List of Totheark's videos and an analysis of each.


Response to Entry #9

Analysis: When you count the dashes (vertically or horizontally) in each group, you get the numbers 12, 15, and 11, which, when replaced with letters, are LOK.  Put this with the word "CLOSELY" at the end, you get "LOK CLOSELY", or "LOOK CLOSELY"


Response to Entry #10

Analysis: When you take all the letters that are capitalized, you get "LISTEN".  Also, the audio is the missing audio from Entry #10.

The word "stillnesss" has three S's, but it is unknown what this means.


Response to Entry #11

Analysis: When the audio is played in reverse and sped up, a girl's voice can be heard calling the name Alex.

The lights seem to resemble the dash-symbol that has appeared several times.


Response to Entry #12

Analysis: If you count the zeros in the rows at the beginning, you get 26, 5, 18, and 15, which, when replaced with letters, you get "ZERO," which is the number you dial for the operator.

Right before the scene with the rain cuts out, the word "OPERATOR" appears at the bottom left of the screen.

Also, at the end there are letters mixed with zero's.  The letter spells out "THEREWASMRE", or "THERE WAS M0RE".


Response to Entry #13

Analysis: At the beginning, four words flash: "RAT", "HE", "ORE", and "TOP".  When unscrambled, they spell "THE OPERATOR".

The footage shows where Jay went to during Entry #13.

At the very end, the words "WHEREIS" and "THEARK" briefly appear.


Response to Entry #14

Analysis: On the bottom-left of the screen, the Greek letter sigma appears. The letter is in it's lower case, and it the form it only appears in at the end of Greek words.

As of now it's unknown what the code means.  However, the words at the end that say "bleed more" could be hint towards Slenderman causing Alex's head to bleed.


Response to Entry #15 - Interview with Tim

Analysis: The words "Tick Tock" at the beginning could mean that time is running out.  Supporting this is the theory that the numbers that appear could be a binary clock counting down.  The letter sigma fades in at the top right corner at 0:11 and disappears at 0:18.

The footage is from Entry #7.  The audio sounds like a distorted voice saying "leave now."


Response to Entry #16

The footage is from Entry #16.  The audio sped up sounds like "Alex, Brian" or maybe "Alex, run".

The words at the end say "SEE YOU".


Response to Entry #17

Analysis: The footage is from the 1966 film "Silent Snow, Secret Snow."

At the end the words "COME BACK" appear, and then very briefly the words "FIND ME" flash.  More than likely telling Jay to come back to the house and find someone or something.


Response to Entry #18

Analysis: The video appears to be the sinking of Pearl Harbor, possibly hinting that Jay is sinking down deeper into the mystery.  Also, the face that fades in at the end appears to be Tim's.

The audio slowed down and reversed sounds like a Naval song.


Response to Entry #19

Analysis: The footage shows where Jay disappeared to during the events of Entry #19; back to Brian's house.

The words at the end "found you forever" could mean that Masky now knows where Jay lives.


Response to Entry #20

Analysis: The footage shows the red tower from Entry #5, Totheark's way of telling Jay to go there.

At the end, many random words appear among the zeros.  When you take the first letter of each, you get "Precedestrees", which unscrambled makes "Deeper Secrets".

The audio is in Morse code, translating to "Operator".  Also, a red "X" appears at the end.


Response to Entry #22

Analysis: The word at the end unscrambles to "Awaiting your arrival".  That, plus the words "return to us" may be telling Jay to return to the house.

It is unknown at this time what the footage could mean.


Additional message after Entry #22

Analysis: The footage seems to be from Brian's house; a figure (more than likely The Operator ) walks past, then a door opens and slams shut.  The words "There are doors unopened" at the end more than likely mean that Jay missed something there.


Response to Entry #23

Analysis: As said in the video, it's possible that Alex did film the footage.  The words that appear in the mask "stay home" and "be alone" could be warning Jay to stay away from Alex.

The word "Regards" at the end could hint a link between the two videos.


Response to Entry #34

Analysis: The footage appears to be a torn-up photograph of Alex, symbolizing what the text says:  "you are broken" and "you cannot be fixed".  This is most likely a hint towards Alex's growing insanity.\

The flashing black frames are Morse code.  When translated you get "Must" and "Die.


Response to Entry #35

Analysis: The audio, when undistorted, says: "Enjoying watching you suffer.  Do you know me? I will always know you."  Since this entry came right after Tim was unmasked, this could be Totheark's way of saying that he/she isn't Tim.

The footage is from underwater, with someone above (TTA most likely) peering in.


Response to Entry #36

Analysis:  The first page of the footage shows the Operator key on an old phone.  After that the word "Ring" backwards can be seen briefly.  The rest of the footage is too distorted to make sense of.

The audio is of Alex's voicemail.

The numbers that flash at the end translate to "LIES".


Response to Entry #39

Analysis:  The first part of the footage is from a Soviet science experiment on reviving animal, more specifically a breathing dog's lung. (this may be a possible hint towards Rocky's fate).  The numbers translate to "AMIAPROPHET".  The second part of the video shows Jay asleep in his car, from the point of view of the man in Entry #39.

The song in the background is a distorted version of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

The description translates to "seeyousawyou"


Response to Entry #40

Analysis:  The message "DID YOU SEE ME" could be referring to the fact that Hoody can be seen in the background in Entry #40.  The numbers at the end translate to "ALWAYS THERE".

The song in the background is a distorted piano piece.

The video's description translates to "Behind the curtain"


Response to Entry #41

Analysis: At the end, a binary code is shown, as it is, it makes no sense, but what some of it is reversed, it reads, HELIES. The angle of the fence boards are similar to slashes.

The footage features an old baby doll, with the 0(operator) key in it's left eye.

