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Kate as she appears in Slender: The Arrival Chapter 4.


Kate (last name unknown; possibly Milens or Hayes), The Chaser


Human, Proxy


Slender: The Arrival



Kate is the secondary antagonist in Slender: The Arrival, and unseen protagonist in Slender: The Eight Pages.

Slender: The Eight Pages

Kate is the (albeit unseen) player controlled character in Slender: The Eight Pages. According to Slender: The Arrival Kate and her friend CR had a habit of going into the forest frequently as children, flashlight in hand (thus why the player starts with the flashlight in the beginning of the game). They would spook themselves on purpose for fun. According to one of the notes, at some point he got lost in the dark, hearing Kate screaming. He eventually got lost and wound up at Kate's house, where she was sitting in the living room. CR tried to get her attention, but failed to do so, and went home.

From Kate's perspective, she was chased around the forest by Slender Man as she found notes on various landmarks.

In Slender: The Arrival

Kate has multiple appearances in the game. Between The Eight Pages and The Arrival, she appears to be in her late teens to early 20's.

Before the setting of the game, Kate and her friend, CR, always went out "ghost hunting" in the woods. They would hallucinate things and start running back to Kate's House. A few years later, Kate was found with a broken video camera, flashlight and a stash of weird drawings. She was soon taken to a psychiatric ward, and had tests done on her. She tried to explain to the doctors, but they would not believe her. A couple of years after the traumatizing experience, Kate was considered stable and sent back to her home. She spent her time with her mother, who soon passed away due to unknown reasons. Kate soon began seeing Slender Man again, and started to draw him more and more often.

Kate was also close friends with Lauren during their childhood, and the two of them would always play on the swing set outside her house. This is what prompts Lauren into investigating Kate's disappearance in the first place, which ultimately places her in mortal danger as the Slender Man starts attempting to kill her.

A video in Chapter 4: Flashback, shows Kate drawing Slender Man, and muttering that "He's here!" She tried her best to barricade the doors, but she soon found Slender Man already inside the house, and desperately tried to escape to her room. Slender Man was right behind her, and as soon as she saw him appear in her room she is either thrown out of her closed window by Slender Man, or she leaps through it as a last-ditch effort to escape. The tape ends with Lauren baffled.

In the exact day that the game takes place, Kate runs to the woods after fleeing from the video, but in vain as she was caught by Slender Man. She shrieked as loud as she could, making Lauren hear her from a distance. Lauren races to where the scream was, only to find nothing and be stranded near Oakside Park, where Lauren is then captured and teleported to various locations.

Chapter 6: Genesis (added in version 1.3) is a flashback, and confirms that Kate is the person in the original Slender: The Eight Pages.

The Chaser

Chaser... (1)

Kate, proxified as the Chaser.

Kate is soon found in the Kullman mining shafts chasing Lauren. At this point Kate has become a proxy to Slender Man known as "the Chaser". It is unknown what happened to her, but she now seems feral and wears a mask and has a black substance around her eyes and mouth with very pale skin, possibly due to residing in the mines. Her hoodie and hands are also heavily stained with blood; it is unknown whose blood it is. It appears that her eyes are very sensitive to light. She gets dazed when Lauren concentrates her flashlight's beam towards her face. She also appears to snarl and growl. She keeps chasing Lauren until Lauren finally gets on the elevator and escapes.
Normal Kate

A completely normal Kate, before she suddenly lunges towards Lauren in her Chaser form and brutally murdering her.

In Chapter 5: The Arrival, after Lauren gets knocked out by a proxified Charlie, Lauren wakes up in a room with him. After collecting a book, Charlie disappears, and the crying of Kate is heard. Lauren finds a normal Kate (unmasked and unhooded as well looking badly burned) crying in a corner. Lauren approaches Kate, only for her to turn back into the Chaser and kill Lauren .The last shot of the game shows Lauren's limp body being dragged away by either Charlie, Slender Man, or Kate.


  • Kate's last name is either Milens or Hayes. Her email is "", that could mean Kate Milens. Also her mother's name is Beth Hayes. However, it could also mean that Beth is possibly her stepmother.
  • The name "Chaser" is taken from the debug menu, as well as the official Patch 1.2 patch notes. The proxy is never referred to by name in the main game.
  • When the trailer was released, numerous viewers mistook the Chaser for Jeff The Killer, another popular internet legend. Like Jeff, the Chaser wears a white hoodie, black pants, and many people mistook the white mask to be Jeff's pale white, smiling face.
  • Parsec Productions seems to be planning a sequel to The Arrival. If it is made then Kate may return, however, if this does happen, it is unknown what might become of Kate.
  • In the movie Boogeyman 3, there is a mask similar to that of Kate's.


  • A promotional shot of Kate as the Chaser.
  • A closer look at the Chaser's mask.
  • The Chaser as she attacks Lauren.
  • Another shot of Kate, approaching the player.
  • Kate seen in the small monitor.Go to Kate
  • Kate retreating on the right, just after an attack.
  • Seconds before an attack.
  • Kate from a distance.
  • Close up of Kate in the basement.
  • Kate, before she is thrown out the window.
  • Close up of The Chaser.
  • Kate about to attack Lauren in the Steam Ending.

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