The Introduction Video shows Jay typing words detailing his conversation with Alex only to have Alex give in and finally hand him the footage from Marble Hornets, due to him feeling it was a waste for him to just lose all that footage. Afterwards, he becomes unnerved by Alex's rather extreme dislike for the tapes, and puts them away, forgetting about them for three years, which in the time span Alex moves away and Jay doesn't hear from him at all.

The First Tapes

Entry #1

Entry #1 starts with Jay noting he has noticed something unusual in the tapes. He decided to upload the data online for other opinions. The tape isn't footage of Marble Hornets, but rather is footage of Alex at home. Jay notes the audio in the tape has been cut, so he isn't sure if anything is said during the tape, and isn't entirely positive why Alex would have cut the audio in the first place. Regardless, Alex walks over to the window after killing the lights, and slowly looks out the window. He spots a tall figure standing outside, and dives back behind the curtain quickly to hide. The tape ends there, and Jay notes he may have missed other instances of this. He will be looking back through to see if he finds anything.

Entry #2

Jay finds a tape which appears to be Alex driving while talking. Jay believes it took place before Entry #1. In the tape, Alex states that he took his dog, Rocky, out for a walk, and he had gotten home late so it was really dark. As they were walking, they came across a tall man standing under a light in the road. Rocky began tugging at his leash, panicking and barking. Alex didn't know what to think, but decided to follow his dogs desire and head back home. He then states the reason he is in his car is because he went home, got his camera, and decided to drive out to the light to see if the guy is still there. He goes to the light, stops, gets out, and examines the area with his camera, but doesn't see anybody around anymore. He seems unusually nervous about it. Alex never states what he planned to do if the guy was still there, and he just drove to him with a camera. Regardless, the tape cuts out and it is assumed Alex just went home. Jay infers this was the same guy from the window of Entry #1.

Entry #3

By Entry #3, Jay starts realizing a lot of the footage is just Alex taping himself in everyday settings, and posts video of him taping himself driving, getting DVR tapes, and generally looking around his home like he's expecting something.

Entry #4

By Entry #4, the second indication of The Operator, Jay concludes Alex removed the audio from some of the tapes, as too many tapes are lacking audio for unexplainable reasons.

Entry #5

In Entry #5 he also picks up the fact that an unusual number of audio distortions (when audio is present) occur, and there is a lot of "visual tearing", which are consistent with numerous instances, but most are overall subtle or overlooked.

Entry #7-14

Entry #7 is the first indication to the audience that Alex is behaving off, as if he is worried about something, and Jay remarks someone was following Alex. Entry #9 further indicates Alex behaving off, and Jay comes to the conclusion that the figure following Alex must have been doing so before Marble Hornets stopped. Entry #14 disturbs Jay, as The Operator enters Alex's room and when Alex shows up on camera afterwards, blood is on his face,and at this point Jay decides to find and help Alex.

Jay's Search

Entry #15

Entry #15 is the first time that Jay puts something up online outside of the tapes from Alex, and meets with Tim, luring him under false pretense that he plans to finish Marble Hornets for a screen test. He asks Tim several questions involving Alex, showing that Tim didn't know Alex well, he knew him through Brian, and Tim notes that Alex was very hard and paranoid as a director. He also notes Alex had a handheld camera he always carried along with bags of tapes. To Jay's sadness, Tim doesn't know where Alex is, nor does he know where Brian is, but does tell Jay that dead animals were showing up in Alex's yard. Tim doesn't indicate remembering The Operator in any way, as it was a long time ago.

Entry #16

In Entry #16, Jay goes to a home he was given a tip anonymously that Brian would be there. The lights off and no answer, Jay enters through a back door finding the house in a mess. Calling for Alex and Brian, he can't seem to find either, and investigates the house. During his investigation after finding a few odd items, Jay collapses and coughs with no indication why, getting up moments later. He also finds a sink covered in blood during his investigation, a blanket in a closet with a water bottle, some tape covering a pipe oddly, a bottle of pills he takes with him, and the word "Bone" spray painted on a wall, along with multiple pieces of paper with odd phrases on them, and a bullet casing. He leaves with the items.

Entry #17

Entry #17 goes back to the old tapes, and notes Jay and Alex along with Tim shooting a scene for Marble Hornets, with what looks like The Operator standing outside the window, but none of them notice. After a short bit, the audio fails and the video stops. Jay notes that he doesn't remember that day at all, which is why it stood out.

Entries #18-#20

Entry #18 he returns to the house again, this time finding an art doll . After looking at it, he spots a figure on the couch, Masky, who tackles him an attacks, as the camera flails and the audio distorts. When the audio and video return properly, Masky is on the ground, but when Jay tries to take the mask off, he is attacked again and left coughing on the floor. He doesn't remember what happened, but when he returns to consciousness, he's off the road with his car. He doesn't believe it happened at first, but reviews the tape and realizes it happened, but has no idea how he got to his location.

Entry #19 is the first time Jay responds to totheark, and Jay notes that, like Alex, he has been filming himself non-stop. He notes that for once he checked the footage of the night, and found that during the night the video and audio distort, and Masky moves all over his room, before vanishing altogether, along with Jay. Jay then returns several hours later and falls straight to sleep, but does not remember getting up for any extended period. Jay now begins locking himself in his house and states he needs to find a new place to hide.

In Entry #19.5, Jay decides to record on tape the items he took from the house. He records the bottle, and notes that it is empty, but flashing footage back to Entry #16 shows that when he found it it had contents. The bullet case is missing, assumed stolen by Masky, and the papers which say "FORGET WHAT I SEE", "SEES ME", and Jay notes the symbol appearing on the papers, The Operator's symbol. He also notes the words at the bottom "AT THE TOWER".

In entry #20, Jay looks back into the tapes for one last time. Once again, he's present and doesn't remember anything. At Brian's house with Jay, the audio fails and the video as well briefly for no noticeable reason, when Tim shows up for shooting. When the camera rests on him, he creates a slight audio distortion. During the filming Tim begins coughing violently and takes some pills. Jay also notes that he may have found that "The Tower" may be the red play tower that he notes in the old tapes during location scouting in a field.

Entries #21-#24

In Entry #21, Jay goes to the tower to investigate. Audio distortions happen randomly. When he gets there, he films a note of The Operator symbol and checks inside. He finds a silver tin and falls in the tower. He opens it and films it is a mini tape, and takes it with him.

