hoody - another proxy just like Tim, Hoody is an entity working with the previous mentioned and stalking Jay and Alex. His identity is currently a complete mystery.
  • Slenderman - Known as the Operator.




Style and Canon Influence

MH, being the first Slenderman ARG, set several trends emulated or made use of by future ARGs. Every entry opens with a black screen and white wording for an introduction, which was borrowed for use in TribeTwelve.

MH created canon by introducing noise and video distortion when looking at Slenderman or in its vicinity- this was solidified by its usage in TribeTwelve, EverymanHYBRID, MLAndersen0, and DarkHarvest00. MH, however, is unique in that it only uses this distortion selectively- it sometimes appears heavily and other times not at all.

The idea of a Proxy, in MH's case likely that of Masky and Hoody, was lifted, used and termed by DarkHarvest00, in the form of their Unknown Proxy, as was the use of a antagonist's Youtube account (MH's totheark and DH's KindVonDerRitter.) The idea of a proxy was also used in TribeTwelve as the Observer, but it is much more of a hive-mind than a single entity.

Some symbolism created by MH is included in TribeTwelve and DarkHarvest00, such as the Operator symbol.

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