Entry #4 is the fifth entry of the MarbleHornets ARG.
Entry 4-1

Entry 4-1




The clip depicts Alex walking at night in a child's playground for an unknown reason. The clip has no audio, and has similarities to Entry #1. Jay suspects the audio was removed by Alex himself. A swing set that begins swinging by itself frightens Alex, and the Operator appears briefly in the side of the camera. Alex runs away, looking around to see if the Operator was still there but does not see him. The Operator appears to be moving in this clip, as if walking forward.


  • Based on Alex's behaviour regarding the Operator, it is likely that he is unaware of who or what it is at this point in time.
  • The Operator moves at a normal pace before disappearing, which is unlike later entries where it appears suddenly in place before disappearing once again.


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