Entry #22, the tape, shows Alex and Seth, a cameraman who appears sparingly in the old tapes, wandering a ruined building for unknown reasons. Audio distortions happen during the entire tape, and visual distortions happen rapidly. Seth is grabbed and yanked off camera as the footage distorts into madness with no proper audio and a deformed face appears in the frazzled static. When the tape cuts back in, Alex is inside of what is assumed someone else's house, and is talking about how Seth is gone. Alex states that he doesn't know where Seth is being unable to find him, and that Seth, Brian, Sarah, and Jay are all gone. He can't remember anything that happened at all. Alex states things have gotten worse, a shadow moves across the wall as the audio distorts and Alex says he will burn the tapes and run.

In Entry #23, Jay once again returns to the house, this time during the day, finding it in a worse mess than before. during his visit, he notices the sink cleaned, and Masky running about the house teasing him. Jay notices the art doll randomly changing it's pose slightly every time he sees it, and finds more pills as well, along with audio distortions. He begins breathing heavy as he runs about the house. The audio distorts and his light goes off. When he regains he runs from the closet he wakes up from seeing Masky's mask hanging from a door, but as he runs he somehow ends up in the building from Entry #22 without realizing how he got there. He wanders the dilapidated room, with audio and visual distortions assaulting his camera, before hearing a voice talking deeply and calm. When he investigates, however, he runs into The Operator personally for the first time and the camera and audio fail. When he wakes up in his apartment he finds the camera completely ruined, and the tape all that's left. He becomes frustrated and scared, and states he's done with the investigation.

Entry #24 is footage from Jay's apartment. Jay at one point gets up to leave his room, but although leaving his bedroom, he does not exit into his computer room somehow, and is gone for a long time. As normal, Jay doesn't remember.

Entry ######

Entry ###### is posted on Marble Hornets, although Jay doesn't post it himself. Masky is speaking on the tape, but what he says is distorted, although it appears he may be speaking to Jay.

In Entry #25 Jay notes that he has been staying at a hotel since the last video was posted. Jay seems ready to cease investigation, however he is told by someone he knows via phone (never stated who) to turn on the news. A news broadcast shows the apartment complex that Jay lived in on fire, starting from his room.

In Entry #26, Jay notes he has been rapidly changing his location. He notes however that during this run he had a realization. He realizes that he feels much better and that he isn't paranoid like he used to be since he stopped. He decides that #26 will be his last entry and signs off to the viewers. He then states (in past tense) that he planned to move right afterwards and end his search forever, however he received a text from an unknown number. He shared the text that said "41810", and everyone that he showed said it was a date. April 18th, 2010. When Jay went to leave his current location he found a tape inside of a large package. This tells Jay that someone knows where he is and deliberately left the tape. The tape starts with static only to switch to Amy, a girl Alex knows, who talks to Alex about a video camera she found. Alex seems unnerved and tells her to put the camera away, but when she goes to put it away, The Operator shows up and chases them. Alex sends her out the window upstairs and stays behind. The tape ends with Amy leaving and the tape cutting out with heavy audio distortion. The word "HELP" appears in solid black text against a red background with The Operator Symbol on the side. Jay notes the tape is dated April 4th, 2010, two weeks ago, stating that Alex must still be okay. He also states that he doesn't know when he'll be able to upload again, and thanks his watchers. Between Entry #26 and #27, seven months pass.

The Records

Entry #27 - 28

In Entry #27, Jay awakens in a completely unidentifiable hotel room with a radio emitting lots of noise and a television fading in and out of a blue screen. He checks the room and finds several items that seems like he put them there on purpose. After he gets in his car and begins driving, he notes that he doesn't have any idea how he exactly ended up where he is, or that he has any idea WHERE he is at all, noting to the audience that the past seven months are completely stricken from memory. He also notes the odd camera he has strapped to his body, which was obviously achieved during the seven month period he can't remember. He extends the stay for his hotel room so he can "get his bearings". In Entry #28 he takes the time to analyze any possessions he finds, and locates a messenger bag with clothes, a flashlight, some orange pills in an ibuprofen bottle, and a key, and also finds a safe that has been activated, but he doesn't know the code, so he has to wait for the safe to reset to try another random set of numbers again. He runs across a woman in the hallway who asks him why he has a camera, to which he responds that he is doing a documentary, and she states her name is Jessica, the two exchange greetings, but what bugs Jay is that Jessica seems to find him familiar somehow. He also notes that Jessica is the only person, besides hotel staff, he has seen in the hotel, and she has been in an adjoining room. To add to that, Jessica appears to make a lot of noise late at night which is picked up by the night camera in Jay's room.

Entry #29

Entry #29 regards a video Jay finds on his hard drive. When it takes place is uncertain, but in the video, a person assumed to be Jay finds some blood, a bloody stone, and a blood spattered shirt, only to notice The Operator before the video cuts out.

Entry #30

In Entry #30, Jay notes the camera seems to cause odd feedback when he looks at Jessica, much like how Tim did in Entry #20. Jay tries to decipher what the noises next door are late at night that are coming from Jessica's room, however Jessica denies making any noise and Jay goes back to sleep, determined to find out what she knows at a later date.

Entry #31 - 33

Entry #31 concerns Jay's hunch to find where Entry #29 takes place, and finds Rosswood Park. At first Jay feels paranoid of a man following him down the trails while looking for clues and items that may help in his search. Eventually he confronts his follower who turns out to be a civilian wandering with his music on his headphones. Jay fails to find anything and gets paranoid, heading back to the hotel defeated. When he returns, he tries to speak with Jessica, who seems aggravated around him. Jessica catches him on his lies about renovations to his house, then relocating, then doing a documentary, and Jay begins to leave, only for Jessica to ask if he's feeling okay. Entry #32, has Jay get confronted by Jessica, and severe audio distortions happen when she talks, and Jessica notes that she doesn't even know how she got here either, and is rather frantic. Jay stops her during her confession, and asks her to gather her things and Jay will speak with her about what he knows. She partially shut her door and Jay shuts his, who then states he is uploading the video just before anything bad happens. Jay then heads to Jessica's room in entry #33, only to find her gone with no trace. He notices a small piece of paper with "Combination 1102" with the 0 written as The Operator's symbol written on it, which fails to open Jessica's safe, but does open his own. Inside he finds a cache of tapes, and mounts his camera while he puts them in his bag. As he begins, a hand opens the door behind him, only for him to turn and be assaulted by Masky, whom he strikes with the flashlight, but for whatever reason is limping. Jay notes he escaped with all the tapes and an external hard drive. He then notes that he has gotten to a new location, but refuses to go back alone to the hotel, even for Jessica.

