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Into The Abyss is the third chapter of Slender: The Arrival.

Overview Edit

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Plot Edit

Following the events of The Eight Pages, Lauren wakes up the next morning in a field. After exploring the area, she comes across a tunnel leading to the abandoned Kullman Mines. Inside, she finds a note saying, in order to escape, she must first activate six generators to power up an elevator. Lauren finds the first generator next to the elevator. After activating the second generator, she realizes she is being chased by a feral creature wearing a white hoodie and mask. Simultaneously trying to avoid both Slender Man and the hooded creature, she manages to activate all six generators and exits the mines via elevator.

Notes Edit

  • On Hardcore difficulty, the player must collect gas canisters before powering the generators.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible for the player to fall from the elevator, as shown in, from 0:58-1:03. Doing so will still display the Slender Man game over screen. This is because the level is unwinnable if they go back to the gameplay or the very high proximity between the ground and elevator in which the player will die if they fall to the ground as shown on some games.
    • However, going out of the map when the elevator already reached the top will display the same screen but with the message "Not even a bug can save you from me."

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