The text says, "Messages Everywhere", "Signs Everywhere", and "You Will Never Be Free"


Response to Entry #42

Analysis: The drawing with the Operator symbol for eyes could represent how Jay is blind to several things.  Also, the bench shown looks similar to the one by Alex's house.

The video's description translates to "54321".


Response to Entry #43

Analysis: Several distorted faces appear in the footage.  It's too distorted to make out who it is, but two of them appear to be Alex and Tim.  The scene with the brain has an arrow pointing to the part that enables speech.  Furthermore, the questions seem to hint amnesia.

When the distorted audio at the end is run through a spectrogram, the message "DO I HELP OR DO I KILL" appears.

The video description, maɪnəs sɛntrɔɪd, translates to Minus Centroid.


Response to Entry #46

Analysis: At the beginning, the zeros cover the words "I KNOW YOU'RE THERE". The first set of numbers translate to "SNIWTEHT"; backwards it's "THE TWINS".  When the second set is divided by three and reversed, you get "WONKUOYOD" and "DIDEHTAHW".  Backwards this translates to "DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID".  It's unknown what this refers to, although since the video was released around the time Alex was revealed to have went crazy, it could be a hint towards him supposedly killing the Marble Hornets cast.


Response to Entry #48


Response to Entry #49


Response to Entry #53


Response to Entry #54

Analysis: It would appear that Totheark is stating that he/she officially wants to kill Alex, meaning it could be someone Alex wronged in the past that wants revenge.

The numbers that appear translate to "NO CHOICE".  Also, when the audio at the end is run through a spectrogram, you get the message "TODAY IS YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY".  This could have to do with the fact that the video was uploaded of April 4, which is Alex's birthday.

The video's description translates to "ENDHIM".


Response to Entry #57

It is possible that the title could be a reference to the classroom footage, meaning a "school session".


Response to Entry #59


Response to Entry #60


Response to Entry #62

Analysis:  Each bit of text seems to be directed at a different member of the Marble Hornets crew: "WHO IS HE" could refer to Jay, "WHO ARE YOU" could refer to Tim, and "WHERE IS HE" could refer to Alex.  Slenderman also appears at the end, along with the message "FOLLOWS ALL"


Response to Entry #64

Analysis: The text at the beginning says "I SAW" and "You Abandoned Him" which means that TTA saw the events of Entry #64. It says "He is Searching" above the text "Alex is searching for you." In one frame, it says "Say Goodbye" over a distorted face. In the set of zeros, letters can be found spelling, when reversed, "Death" and "Watch."


Response to Entry #65

Analysis: The footage on the televisions are from various Marble Hornet videos.  The numbers at the end translate to "TRULYYOURFAULT" and "SHESOUTTHERE". It also contains footage of Jessica, indicating the message is referring to her.  A code was also put on the Marble Hornets Twitter shortly after the video's release, translating to "IAMWATCHING".

The video's description translates to "noeunitnoc", or "continue on" backwards.

Many fans think this video is strong evidence that Hoody is Totheark.


Response to Entry #68

Analysis: It is believed that the text in this video is meant to throw Alex off on Totheark's status.

The message written on the walls of the hospital translate the same way as in Surveillance, to "HE WILL PAY".

When the noise at the end is run through a spectrogram, you get the message "HAVE YOU MADE ME A LIAR????? OR IS HE GONE".  This is a reference to the video Decay, which was posted exactly a year prior to Decline.  In Decay, there's a message saying "TODAY IS YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY".  Both videos were posted on April 4th, Alex's birthday.  Since he survived his last birthday, it is presumed that this is what "HAVE YOU MADE ME A LIAR" means.  This message is also strong evidence that neither Hoody nor Masky is Totheark.

There are many similarities between Decay and Decline, such as the spectrogram message at the end and the scary face that pops up.


Response to Entry #74.


Response to Entry #76.


Response to Entry #79

MarbleHornets ChannelEdit

Entry #####Edit

"We will wait for you no more. Control is being taking away from you. From the start its been a game for us. Not anymore. I'm coming for you. And you will lead me... to the ark (totheark)."

A YouTube video from a channel not involved in the events interprets the message as this:

"We will wait for you no more. Control is being taken away from me. Totheark was full of calls. Not anymore. I'm coming for you. And you will lead me... to the ark."

-Message from the video

The video has multiple black and white shots of Masky, indicating that he is the one speaking the message. If the second interpretation is correct, the line "Control is being taken away from me" suggests that Tim was lucid when he made the video, making it not a threat, but a warning.

enttry #37Edit

Footage of Alex as a child celebrating a birthday, showing that the Operator may have been stalking him since then.

When the Operator appears, the date on the tape scrambles to numerous different dates.  Each one shown has had some kind of event, all of which are hinted to have had the Operator's involvement:

  1. 6/30/1900: In India, a cholera outbreak kills about 5,000 people.
  2. 7/10/1999: A massacre at OAU causes the deaths of 8 people and injuries of 11 more.
  3. 8/30/1891: Glenni William Scofield dies.
  4. 5/17/1988: Joseph Lee Saldana is murdered.
  5. 9/4/1991: Unknown
  6. 1/1/1992: An 18-year old girl from Canada goes missing.  She is later found dead.
  7. 2/29/1996: Faucett Flight 251 crashes and kills everyone on board.
  8. 12/31/1999: A plane is highjacked to free 2 Islam men.
  9. 3/3/1981: An assassin is sent to kill Pope John Paul II.
  10. 11/12/1993: H. R. Haldeman dies.
  11. 6/6/1944: The WWII Allied invasion of Normandy, France (possible reference towards TribeTwelve's events)
  12. 4/4/1991: A helicopter and plane collide over an elementary school, killing several people.

Additional Notes:Edit

Thanks to this channel for helping to decode the videos:

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