The entrance that Jay found in #58

The Maintenance Building is a structure and location in the MarbleHornets series. It is a dilapidated building with lots of debris and large rusted machines that look like ventilation devices. Inside, there are a lot of tubes, corroded wall paint, and rust everywhere. It is also underground without windows because it is always dark. As of Entry #58, it appears to be the maintenance shack of the second hospital building.

So far the room has appeared five times: in Entry #22, Entry #23, Entry #58, and Entry #60. In Entry #22 the tape shows Alex and Seth a cameraman who appears sparingly in the old tapes and wandering a ruined building for unknown reasons. Audio distortions happen during the entire tape, and visual distortions happen rapidly. Seth is grabbed and yanked off camera as the footage distorts into madness with no proper audio and a deformed face appears in the frazzled static. When the tape cuts back in, Alex is inside of what is assumed someone else's house, and is talking about how Seth is gone. Alex states that he doesn't know where Seth is being unable to find him, and that Seth, Brian, Sarah, and Jay are all gone. He can't remember anything that happened at all.

In Entry #23, Jay is wandering through Brian's house and stumbles upon the building somehow. He wanders it momentarily, looking for the source of a calm deep voice, only to be assaulted by The Operator personally for the first time and the camera and audio fail. When he wakes up at his apartment he finds the camera completely ruined, and the tape all that's left.

Entry #58 finally gives a precise location: the maintenance building of the burned out hospital. Jay is led there by Hoody (whom he is chasing) and finds multiple pump machines and various objects. There appears to be a maintenance tunnel in the building which may lead to the room where Seth was attacked, but Jay is forced to turn back as Tim is aggravated and neither man has a flashlight.

In Entry #60, Jay goes into the tunnel found in the building.  While searching, he hears footsteps in the building above him (most likely Hoody). After searching the maze of tunnels, he finds several of Tim's medical documents, as well as the Operator doll from Brian's house, both of which he takes with him. Very soon after the Operator appears and chases him out of the tunnel. Somehow Jay manages to escape, but has the memory loss that comes with encounters from the Operator. He claims that he never wants to return to the tunnel again; so far, there have been no more visits to the building.


  • The maintenance tunnel that Jay finds in Entry #58
  • Entrance to the tunnels
  • Dried blood on a wall. Seth has the camera, Alex is the one wiping the blood. The blood is dry.
  • An unknown brick structure that resembles a furnace. With the night vision off, there's blood on it.
  • The entire room is covered in pumps, valves, pipes, gauges, and metal rods. This is a shot of the ceiling directly above Seth
  • The inside of the device featured on the top of the page. The tubs inside and around the device connect everywhere all over the room, and there's multiple of them all over.
  • Another shot of another one of the devices like the previous image. This one appears to be ribbed with metal rings.
  • The face that appears in the dark room when Seth gets attacked. It may be assumed he is pulled into the odd devices around the room.
  • The floor appears to be dirt, with pieces of concrete and pain littering the floor, and metal rods laying about.
  • Much of the building is derelict, and many doors are missing with wire mesh all over the place.
  • An image of The Operator that Jay is attacked by. He appears to be inside the room at all times during the visits of this building. He's not seen by Seth and Alex on camera, but he is standing directly behind Jay when this image gets burned into the camera.
  • This building has two floors as far as we know, potentially more.
  • The walls are mostly corroded and molded, leaving much of the concrete and wood falling apart.
  • One of the odd ventilation machines