This article discusses content originating from the ARG or ARE Marble Hornets and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
Characters and organizations discussed are portrayed by actors.
Jessica's first appearance is in Entry #27 where she is seen leaving her hotel room and checking her phone, but doesn't say anything.

In Entry #28, Jessica asks Jay what he's doing with the camera, where he responds that he is filming a documentary. She doesn't say much here, and leaves Jay to his business.

In Entry #30, Jay notes noises that have been coming from Jessica's room for a while now, and confronts her on it, only for her to say she is sleeping, and has not heard anything. Jay lies further saying his house is being renovated. In this entry, Jessica causes weird and subtle distortion when the camera rests on her.

In Entry #31, Jessica is asked about Rosswood Park by Jay and lies further about being relocated by his job. Jessica catches all these lies and confronts Jay for a moment, who surrenders and goes back to his room. Before he goes in, Jessica asks if he's okay, but Jay doesn't admit to anything.

In Entry #32, Jessica confronts Jay about how the two of them are the only ones she's seen in the hotel besides staff, and admits that she has lost a lot of memory and has no idea why she's here, the same symptoms that Jay is experiencing. Jay admits he will tell her everything and to gather her things, and Jessica leaves to do so. Jay stops to upload Entry #32 just in case something happens to him when he goes next door, and then heads to her room in Entry #33. In Entry #33, her room is empty save for a note that says "1102" with the 0 written with the Operator symbol, much as Alex has done before. When Jay returns to his room, Masky attacks them and Jay runs. He does not look for Jessica and refuses to return to search given being attacked.

This is the last time Jessica is seen in real time and not in old tape footage.

Entry #43 is the next time Jessica is mentioned. She is stated to be the roommate of Amy. Jessica is also contacted in Entry #44 by Alex who states that Amy is okay, and in Entry #47, Jay contacts Jessica and states that Alex has not in fact found Amy. By Entry #50 Jay calls Jessica to tell her to contact him if she needs anything. Entry #52 involves Jay and Jessica following Alex into the park. Jay in the video has watched the tape already, but is still going through with following Alex into the forest. After leading the two to some building in the woods, Alex reveals that there's a secret upstairs, but when Jay goes to investigate, it turns out to be a setup by Alex, now brandishing a gun, to kill Jay and Jessica. The two heard footsteps earlier in the woods, and it is revealed that Tim is behind Alex, who tackles Alex to the ground and allows Jay and Jessica to escape. A gunshot fires, but Jay does not investigate if anyone got shot. Jay sends Jessica to an undisclosed hotel. The two put all the tapes that Jay has taken along with the hard drive in Jay's room safe, which he programs with Jessica's last four phone number digits. Jay is awoken in the night by Jessica screaming, and rushes to her door to help. She doesn't respond, but worse than that The Operator suddenly appears in Jay's room and attacks him. Jay notes in the end he still has no leads on Jessica.

Entry #59 mentions Jessica during Tim and Jay's argument, where Tim argues to Jay that there is no conclusive evidence that Alex is behind her disappearance and argues that Jay's involvement with her is what doomed her to begin with.

Entry #76 is footage from a tape that Tim attempted to hide from Jay for an unknown reason. The camera is held by Hoody, who helps Masky take an unconsious Jessica out of the hotel and into the nearby woods. Tim leaves back toward the hotel, while Hoody stays to watch. Shortly after Jessica wakes up, Alex comes in and shoots his gun, causing Hoody to run. Alex tells Jessica that he will help her, and leads her through the woods to the The Tunnel. As she walks in, he points a gun at her, but Jessica tackles him. Hoody appears and starts beating Alex up, causing Jessica to run and get lost in the woods. Jessica spots the Operator and, mistaking him for a passerby, runs toward him and yells for help. As she gets close the camera massively distorts. The next clear shot is of Alex re-holstering his gun, Implying that he killed Jessica. The camera suddenly switches angles, and shows Jessica's unmoving body. The Operator then shows up and vanishes with her. Moments later, Tim walks on camera and removes his mask. Jay notes that it is very likely Tim was totally aware of this and has been lying the entire time. Tim argues the opposite and doesn't remember any of it.

In Entry #87, it is revealed that Jessica somehow survived her encounter with Alex in Entry #76. The details behind this are unknown, but it is stated that she has since begun taking medication much like Tim. She is unaware of Jay's death, and Tim lies about him moving, possibly to protect her. The conversation implies Tim may have admitted to her about being followed by The Operator. She also seems to be completely oblivious of the events that occurred to her.