The Records

Entry #39

Hoody is first seen in Entry #39, spying on Jay while Jay sleeps in his car.

Entry #40

Hoody possibly appears in Entry #40. In the background, when Jay is getting out of his car a figure can be seen leaning against a tree.

Entry #41

In Entry #41, Hoody picks up Jay's camera from where he dropped it, and puts it back in Jay's car. It is at this point the audience gets a full shot of his hooded face.

Entry #42

Hoody is possibly apears in Entry #42 sitting near a tree when Alex gets out of the car.

Entry #45

In Entry #45, Hoody helps to subdue Alex while Masky tries to kill him with a rock. Hoody and Masky run or flee from something they see in the woods, suggested by some to be the Operator. Some also think that they fled so they would not get in the way of the Operator. Those who believe Masky to not be an entirely evil entity believe that he and Hoody fled out of fear of the Operator, as he was coming to Alex's defense. Other theories have Hoody and Masky trying to kill Alex to stop the Operator but when he appeared they obviously had to run away. However, Entry #60 suggests Tim and Hoody are not on the same side.


Entry #58

Hoody shows up again in Entry #58. In this entry, while Tim and Jay explore the building next to the hospital, Hoody shows up and strolls by. Tim doesn't recognize him, however Jay takes off after him. He is led to a building where there are multiple pumps and a maintenance tunnel. Although he loses Hoody, he is almost certain that the pump house is where Hoody escaped too, but is unable to follow him as the passage is solid darkness and Jay did not bring a flashlight.

Entry #60

When Jay goes back to the hospital in Entry #60, he finds the room that Hoody had exited back when he chased him/her. Written on the walls is "He is a LIAR" and "Follow Me". Jay takes this to mean follow him/her to the maintenance tunnels from last time (as Hoody doesn't appear in this Entry). When Jay enters the maintenance tunnels, he stumbles across medical documents aimed at a Timothy. He takes the documents, and a small doll, and flees for his life from The Operator. In Entry #60.5 we learn that the folder containing the documents has what appears to be a stylized drawing of Hoody's mask on the back. The folder also contained a photo of Tim and Jay during their argument in Entry #59 with "WATCHING" written in the back. The fact that the "Reference" Totheark video contained audio from said argument, lends further credibility to the theory of there being a connection between Hoody and Totheark. Hoody also shows up in Entry #61 stalking Tim and taking his pill bottle. In Entry #62 Hoody briefly appears after Masky abducts Jay in Rosswood Park, picking up Jay's camera and turning it off. Hoody then places the camera in front of Jay and turns it on shortly before Jay wakes up in a cabin in an unknown area of Rosswood.

Entry #66

In Entry #66, Hoody is seen walking into the hospital, with Tim grabbing a metal pipe, and him and Jay stealthily following Hoody. Hoody is then seen shuffling through some rubble, checking on the tape he planted there (which was then taken by Jay). After exiting the hospital, Hoody started to go into some trees, where Jay and Tim lost track of him/her. They then go to a field, which Tim suggests that Hoody may be at the other side of the field, which Jay disagreed, as Hoody could not have gotten that far that fast. Hoody then seemed to disappear completely, much to Tim's chagrin, who throws the pipe some distance.

The Hooded Figure

Entry #67

Entry #67, the footage from the tape, shows him/her dragging the unconscious (from a medication overdose) Tim out of the hospital, then follows Alex, who seems to be searching for them. After Alex hears Tim coughing and investigates, Hoody knocks Alex out with a pipe.  He then records Tim beating up Alex; after this is done, Hoody reaches into Alex's jacket and pulls out his pistol.  He prepares to shoot Alex, but the Operator shows up and Tim and Hoody are forced to flee. The footage then cuts to Hoody in the woods at night, aiming the pistol at an unknown figure.

Entry #68

Entry #68, the footage from that tape shows Hoody going near an abandoned place, and sitting down on a bed. Hoody then removes the mask, yet no head can be seen, as the camera was never pointing at the head. He drinks some water and then hears noises and rustling, and goes to investigate. While investigating, Alex, having a beard, slams Hoody against the wall. Alex demanded where Jay and Tim were, Hoody not complying. Alex yells at him/her to stop smirking. Alex then punches Hoody, and just then something caught Alex off guard. Hoody frees himself and runs to the woods, with Alex following. Hoody manages to escape and puts the mask back on.

Entry #73

Hoody posts a video titled entry #73 to the MarbleHornets channel. In the video, Hoody wanders around the building he appears to be using as a home, and shows a stash of pills. After taking some, he walks through the woods into a derelict cabin, where he sets the camera down, and falls to his knees, with distortion occurring for about a minute. After that, he walks across town to Tim's house, where he breaks in via an unlocked window. He goes into the bathroom and steals two bottles of pills, before going into the next room, finding a tape in a small basket. However, the person in the house awakens, forcing Hoody to flee with the pills and abandon the tape. Hoody is able to make it outside without getting caught. As he hides in the bushes, the person in the house is shown to be Alex when he looks out the window. After that, Hoody runs from the house.