Entry #34 - 36

Entry #34 has Jay once again going through tapes like the beginning. In the first he notes the day is April 21st, 2010, and states he is headed to the return address for the package from Entry #26. The return address turns out to be a gutted house with debris everywhere inside, and graffiti all over the outside. At first he finds nothing noticeable whatsoever, and leaves. In Entry #35 he returns for a more concrete and thorough look, as it is no longer raining and cloudy. Once again he finds nothing until Alex shows up out of nowhere and helps Jay avoid being attacked by Masky, and ties him up. Once tied up, Jay unmasked Masky to reveal it is none other than Tim. Alex demands Jay hand over the knife, but Jay refuses, to which Alex demands he shut off the camera, and slams down a huge rock on Tim. The footage cuts to Jay driving, so Jay doesn't know where Alex went or if Tim survived. At first Jay thinks the tape is over, but realizes there is still time on the tape, corrupted footage. Jay plays the footage with subtitles. In the footage he is with Alex yelling at him for attacking Tim with a block of cement. Most of the footage is corrupted and impossible to see, but Alex tells Jay to stay low, despite having just yelled at him for being easy to find. Jay summarizes that Alex is the one who sent the tape in the package.

enttry #37 & Entry #38

"enttry #37" was posted by totheark, who uploaded by hacking Jay's account.

Entry #38 involves Jay and Alex walking down a trail, to which Alex begins telling him about bizarre executions, none of which amuses Jay. At one point Jay has to replace the tape, but cannot find the other tape that leads off on it. He does note that he feels uneasy with Alex. He also states at the end that he doesn't know what "enttry #37" is about, having never uploaded it, but does not plan on removing the video.

Entry #39 - 42

Entry #39 takes place about a week after finding Alex at the abandoned house, where Alex tells him to find him at Rosswood Park, but Jay can't get any answers out of Alex as to where he has been. Jay sits in the back of his car frustrated, and calls Alex later that night from Rosswood Park about him not being there. Jay gets into the back of his car and sleeps only for a figure to walk by his car and peer in. Jay notes the image was too blurry to make out who it was. Entry #40 begins the following day at Rosswood Park. With Alex not showing up, Jay decides to go into the woods by himself with his camera. He wanders around his camera is assaulted with audio and visual distortions, but he doesn't seem to notice. He tries to call Alex from inside the park, but Alex doesn't pick up. He notes an odd hollowed out tree that sits on top of a bunch of bricks before The Operator shows up, to which Jay tries to hide around the side of the bricks, but is unable, and eventually drops the camera and runs altogether. Entry #41 then picks up from his camera that he left behind, which is picked up and carried by an unknown individual to his car. After it is placed into his car, the figure walks in front of the car and into shot, who reveals himself to be Hoody. Jay doesn't see any of this happen. Entry #42 picks up with Jay checking the external hard drive, and finds that they begin the same date as Entry #40 and #41, and pick up from Alex's camera, where Alex finally receives Jay's message, however Alex's camera is distorted on audio from the beginning. After calling for Jay and wandering the woods, Alex stumbles across Jay who takes off running, only for Jay to admit he ran into The Operator, however Jay berates him for losing his camera. Alex and Jay get into an argument over Alex being mad at Jay for not being up to helping, and Jay being mad that Alex isn't giving him information. Before Alex leaves, Jay notes that the camera he left behind is in his passenger seat.

Entry #43

Entry #43 starts with Jay in an unknown location talking to someone over the phone who reveals to be Alex. The two go to where the video for Entry #26 was shot. Alex confesses that he doesn't remember escaping The Operator, that all he remembers is waking up in his apartment. After some coercion, Alex agrees to go knock on the door to the house, but they get no answer, indicating Amy never came back home, and her roommate isn't home either. The roommate Alex calls is named Jessica, but it isn't stated whether the Jessica that Jay met recently is the same one mentioned in this tape. Alex and Jay drive off, and Alex refuses to tell Jay where he is living. The rest of the tape is Alex wandering about by himself for no explainable reason. He eventually reaches a grove where The Operator is waiting for him, and he slowly walks towards him after collapsing once. This is one of Jay's first indications that Alex is somehow tied to The Operator in a dangerous way.

Entry #44 & 45

Entry #44 contains Alex wandering his apartment before calling Jessica and telling her that Amy was found, spitting up a liquid into his sink, drawing operator symbols repeatedly and then going to sleep with The Operator in his room and vanishing himself. Jay notes that after the video, he doesn't recall any instance whatsoever of Alex ever getting a hold of Amy. Entry #45 is once again Alex and not Jay, and pertains to Alex running into Tim and Hoody who try to kill him but run for an unknown reason. Jay makes no comment.

Entry #46 & 47

Entry #46 returns to Jay's perspective where he breaks into Alex's apartment to search for clues. Jay does find a tape, but Alex comes back before he leaves and catches him trying to sneak out due to Jay leaving his flashlight. Alex and Jay have a short argument interrupted by The Operator who appears behind Alex. Jay flees the apartment and grabs a key on his way out, leaving Alex behind. Jay doesn't understand why Alex didn't run considering what was behind him, but does now know where the key he found came from, although he still doesn't know what it fits. Entry #47 is Jay and Alex getting into an argument in a parking lot after the escape. Alex yells at Jay for breaking into his house and taking a tape, to which Jay responds with Alex's refusal to give up any information, just having him follow around. Alex states he is done helping him, and Jay demands Jessica's phone number, to which Alex refuses, however Jay locks Alex's keys in his car, forcing him to hand over the number to get his keys back, which is successful. The number is censored out except for the last four digits, 1102, the exact same safe combination that Jay had in his hotel room, basically confirming Jessica being the same girl from the hotel. Jay notes at the end that Alex never did say how he escaped. The video returns at daytime where Jay calls Jessica in regards to Amy, but despite knowing that Alex has not found Amy, Jessica has been told that Alex and Amy have been moving around. Jay tells her not to respond to any calls that Alex gives her, and consoles her saying that Alex probably just made a mistake and feels bad she hasn't been found yet. In hindsight he thinks he never should have made that call.

Entry #48 & 49

Entry #48 has Jay spying on Alex trying to find out what he's doing, and noticing he's been carrying a satchel bag with him a lot, and that he regularly went to Rosswood Park. He follows Alex into the park one day. He follows Alex to the area he found in Entry #29, aware at the time that he probably didn't know what that place was, meaning that Entry #29 took place sometime afterwards. When Alex turns around, Jay leaves quickly. Entry #49 starts with Jay saying he put the tape online not because he wants to but because he feels it may be necessary if anything happens to him. The beginning of the tape is identical to Jay just following him about, and Alex seems to be mumbling that he knows Jay is following him. After Jay leaves, the rest of the tape is just Alex as he kills a man and strangles him to death before crushing his head with a large rock. He then leaves the body as it magically vanishes as The Operator shows up. Alex creates distortion whenever he's in front of the camera. Jay is certain Alex didn't know who it was and probably killed him for no real reason. Alex contacts Jay to meet him at Rosswood Park despite their altercation before. Jay is of course unaware of what happened at the tunnel.

