Entry #5 is the sixth entry of the MarbleHornets ARG
Entry 5-1

Entry 5-1




The clip contains Jay filming Alex in a gazebo next to a dry river in the woods while discussing locations for Marble Hornets, which has yet to be filmed. Throughout the tape, small visual tearing occurs as well as low, guttural audio distortions which block out any other sound. The noise occurs randomly without warning. The clip moves to a later scene of discussing the flat, thinned out border of the forest, where the audio continues to distort, and the characters first refer to the Tower, a large, red structure used for an unknown purpose. 


  • This is the first entry that makes use of the heavy audio distortion that is later attributed to the Operator
  • Due to this entry involving the MarbleHornets film project, this places the entry early in the chronological order of events.


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