Entry #76

Entry #76 is footage from the tape Hoody found in Tim's house that Jay recovered in Entry #75. The footage takes place between entries 32 and 33, and shows Hoody filming Masky carrying an unconscious Jessica out of the hotel. They bring her into the woods, and Masky heads back to the hotel. Hoody watches Jessica until Alex shows up, and Hoody runs away after Alex fires his gun. Alex leads Jessica to the tunnel in Rosswood, where he holds her at gunpoint. Jessica tackles Alex, and Hoody runs in and begins to beat up Alex. Jessica runs to the other side of the tunnel, where she encounters the Operator. The footage distorts, and in the next bit of footage, Alex is pointing his gun at the camera, implying that he shot and killed Jessica. Shortly afterward, the Operator shows up and teleports away with Jessica's unmoving body.

Entry #78

In Entry #78, Hoody finds Jay on the ground where Tim left him in Entry #77. He finds a knife and places it on the ground next to him, along with his camera. He then leaves. This entry confirms that Hoody, at the very least, has some use for Jay, however the message "Last chance" may indicate this might be the last time he assists Jay under the circumstances.

Entry #79

In Entry #79, Hoody is seen by Jay, and is later found coughing in an empty room. When Jay approaches him and questions him, Hoody grabs a wrench from a nearbly table, lashes out at Jay and runs off.

Entry #80

If Tim's conclusion in Entry #80 is to be believed, Hoody set Jay up to be caught by The Operator and shot by Alex, but due to conflicting information regarding Hoody's association with both The Operator and Alex, this is uncertain During Entry #80, Hoody appears at the tail end of the video being chased by Tim through Benedict Hall, but Hoody escapes.

Entry #81

In Entry #81, Tim nearly runs into Hoody while investigating the connecting maintenance tunnels under Benedict Hall. Hoody just barely misses Tim who, just in the nick of time, forces himself into a tiny maintenance hole and hides as Hoody leaves Benedict Hall. After Tim leaves, he notes he ran to his car for medicine for his coughing fit, but couldn't find it and passed out. He assumes Hoody went into his car and stole it, and notes that if Alex was in Benedict Hall, he has not been there for a bit now, furthering Tim's idea that Hoody planned it as a setup.

Entry #83

Entry #83 starts with Tim, whom is coughing violently. The situation continues until Tim runs into Hoody, who taunts him with medication. Tim lashes out for it, but fails to grab it. Hoody then offers Tim his mask, which Tim bats aside. Scarce seconds afterwards, The Operator appears behind Hoody, and Tim makes a break for it as Hoody stands there and watches. The video continues to jump around violently as if the video is distorted, and scenes are shown as Hoody and Tim face off.

1: Hoody and Tim run through the tunnel. 

  • distortion*

2: Hoody is knocked to the ground by Tim.

  • distortion*

3: Tim unmasked Hoody, but the video is too distorted to see whom it actually is.

  • distortion*

4: Tim appears back in his apartment and finds "Your Fault" written all over a mirror, with drawings of various objects all over the floor and walls, and a deceased Jay in the room on the ground, bleeding. Tim then turns to Hoody, who is in the same room, and shouts "I'LL KILL YOU!!!". Hoody flees out Tim's front door with Tim giving chase.

  • jumpcut*

5: Tim and Hoody are running through the abandoned hospital. Hoody dives around a corner and delivers a right hook to Tim as he rounds.

  • jumpcut*

6: Tim grabs a large piece of pipe, as Hoody dangles from a window in Benedict Hall. Hoody loses his grip and falls to his death. Tim leans over the window sill and sees Hoody laying back down on the ground. He rushes down and finds a tape in his pocket and medication, which he quickly takes. Tim reaches for Hoody's mask, but The Operator appears, forcing Tim to flee.

  • various distortions and images fly across the screen as Tim runs*

7: Hoody and Tim are on a dark paved area under a street lamp. Tim gets up slowly and looks over the dead body of Hoody, and reaches for his mask. The tape jumpcuts and Tim is in a field. Hoody is not seen further in the video.

Entry #84

Entry #84 mostly contains footage from the tape Tim found. The contents of the tape include auditions from Brian and Tim for Marble Hornets. Brian is seen wearing the same hoodie as Hoody, confirming Brian is Hoody.

Entry #86

Entry #86 briefly has Brian's corpse propped up against a wall. Alex stands near it and states that this is all Tim's fault. This entry confirms Hoody died in #83.