Entry 2

Entry 2

Entry #2 is the third Entry of the Marble Hornets ARG.


first encounter?


Jay's text alerts the viewer that he found this footage after a few hours more of watching. Due to the events, he assumes that it takes place prior to Entry #1.

Alex is driving at night, and he begins describing how, whilst walking his dog Rocky 20 minutes prior (about midnight, by his admission), they encountered a "really tall guy" standing in the middle of the street. Rocky became spooked and refused to press on, and convinced Alex to return home.

Soon, Alex returned to see if he could find the individual again, but even after getting out of the car, had no luck. He was just about to describe what he felt about the incident more until the tape ended abruptly. Jay's closing text concludes that this being sounds like the one he encountered in Entry #1.


  • This is possibly not the first time that Alex saw the Operator. It is possible that Entry 12 was the first encounter, and that Alex simply did not remember (or did not want to mention remembering) the events of 12 in this video.
    • The fact that he goes back with a camera to investigate a man standing on the side of the road would tend to support the idea that Alex already has an inkling that the Operator is something strange.
  • There is a possible Operator sighting in this video at 00:52, though this sighting is not widely agreed upon.
  • The cutting-out of the tape could be either:
    • The time on the tape running out (Alex mentions in the entry that he has a "little bit of time left on this tape").
    • Evidence of an Operator encounter interfering with the camera.


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