This article discusses content originating from the ARG or ARE Marble Hornets and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
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Jessica May

Jessica Locke is a minor turned major character in the MarbleHornets ARG. Her first appearance is in Entry #27 as a side cameo and becomes a major plot point in Entry #28.

Jessica is the occupant of the room right next to Jay in the hotel after he wakes up from his seven month gap in his memory. She doesn't know Jay of the present due to the Operator's influence and her relation with Jay is told entirely through camera footage. Jessica seems to be privately bothered by her memory loss and insomnia. 

In Entry #87, it is revealed that Jessica somehow survived her encounter with Alex in Entry #76. The details behind this are unknown, but it is stated that she has since begun taking medication much like Tim. She is unaware of Jay's death, and Tim lies about him moving, possibly to protect her. The conversation implies Tim may have admitted to her about being followed by The Operator. She also seems to be completely oblivious of the events that occurred to her.


Jessica's Appearances


Jessica apparently puts on a happy demeanor but seems to be privately bothered by her memory loss and insomnia. She is also an assertive individual, perfectly willing to initiate confrontations, such as calling Jay out on his repeated change of stories. She seems observant and intelligent, deducing after observing his behavior that Jay may be suffering from the same memory loss that she had. One time she was seen talking on a cell phone while Jay was coming home with some supplies, this implies that she either still had contacts with the outside world or she was pretending to talk on the phone to have the opportunity to talk to Jay.


  • Jessica wakes up in the park
  • Alex finds Jessica
  • A distorted image of Jessica
  • Jessica, either unconscious or dead
  • Jessica's appereance in Entry #87

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