Kullman Mines is a location in Slender: The Arrival and the main setting of its third chapter, "Into The Abyss".

History Edit

Kullman Mines was built following a deal the Kullman Mining Company made with the Oakside Development Group. It brought many jobs to Oakside Park but simultaneously drove people to move away from the location. During its many years of operation, many workers at Kullman Mines heard strange crying noises coming from deep within the mines. Though many search parties were activated, the source was never found. Eventually, Kullman Mines was closed down and left abandoned.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kullman Mines is named after Cullman, Alabama - the hometown of one of the game's writers, Tim Sutton. Only replacing the 'C' with a 'K', the sound remains the same.
  • According to one of the loading screens in Slender: The Arrival, workers at the Mines kept hearing strange crying coming from inside the mines. Despite many search attempts, nobody was ever found.