Entry #50

Entry #50 takes place after the footage of Entry #38. Jay also calls Jessica and tells her that he's waiting on Alex and to call him if she needs anything before waiting again. Eventually Alex shows up, having Jay follow him into the woods, and reveals that the key that Jay took is his spare front door key, however Jay denies taking it. Alex also asks about Jessica, whom Jay says everything is fine. Jay keeps trying to get Alex to pay attention to a noise coming from the direction they came in, however Alex makes no note of it and presses on. Jay tries to get Alex to leave the woods, who is fine with Jay leaving, and asks him to bring Jessica next time as well, but refuses himself to leave the woods. Notably at this point audio distortion has happened. Jay begins leaving, but runs into Tim who runs off into the woods. Jay chases him feverishly, but loses him. Jay notices that despite being in the tunnel that Alex was in, he doesn't notice anything odd. This indicates that Entry #29 may have already happened and the evidence has been cleaned away. Jay walks into the tunnel and the tape cuts out. Jay notes that since Alex did not have his camera, he didn't have any record of what Alex did after he left. The rest of the video shows Jay once again breaking into Alex's apartment, this time during the day, after Alex takes off. In there he grabs a tape and takes it, labeling the tape "56-42". Jay of the present notes that now he'll be able to find that tape amongst the others he found.

Entry #51

Entry #51 again is about Alex, and also has Brian and Tim, whom is not donning his mask, and The Operator who attacks during a shoot for some scenes for Marble Hornets when Alex and Brian do shooting at an abandoned burnt out building. Jay notes that he is now certain that Alex is very dangerous, and potentially lured Brian out there on purpose. He assumes was the same with Tim, Seth, and Sarah, although out of the three, only Sarah makes one very brief appearance at the beginning of the series during shooting.

Entry #52

Entry #52 is the next time Jessica appears. This entry involves Jay and Jessica following Alex into the park. After leading the two to some building in the woods, Alex reveals that there's a secret upstairs, but when Jay goes to investigate, it turns out to be a setup by Alex, now brandishing a gun, to kill Jay and Jessica. The two heard footsteps earlier in the woods, and it is revealed that Tim is behind Alex, who tackles Alex to the ground and allows Jessica and Jay to escape. A gunshot fires, but Jay does not investigate if anyone got shot. Jay sends Jessica to an undisclosed hotel, and takes off himself after raiding Alex's car for his satchel and camera. In the satchel he finds an external hard drive, the same one that Jay has been watching in the present. The two put all the tapes that Jay has taken along with the hard drive in Jay's room safe, which he programs with Jessica's last four phone number digits, however he puts the satchel itself with Alex's camera in his trunk in the hidden compartment. Jay then checks the room, sets up his camera, and goes to sleep. He is awoken in the night by Jessica screaming, and rushes to her door to help. She doesn't respond, but worse than that The Operator suddenly appears in Jay's room and attacks him, as well as heavily messing with the footage, and an image of Jay looking up at the ceiling with a blank expression before vanishing appears on camera. Eventually The Operator concludes by tossing him to the floor. Jay wakes up in Entry #27 he assumes, and therefore must have put his camera back and gone back to sleep. That means Jay waking up in Entry #27 is after being attacked by The Operator the previous day which is why all of his electrical equipment is shown to be misbehaving. He wraps up noting that chances are Alex never had any intentions of helping him whatsoever, in the end he wanted to "tie up another loose end", and found opportunity with Jay looking for him. Jay remarks he plans to find him no matter what and end this. He also notes he still has no leads on Jessica. When he returns to the downtown area looking for clues as to where Alex is, he spots Tim, whom he follows but loses. He plans to find out what Tim is up to, and notes he doesn't know how long that'll take him. He notes this time, unlike the end of Entry #26, that he WILL be seeing this through to the end.

Tim's Endgame

Entry #53

Entry #53 starts with video of Jay driving, noting in his typical subtitle format that he has spent the last several months discerning how to find Tim and what he's been up to. He also notes how weird it is that both Alex and Tim have been found so far out from the original site of Marble Hornets. He notes that the building he saw Tim leave at the end of #52 months ago was an antique shop, however Jay notes via camera that the store is closed, with a sign in the yard. Several weeks passed until a person who worked at the store showed up so Jay could question her. He speaks with an older woman, asking her if she's seen anyone of Tim's description. She does recognize a young man of that appearance, noting he always seems to stop by on his way to his doctor's appointment which may be a building down the street. Jay thanks the woman and the camera cuts out. When it comes back, Jay notes that when he did find this "doctor's office" that it was a mental health clinic. Knowing privacy act would not permit any professional inside the establishment to disclose any information regarding Tim to Jay, Jay decides his best bet is to sit outside and wait for Tim to show. The camera jump cuts to multiple occasions where Jay waits outside the clinic, until finally Tim shows up, coughing as he usually does. Jay catches his attention and uses his lie from Entry #13, that he's continuing Alex's movie, but Tim seems concerned and confused, and heads inside for his doctor's appointment after a very short conversation. Although Jay waited outside, he tells Tim when he leaves that he happened to be walking by to see if Tim had left yet. Tim lights up a cigarette and the two talk while walking down the street. Jay tries to lead him with "are you OK" questions to make Tim tell him why he was in the clinic, but Tim just answers he is okay and doesn't actually tell him. Tim gets a call and coughs, then asks Jay for his phone number and says it was work and he has to leave. Tim walks away while smoking and coughing. Jay notes afterwards that he didn't appear to remember anything regarding Jay. While wandering the city, Jay gets a call from Tim, who states he may have some of Alex's old behind-the-scene tapes. Tim offers to hand em over, and Jay accepts.

