is the first Entry of the Marble Hornets ARG.




"The following clips are raw footage excerpts from Alex Kralie, a college friend of mine."

--First words shown by MarbleHornets.

The video depicts scenery of buildings, streets and nature. The video goes on to explain that in 2006, a college student named Alex Kralie began shooting a college film project entitled Marble Hornets. During the process of filming, the cast and crew became increasingly irritable, especially Alex. The film was canceled before it could be finished, due to "unworkable conditions." Alex bid his friend, and the video's protagonist Jay to burn the tapes immediately. Jay kept them in storage instead; however, Alex made him promise never to mention them again. In June of 2009, Jay came across them and decided to look through them. The tapes were unlabeled and thus unsorted. Jay began to upload any peculiar footage from that point on.


Jay began to watch the tapes years after the fact because he, as user "Ce gars" on the SomethingAwful forums, came across a thread about Slender Man. For some reason, it reminded him of the tapes again.


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