Kat was a minor character in the TribeTwelve series, and she is believed to be dead.


Kat was a friend of Sarah, and appears only in Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2. She is seen wearing an odd pair of goggles, and the three of them played video games and hung out, until later that night when Noah was covered in blood and holding a knife while laughing, under the influence of Slender Man, and leaves out of shame when he snaps out of it.

Death and SpeculationEdit

During the Valentines Day live stream, Noah received a call from Sarah. Sarah informed Noah that Kat was found dead of stab wounds and she blamed Noah due to the events of Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2. Sarah then told Noah that her neighbors saw a man with ripped clothes and a knife, which Noah denied with the alibi that he had been in class the last few nights, and would have been unable to be near Kat. Sarah then broke down crying, telling Noah that she had been seeing Slender Man as well, and hung up.

Noah confesses in Catharsis that he thinks he killed Kat, (due to reoccurring nightmares he had about murdering her) and at that point the Observer seems to have edited the video to display the word 'Correct'. This confirms Sarah's past assumptions, and leads the audience to believe Noah did in fact kill Kat. The most reasonable theory is that Noah was being influenced by the Slender Man and unconsciously killed Kat.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Kevin was found to be the Observer, it was speculated that Kat was the Observer.
  • Kat only appears once, but is mentioned in Valentines Day Live Stream (StickAM) and Catharsis.
  • In the Valentines Day Livestream, it was revealed that Noah had found Kat's goggles at his house.

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