Entry #54

Entry #54 starts with Jay going to meet Tim over the tapes. Tim hands the tapes over, then asks Jay why he constantly films everything with his camera. Jay states it's a behind-the-scenes thing. Tim accepts that answer. Jay tries to ask what's on the tapes, but Tim doesn't actually know, as they were shot on one of Alex's cameras, but when he gave the camera back, he forgot to give back the tapes, and lacks any such device to be capable of playing said tapes, she he doesn't, as a result, know their contents. Tim departs back to work, and Jay takes his new cache. Like the original tapes, Jay doesn't see much on them. He notes (sarcastically) that none of them are numbered "unsurprisingly". The first tape Jay watches shows what appears to be him, someone who appears to be Seth, and Tim all talking, as they run to someone's house during a rainstorm, but get soaked. Alex appears to be on his way. Seth departs shortly. Jay departs afterwards, and Tim heads into his apartment. The video jump cuts to Alex (behind the camera) and Tim inside said apartment. Alex appears to be sarcastically looking at his items in the apartment, and eventually Brian shows up. The three appear to debate over what music to use in the trailer. The power goes out (possibly due to the storm), and Tim sets out to get the power back on leaving Alex and Brian. Eventually the power returns, and Tim, after stumbling about in the dark and hurting himself, turns back to what appears to be a bedroom or living room where The Operator is standing in the corner, however Tim makes no note of him at all, suggesting that he may be invisible. After this note, the power cuts out once more. While in the dark trying to find the breaker box, static assaults the audio suggesting that The Operator is following him through the apartment. Unable to turn the power back on, he grabs a flashlight, and now The Operator appears to be gone from the bed/living room. The three appear to be in the dark afterwards and use the flashlight to try and set up music, however a shadow shoots across the wall and the video cuts out. Jay notes the tape ends there, and says nothing else.

Entry #55

Entry #55 starts with Jay noting that the entry appears to be taking place near the end of the shooting. Alex and Tim walk down the street discussing a potential location for Brian's "Abandoned School" for the movie. Alex notes he hasn't found anything, but Tim has found a burned out hospital in the town he had previously lived in that he honestly believes it could pass for a school. It's very far away, however, but Alex is willing to try the hospital, as he hasn't found anything that would work out. The two decide to do it on a Saturday, meaning that events of Entry #51 takes place near the end of the week. The group then proceeds to get shots, before Tim gets a call by his doctor confirming his appointment, and Tim notes he has been having headaches, paranoia, and insomnia for the past few years, and has been sleeping even worse than normal to the person on the phone. The shooting then continues. Jay makes note that chances are his symptoms led to his current state, where he has become Masky. Jay then notes he is going to finish the tape and figure this out. Chances are this entry means that the mental health clinic in the tape from years ago is most likely the same location that Jay found Tim in to begin with.

Entry #56

Entry #56 has Jay begin by saying he's almost done with Tim's tapes, and is on the second to last. He puts the tape on the channel. In the video, you can hear Tim (who is holding the camera) talking to Alex (who is offscreen) talking about the hospital mentioned from the previous entry. Alex mentions that things came up and he forgot about it for a while, and that Tim and himself are there just to scout the location until Brian and Seth show. Tim appears okay with this. At one point Alex notices a building nearby. Tim tries to persuade him that this building they are in is better, and acts as if he is very hesitant to leave, but Alex desires to see it. They first head upstairs, and Tim puts down his camera to urinate. Alex also puts down his camera, and grabs a piece of fallen rebar. He hits Tim offscreen, who stops talking after the blow. The camera flips for no discernible reason, and show The Operator standing in the room on the other side for several moments before he vanishes. Alex then walks into view of the camera and drops the rebar before walking offscreen again. The last thing heard is Tim coughing.

Entry #57

Entry #57 starts with Jay writing that the following tape picks up after Alex attacked Tim. The actual tape begins with a black screen, but with something that sounds a bit like the opening of plastic. When the visual comes up, it is of Tim breathing heavily and fumbling for something in his hands. He then begins to badly cough. Once he stops, he starts walking about the building from the previous entry, trying to get his bearings. He eventually gets outside and begins to perpetually cough. His coughing gets so bad, that he has to stop. The tape cuts to Tim sitting on the ground, coughing just a bit. Once he regains the will to go on, he returns to frantically making his way out of the woods. He then finds a different building, it could be the building that Alex wanted to see in Entry #56, and walks into it. He walks around the building for a while, and then comes across Alex and immediately runs to hide. As Alex gets closer to Tim, the audio gets a bit distorted. Alex goes to the other end of the building, and Tim makes his way into a small room. The tape then cuts to Tim, once again, sitting down and coughing, he is frantically trying to stifle his cough. As he is doing this, a figure appears in the doorway and the tape starts to tear. It ends with Jay writing that that is how Tim's final tape ends. Jay then explains that the building that Tim went into looks similar to the one Alex led Brian into in Entry #51. Jay then asks why Tim had gone into that building, as he didn't want to in the previous entry, and why he was trying to stop Alex from going into the building. He also assumed that Alex was looking for Tim, as he was carrying a flashlight and a heavy pipe. Jay then states that he wishes to get back in touch with Tim. He wants to know where the building is, and hopes that Tim will remember so he can see it.

Entry #58

Entry #58 has Tim showing Jay the building they were going to shoot in. Jay sees the hospital, but remembers the second building from the tapes and tells Tim he is more interested in a second building on the premises. Unable to sway Jay, Tim takes Jay to the second building, and the two search the building. Tim is on edge the entire time. While searching, Jay hears a wooden plank fall, and demands an investigation. Tim reassures him its the building falling apart with age, but Jay investigates regardless (much to Tim's Chagrin). While exploring, Jay takes off running as he spots Hoody who leads him through the building to an outdoor pump house. Tim chases after. Tim finally catches Jay, and demands why he's doing this, but Jay continues on with his story about just wanting to finish the movie. Jay wants to investigate the maintenance tunnel that Hoody supposedly entered, but is unable to find a safe way to do so as Tim is angry and they both lack flashlights. Tim demands they return to their cars. Tim, now frustrated, tells Jay he is done helping him with whatever he was working on, and the two part ways when the entry ends. Jay notes that Tim was frustrated when they got to the second building which doesn't make sense as Tim doesn't remember going there to begin with.

