Entry 3-0

Entry 3-0

Entry #3
is the fourth entry of the MarbleHornets ARG.




Jay begins to notice that most of the tapes are not related to Marble Hornets and are mostly Alex videotaping himself. Key clips from twelve unsorted tapes depict Alex crumpling and tearing paper, walking through the woods at night, shopping for camera supplies, using his personal computer, driving, and acting furtively paranoid. Jay claims the tapes have no substantial information. The purpose of uploading the clips was to emphasize that Alex was filming himself irrationally for extended periods of time.


  • The tapes that Alex picks up are probably a 6-pack of 60-minute DVC Premium HD tapes. The packaging is not perfectly the same, being wrapped in three groups of two rather than two groups of three, but the packaging colors and text are exactly the same as far as we can tell, right down to the yellow 6 on the top right, and the pricing is in the appropriate range.
  • The phone going off could have been an alarm set to remind Alex of a particular time, rather than a phone call. This would account for his behavior — shutting off the alarm rather than answering the phone, and then going straight to replacing the tape.
    • This is potentially an alarm intended to let him know when his current tape was to run out.


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