Hospice is the second map in the Slenderman's Shadow series. The player is a middle aged/teenaged woman in this game indicated by the breathing and high heel sounds in the intro, like the original Slender and unlike Sanatorium, where the character is a male. While being chased by Slender Man, she must collect 8 pieces of paper, each containing 2 lines (16 lines total), which are eventually put together in the end into a poem called "Der Großmann" and escape the hospice before the Slenderman catches the player. Also, the use of glowsticks are involved in this game. The glowsticks are primarly used as a marker to show where you have been.


  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (a.k.a. PewDiePie) makes a cameo appearance in this map, only to be a picture of himself. When he saw this in a playthrough, he commented on the 'handsome devil'.
  • He is also referenced at the infamous Troll Wall.
  • TheRadBrad, another video game commenter, also saw a picture of himself in this game. He explained that the picture was taken by his girlfriend.
  • This is the first map to introduce glow sticks.
  • The graffiti sentence "U MAD BRO?" appears on a wall in this map.
    • On the same wall that says "U MAD BRO?" if you look closely, you can see the "troll face" next to it. "U MAD BRO" is often associated with the "troll face".
  • On the same wall that says "U MAD BRO?" if you look closely, you can read "PewDiePie was here".
  • Addition graffiti on the "U MAD BRO?" includes penis in small text, NOPE.jpg in small text & which could infact be the level designer Wray Burgess actual tumblr account.
  • My Little Pony is referenced on a bulletin board in this map.
  • This is the second map to collect pages.
  • This is the second map to be indoors.
  • This is the first Slenderman's Shadow map to have pages randomized at different locations.
  • Slender Man's model looks slightly different in this map, as his arms, legs, and head are redone.
  • Slender Man can apparently move in this map. Like Sanatorium, he slides into rooms. This was later shown to be a glitch and was fixed in the later versions.
  • In later versions of Hospice. Youtuber pictures were added to the map. These include a few youtubers who played it. These were, Yamimash which is located in the brick room next to the showers, Morfar which is located on the right side of the Troll Wall, WatchJim which is located on the out side part of the rooms between the thin corridor with the two rooms and the showers and TheRadBrad which is located in the first room of the thin hallway with the two rooms.
  • There is also a picture of a boat with writing that mentions bros (the fans of Pewdiepie) and Bon Bons (The fans of Morfar) living in peace. This picture is located on the wall between the two dead end rooms with the benches.
  • If you die with all the notes or escape Hospice you will get a 16 line poem.
  • This poem reads:

Der Großmann

Oh, should I travel through the woods

Or should I not wishing I would

For above me lurks within the trees

No one can hear my deathly screams

The palest man, the Blackest suit

Bigger than the tallest brute

Six black arms will grab you up

Or, stalk you till you just give up

A top hat bares upon his head

Makes your soul fill up with dread

He takes you when you least expect

Boil you up, and eat your neck

He'll leave your body not to eat

But staple your corpse on a tree

Fear the man, the Slender man

For he can do, what no one can

~by Rostin Amirani

  • Unlike the Elementary poem you only see the full poem after collecting all the lines or escaping.
  • Also unlike the Elementary poem, parts of the poem will be displayed after dying with less than 16 lines. This is dependant on how many lines you find.
  • Suprisingly in the poem it says "a top hat bares apon his his head" however in all Slenderman games to date he has never been seen with a top hat.
  • The lines in the poem relates more to the original mythos of the Slenderman and some of the differences it has to the current slenderman mythos.
  • These lines are "For above me lurks with in the trees", "Six black arms will grab you up", "Boil you up, and eat your neck", "He'll leave your body not to eat" & "but staple your corpse on a tree".
  • The completion of the poem all depends on how many pages you get (eg. If you get 1 page you will only see 2 lines when you die and it multiplies by 2 everytime you collect a page.)
  • In the Unity remake instead of saying complete the poem it says collect all 8 pages.
  • In the Unity remake there are no youtuber pictures on the walls.
  • In the Unity remake there is no poem shown after you die or escape.


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