Entry #59

Entry #59 starts with Jay in his car, and states that Tim called him to talk. He assumes it has something to do with the hospital and Hoody and all those series of events from Entry #58, and admits it went horribly and that he had no idea how it should have went anyways, admitting to have been running blind for information. He then admits Tim probably won't buy his lies as a film maker much longer and plans to come clean that night. He also knows Tim may still be lying and may show up as Masky, and that Tim may react to his accusations as either an ally or an enemy. Tim does show up shortly, after Jay's aside, in normal attire, and Jay tries to speak, however Tim promptly punches Jay hard, knocking the camera to the ground where it lays for the entire entry. Tim then yells "SHOOTING A FILM YOU LYING PIECE OF...!", showing that he has come to the conclusion that Jay is lying. Tim, yelling, then admits that after the hospital incident he researched Marble Hornets and found the YouTube video entries. Tim is angry that it took Jay until now to admit what was going on rather than when they were running about possibly getting themselves into danger. He also clearly becomes distressed knowing that the entries showed Jay waiting outside the doctor's office just for Tim for an extended period. Jay admits the secrecy was due to being unable to trust Tim, and states that if Tim did indeed see the entries then Tim understands why, phrasing "Can you blame me?". Tim retorts with having a lot of things he can "Blame [Jay] for right now". Jay pleads with Tim, citing that he knew he couldn't just walk up to Tim and ask questions regarding everything. Tim ignores the question and states that now things make sense. So many years of torment have finally been solved. Tim then goes on a monologue stating that he was finally getting better, that for periods he would wake up in unknown locations in blood, or be unable to hold a job due to being absent for weeks without realizing more than a day had passed. He tells Jay to imagine waking up with your life broken "and no memory whatsoever of that happening." He was finally getting better, however Jay showing up has returned some of the bad effects in slight and thus has caused Tim stress. He accuses Jay of being selfish as his actions affect everyone else. He also yells at Jay due to the fact that pointing his camera at the problem isn't the same as solving it. Jay states so people will know his last testament basically, however Tim retorts with the fact that it is a bunch of online videos and nobody cares. He also cites Jay being insane, as Alex had pointed a gun at him and yet Jay filmed the entire ordeal instead of being proactive. Jay gets angry and reminds Tim of the Masky psychopath situation, and Tim yells at Jay to "shut up!" and that he is NOT a psychopath. He then states that is all Alex's fault to begin with admittedly. He explains the reason he's truly pissed with Jay is not so much causing the problems again, but that Jay has known about these issues for years and has never once tried to explain the situation to Tim. Jay, however, retorts with that fact that he had no idea that if he indeed did come clean, that such an option would be safe and he wouldn't be killed. He came to Tim because he needed help, and states that Jessica is missing. Tim, not apparently knowing Jessica, states that Jessica was a girl he has spoken to a grand total of "two times" (as Tim says) and that Jay has no proof beyond Alex's crazed behavior that he is in any way involved in Jessica's appearance. Tim then scolds Jay, stating that Jessica was perfectly well off until Jay began muddling in her life with the The Operator situation and Amy. He then states that perhaps the reason all this is happening isn't Alex, but rather Jay, and that by involving himself with people he has only served to make the issue worse. Jay tries to state that Jessica isn't the only missing person (Amy, Seth, Sarah, etc.), however Tim states that he won't help. Jay, distressed, demands to know what it is that Tim wants from him. Tim then states that Jay can keep making his videos and being chased while "not being very good" at fixing the situation, but he wants Jay to never bother him again. Jay, at this point, picks up the camera and walks towards Tim, trying to plead one last time, however Tim turns and yells at Jay that he can keep uploading his "detective videos", but he demands Jay never interfere with his life again. At this, Tim angrily enters his car and drives away. Jay puts the camera down, hangs his head, and wipes his face of sweat, before shutting the camera off.

Entry #60

Entry #60 has Jay going back to the hospital by himself. He notes that he didn't really want to go alone, but, with Tim angry and nobody else to help him, Jay pushed on by himself. He checked the rooms Hoody came from and found the words "HE IS A LIAR" on the wall. On the opposite wall are the words "Follow me". Jay assumes that means follow Hoody to the building he was leading him to to begin with. Heading to the maintenance tunnels, Jay heads down and begins searching around. After running about the tunnels, he eventually locates a folder and a small posing dummy for art. The folder has the word "Liar" with the Operator Symbol on it. Jay also hears footsteps on the building above, which could belong to anybody. As Jay leaves and takes the items with him, he is suddenly attacked by The Operator. He flees through the tunnels with The Operator teleporting behind him frequently. He does manage to escape to a small corridor, but is trapped. The static shows The Operator closing in, and Jay, in a panic, manages to crawl under the pipes and get away. He then breaks into a full sprint and jumps out of the tunnels and runs through the fields to his car. The end episode captions note that Jay found medical documents and the doll, and plans to check them over. Also to note, he doesn't remember that final sprint out of the tunnels, so the camera recording is all he has to go on. He plans to never return to that building ever again.

Entry #60.5

Entry #60.5 (like 19.5) is Jay recording everything he found in the folder for future documentation just in case. The records appear to be for Tim. The documents appear to be from 1995 in December, and that Tim's mother appears to have filled out the document. The first notes are that she wrote "Headaches, insomnia, and 'possible disorder'", but it doesn't list what disorder. It then notes Tim appears to have chronic seizures, extremely painful headaches, and emotional disturbances. The first document, as Jay notes, has heavy redactions. The second document is even more so edited with information removed, such as "Headaches, Insomnia, and ████████████, noting that the third item this time is redacted. It also notes at one point Tim ran away from home, and notes it as being 2 ████ ago, so Jay doesn't know how long the timeframe was, and that he was found in Rosswood. The next document is from 2002, and is also partially redacted. He is noted as having a monthly session due to him or his family being uncooperative. The next document is entirely redacted except for the date of January 10th, and the Operator Symbol drawn in the corner. Jay seems more so disturbed by this document due to the fact that it only has a date and wonders if something happened or is going to happen. The final document is also partially redacted. It is a suicide assessment document of which Tim scored 14 points, well above the 10 mark that lists him as high risk. The document notes him as being uncooperative due to hallucinations and alterations of perception, hopelessness, anhedonia, rage, and questionable answers, thus making the validity of anything on the previous documents circumstantial. Finally Jay found a picture in the folder, and it is a picture of the two from Entry #59, and the word "Watching" on the photo. He doesn't remember anyone else being around, but admits being punched in the face does not help awareness. The folder itself has the Operator Symbol and three marks on the back organized in sort of a bored expression of a face, with nothing inside. The doll he found had nothing special on it, however it is to note it is the same one Jay found before in the earlier entries. Jay notes that Tim appears to have dealt with it for years, and that he may have made things worse for him.

Entry #61

Entry #61 was not uploaded by Jay, but rather by Hoody. The video involves Hoody and Tim. Jay found it shortly after it was uploaded to his profile, he took it off and renamed it Entry #61 (original entry #61). The video is clearly addressed directly to Jay. Two hours later, Jay discovered the video, and noted that an electrical storm in the video was from the storm two hours earlier. Jay notes that Tim is missing and has a good idea where to find him.

Entry #62

Entry #62 Finds Jay heading to a forest. He starts by wandering about by himself. When there, he finds Masky. Despite running about, he desperately tries to call Tim back to reality, but Masky continues chasing him about. Despite his best efforts, Masky grabs and carries him offscreen kicking and screaming, and takes the camera. Jay awakens during daylight, with the camera facing him. He appears to be in some weird building. Shortly after, he finds Tim laying outside with no recollection of where he is whatsoever. The two state they may be in Rosswood, and the camera dies due to lack of battery life.

Entry #63

Entry #63 starts some time afterwards, but with no way to ascertain as to how long ago it was. Tim is leaving Jay's car, stating he will walk home several miles. Jay tries to reason with him that he can't just pretend what happened didn't happen. Tim states he has to get in contact with his doctor first, as he had called in a panic yesterday but never showed up (due to obvious reasons). Tim tells him to go back home and not mention it to anyone, and the two will figure out where to go from there. Jay asks him how long Tim plans to be, Tim simply responds that he has Jay's number. Jay notes that Alex said the exact same thing. A text card then states that Tim did contact him about two weeks later. Jay shows up to the location holding the medical document folder. The two are standing near a truck yard. Jay notes that it's very nerve racking that the two are meeting at night. Tim states that he just got off work. Jay asks him what took so long, and Tim responds, slightly aggravated, that he's been working, calling his doctor frequently, and trying to figure out what to do next. Tim then demands his medical records, and Jay states he planned to do that already, handing back the medical records as he says so. Tim is aggravated with Jay for involving him again, but Jay defends himself with the fact that there's no way he'd know those records were underground which meant someone wanted him to take them. He says he was giving them back at least, but Tim is irritated he didn't do it earlier. Tim states that it is too late anyways, and that he has bigger problems than having people know his medical information. The two begin arguing, which ends with Tim stating the two need a plan. Jay says he has a plan, with his plan first being finding Tim, and his second plan being finding Jessica. Tim tries to note that Jessica has been missing for a year and a half, and that she may very well be dead at this point. The two begin talking over each other, with Jay stating it is his fault she got taken, and Tim stating that the two are in direct danger from a powerful enemy. Jay then notes that they may be watched right at this moment, and Tim notes that they already know where he lives (noting Hoody from Entry #61). Tim finally breaks and just agrees to find Jessica as long as Jay finally does something about his problem. Jay agrees. Tim says the two need to go back to Rosswood, as at this point it is their only lead. Jay argues, and demands that the two never go back there, but Tim is adamant, and Jay gives in. Jay says he shouldn't ago alone, and TIm sarcastically responds he's trying to go with him because whenever Jay goes alone, bad things happen. Tim states that he has to work with him, as it no longer affects just one, but both of them now. Jay agrees, and states that he's getting uneasy in the dark. Tim says he'll call him when he gets a break in his schedule, and thanks Jay for giving the records back. Jay heads back to his car.

Entry #64

Entry #64 opens with Jay and Tim in Rosswood, with Tim wearing Jay's (or maybe his own) chest strapped camera. The two wander through Rosswood to the building where Alex tries to kill them in Entry #52, with the goal to find out why Tim was there (as Masky), what, if anything, was in there of importance, and what happened after the gunshot went off. Tim does ask before they go in if Alex has contacted Jay for anything, but Jay denies. When they arrive, they find no blood in regards to the bullet, and Tim remarks he doesn't remember waking up with a bullet wound (indicating his limp in the hotel was either clumsy running or another injury). The lack of blood also suggests Alex didn't shoot himself. They try to then recreate what happened, but it doesn't lead them to any clues. They do find a bullet hole in the ceiling, but otherwise the building is a complete dead end, and the two surrender and leave the building. Tim remarks before they go it has been over a year, so there is a possibility that anyone else could have removed evidence in that time. Tim is unable to remember anything that happened that Jay didn't record, and Jay is in the same boat since Jessica and himself fled when Tim grabbed Alex, and thus the camera shows them breaking for their cars. Their next goal is to find the shack Jay woke up in (and Tim next to) in Entry #62. Jay and Tim, however, have extreme difficulty finding it. Despite searching hard, they can't locate anything. Tim wants to find it in hopes it has clues. Jay rebukes that someone could be expecting them there, like their luck seems to work, but Tim states there had to have been some reason they woke up there in the first place. Eventually they give up and head to the last location: the tunnel. When they reach it, Jay asks Tim to hold the camera. Tim asks if this is where Alex killed the unknown man, and Jay says it is indeed. Tim wonders if Alex knew him, however Jay states he didn't and isn't sure if Alex did. The two try to continue deeper into the tunnel, and Jay states the only time he's ever been there was when he chased Tim as Masky, otherwise The Operator has prevented it. Just as they try to continue further, Jay gets a called from an unknown number. Answering it, it is Alex, who says in a threatening monotone voice "Leave. Now." Jay tells Tim it was Alex, and Tim begins panicking a little, realizing Alex has been most likely following him the entire time. Jay tries to urge Tim to keep walking, but Tim collapses in a coughing fit. At this moment, The Operator shows up. Jay desperately tries to drag Tim away and get him to get up, but The Operator is on them quickly. Jay decides to cut and run, since Tim is incapacitated. He takes off by himself into the forest and only stops to see if he's being followed. When he reaches his car, he is surprised to find Tim inside of his own car, however he is unresponsive and simply stares at Jay with a blank look. He then starts his car and drives away, with Jay screaming to Tim to stop and talk to him. this is to no avail, as Tim drives away with his blank expression. Jay leaps into his car and tries to chase Tim, but Tim gets away. He then notes his next goal is to find Tim immediately.

Entry #65

In Entry # 65 mainly features Tim, but eventually the video cuts to black, and a voice message system on a black image plays, where Tim tells Jay to call him as soon as he can. Jay meets Tim the next day in the light outside a complex, where Jay is surprised to see Tim still. Tim states he doesn't remember where he's been, and that the camera was recording the whole time. Tim admits there's something he's held back, and needs to show Jay. They need to go back to the hospital. Jay doesn't want to, but Tim tells him he'll have to trust him on it. Jay sighs and gets ready to leave, but Tim states he needs to go take care of things, one of them being to find if he still has a job or not since he's been missing.

Entry #66

Entry #66 has Tim bringing Jay back to the abandoned hospital, and leads him down the hall to one of the rooms. Tim says that he used to be a patient at the hospital, and that the room they are in was where he stayed. Tim then says that he had been having mental issues since he was young, and that one problem was hallucinations, and that they got so bad he would run away from his room, sometimes even to Rosswood Park. He tells Jay that he can't remember his hallucinations, due to his medication, but Tim explains that when he saw the footage of Marble Hornets that Jay posted, he wondered if he was seeing the Operator in his "hallucinations." He then wonders aloud that he may have brought the Operator into the lives of Alex, Jay, Jessica, and everyone else involved. Jay tries to calm Tim down and explain that taking the blame will not help. But Tim is still troubled by the notion that he is responsible for the ordeal, and says that Alex is probably going through what he did. Jay says that they should leave, but Tim says that he has the feeling that they still need to find something in the area, and that they should find it soon. They decide to look around the area some more, but as they are looking, they start hearing strange noises. Jay and Tim hide in a side room, and they see Hoody come in the corridor. Jay wants to stay in the side room, but Tim says that they need to find out what Hoody is doing. Tim grabs a wrench on the way, Jay asks what the wrench is for and Tim says "just in case." He stops when Hoody goes into a side room, bends down, and walks outside. Tim and Jay go into the side room, where Jay finds that Hoody left a tape. Tim tells Jay that Hoody is heading off to the woods, and they give chase. They have trouble following Hoody, since he ran through the trees. They eventually come upon an open field, but Hoody is nowhere to be seen. Tim is frustrated and wonders how Hoody could have seemingly disappeared. Jay says that Hoody could be anywhere. Tim expresses his frustration that they are not getting anywhere, despite the fact that Jay has a new tape. Tim then leaves.

Entry #67

Entry #67 consists of the footage from the tape Jay found at the hospital. He found that due to the fact that it was there awhile, most of the tape is unplayable. He uploads the footage that he salvaged from the tape.

Entry #67.5

Entry #67.5 starts out with Jay packing his things in his hotel room. After he has done so, Tim arrives at Jay's hotel room to confirm their plan to leave the area. Jay tells Tim to follow him. Tim tells Jay that if Alex is still alive, he will find them eventually. Jay states that they are leaving the area because he is afraid Alex will try to kill them again. He also says, however, that he will not quit, because he has come too far.

Entry #68

Entry #68 is a video with footage uploaded to the MarbleHornets account by someone other than Jay, probably Hoody as he films it and his mask is in many shots. The footage confirms to him that Alex is frantically unaware of Tim and his current location, and that Jay plans to keep it that way.

Entry #69

In Entry #69, Jay and Tim sit down and discuss why they have left. Tim expresses the notion that they were doing a good job avoiding Alex, but Jay says their luck would not last forever, and they can always go back if need be. Jay reveals that he and Tim have returned to the area where they all lived while Marble Hornets was being shot. They backtracked through locations they had been at before, trying to find relevant information. As they walk through the park Alex used as the set, Jay almost trips in a hole, and immediately after says that he saw something, but dismisses it quickly. They arrive near the Red Tower, and Tim asks about they tape Jay found there (in Entry #21) and climbs up the ladder to look for anything else, put doesn't find anything. Jay thinks he sees someone staring at him, but when he checks again, no one is there. As they walk out of the park, Jay trips in a hole. When Tim looks, he finds a bunch of partially melted tapes. Tim surmises that the tapes are likely Alex's tapes that he did not give to Jay, and burned. Jay notices that two tapes appear to be still playable. After picking them up, they exit the park.

Entry #70

Jay is able to get one of the tapes to work, and uses the footage for Entry #70. In the entry, Alex is driving, and talks to Amy about shooting Marble Hornets near where she lives. After he hangs up, Alex wanders around the playground from Entry #4, and sees the Operator. Jay wonders why Alex burned this tape in particular, but theorizes that it has some thing to do with Amy.

Entry #71

Jay is able to get another tape working. It, too, is from the Marble Hornets era. Jay arrives at Alex's house, and talks to Alex, who says he is moving away because he can no longer afford the house, since his roommates have left. Jay goes to help him pack the remainder of his boxes. 35 minutes later, they come back on camera. They are discussing what Alex wants to do with the Marble Hornets tapes, and Jay does not understand why he wants to burn all of them. Alex claims he doesn't want them anymore, but Jay asks if he can have them. Alex says yes, and as Jay goes to get the tapes, something happens to the camera, causing it to distort until they walk back into the shot. Just before Jay leaves, Alex tells him to never mention the tapes to him again. As soon as Jay leaves, Alex grabs the camera, and after telling Jay to hold on, attacks him. A lot of camera distortion happens here, and the next good shot is of Jay laying on the ground, motionless. Alex leaves and drives away. Jay notes that this is when he got the tapes from Alex in the first place. However, he does not remember getting attacked, he simply remembers taking the tapes, and leaving. He wonders that if he did not remember this correctly, what else might he have forgotten?

Entry #72

After seeing the footage from Entry #71, Jay and Tim travel to Alex's old house to search for clues. When they arrive, they find the door unlocked. They talk about what they have seen on the melted tapes, and theorize that Alex gave the tapes to Jay to make himself seem like the victim rather than the cause of the events. As they look into a side room, Jay ducks down, thinking he saw The Operator, but when he checks the camera, he does not see him. Tim says that Jay might need to do to a doctor, since it was the second time Jay thought he saw the Operator (first in Entry #69). Jay brushes off his concerns quickly. Tim tries to get a closet door open, but cannot do it, so Jay goes to help him. In the process, Jay leaves his camera pointing out the window, where it picks up the Operator standing in the field. Jay picks up the camera without noticing, and they find the closet empty. As they walk through the hallway, Tim notes the attic, and they go down to the basement to get a ladder (after first getting their flashlights). As they look around, they don't see a ladder, but Tim notices that is completely dark outside, despite being broad daylight when they walked down moments before. As they turn to leave, the Operator appears behind them. They swiftly run outside into the field, where Jay collapses in a coughing fit. Tim wanders the field before going back for Jay, where the Operator is standing over Jay. When Tim gets close to the Operator, he collapses as well, almost as if he is bowing. The Operator vanishes, and Tim helps Jay into the car, and they leave.

The events of this entry show that Jay is getting more affected by Slender Sickness than ever, since he a has a huge cough.

On the MarbleHornets twitter page, Tim stated that Jay had been "out of it" since escaping the house.

Entry #74

This entry is mainly filmed by Tim. When Tim is in the hotel room with Jay, they discuss Jay's health, Tim saying that Jay looks better than he has since the incident with the Operator, and that it is possibly due to Tim sharing his medication with Jay. They discuss returning to Tim's house, which they discovered that Alex is hiding out in there after seeing entry #73 (posted by Hoody)

Entry #75

After visiting Tim's doctor to get Jay checked out, Jay and Tim drive over to Tim's house, where they investigate to try and find the tape seen in entry #73. They look around the place, without finding too much. They find in the attic a picture of who they believe is Amy, and on the back, "I HAVE HIM. 79 SOUTH CREEK ROAD" along with the Operator symbol. As Tim goes to investigate some rooms at the end of the hallway, Jay suddenly jumps at Tim and demands he gives him the tape. A tape falls out of Tim's pocket while the two are fighting, and Jay picks it up and proceeds to leave. Tim tells Jay it's too early to view the tape, but Jay ignores him and storms out of the house.